Best Digital Grand Pianos For The Money (Buying Guide)

Nowadays, when buying a piano, there are so many options to explore. You have to consider factors such as price, usage, and sound. Also, you have to think of whether you want to buy a digital grand piano or a conventional acoustic grand piano to fit your musical needs.


Digital grand pianos are ideal instruments for many genres around the world. And even though they are the go-to pianos for elite musicians, and have new modern instrument qualities that most acoustic pianos lack, these pianos borrow the sound and some physical attributes from the grand pianos.

That’s why for many, looking for the perfect grand piano might be a daunting task. Why? There are so many digital pianos to consider.

In our article, we will review the best eight digital grand pianos in the market. We will also provide a buying guide.

So, let’s jump right into it.

best digital grand pianos for the money

The Digital Grand Piano – Buying Guide

Apart from having different voices, digital pianos also present different benefits to the player. For instance, these pianos don’t eat up much space in your home.

They might be heavy, but if you compare the size of an acoustic grand piano and that of the digital grand pianos, you will notice that the latter is lighter. You may still need an extra pair of hands to move it, but you can be sure that it won’t consume much space in your home.

Difference between the digital grand piano and a digital piano

Before we even explore some of the factors to consider when buying a digital grand piano, you first need to know what you are buying.

The reason why we say is that most reviews online confuse between a digital grand piano and a digital piano. But you should know that both have significant differences. In most cases, digital pianos consist of a keyboard only. You won’t get a stand or a triple pedal system. And if the vendor provides it, it comes as an option, since you don’t need it.

For digital grand pianos, they have similar physical characteristics as the acoustic grand pianos. The manufacturer provides a keyboard, most with 88 keys, a stand or cabinetry, and a triple pedal system. Thus, you get a similar experience as when you are playing an acoustic grand piano.

So, it’s good to note that as a beginner to avoid confusion.

Here’s what you should consider

As you do your shopping, it’s important to have a checklist. The list helps you decide on the best instrument amongst the numerous options you’ll meet on the internet or the piano shop.

1. Put your needs first

Any expert will tell you this. Your needs should always be a priority when buying any instrument. Think about what you’d like to use the digital piano for and your budget. If, for instance, you want an instrument for practice only, going for an expensive option might not be a good option.

However, if you are a beginner, and you’d like an instrument that you can use even after advancing your skills, go for a digital grand piano that you can use for a while. It might mean that you’ll have to invest a bit more to get a quality piano.

2. How it sounds

Second, on the list, you need to consider how the piano sounds. Note that most digital grand pianos will come with different instrument voices. For now, you need to know how the main instrument, the grand piano, sounds.

Each manufacturer has its way of sampling piano sounds. That’s why each instrument has a unique sound.

If you want to test the piano’s sound, you can look for reviews online, or you can take yourself to a piano store to see what options are best for you. Most instrument shops allow you to test the piano even if you do not want to buy it. So there’s no problem with that.

3. The cabinet

Most digital grand pianos will come with a cabinet. So, it’s going to be part of your home’s furniture. For that reason, consider the aesthetics. Choose the color that matches your home’s furniture.

Also, note that if you want a digital grand piano with a polished cabinet, you may have to spend more.

4. Speaker system

It’s often something you may choose to ignore if you want to use an amp or an external audio system. However, if you depend on the inbuilt speaker system, you have to know how it sounds. Know how much power each speaker produces and how realistic the sound is.

Also, know whether it has one or two headphone jacks for silent practicing.

5. Action

Primarily, experts recommend players to go for pianos that have 88 keys. They will also recommend that you go for keys with full-weighted keys because it helps the playing experience become realistic.

Each manufacturer also has its way of referring to the action, since it depends on how they manufacturer the piano and how realistic and expressive it can be.

Also, the keys should be comfortable for your fingers; they should have a dynamic touch response, and the feel on them should be similar to the acoustic piano.

6. Digital system

If you are a diverse piano player, the next thing is to know what other qualities that this digital grand piano offers. For instance, get to know how it connects with external devices, how the electric piano sounds, if it comes with piano lessons, recording options, other instrument voices, demos, drum patterns, and a metronome.

Each piano comes with different qualities digitally. So be sure to note that.

1. Suzuki MDG-400 bl Digital Piano – Best For The Money

If you want to invest a bit more for your first digital grand piano, the Suzuki MDG-400 might be something you would like.

Fits any room

The MDG-400 is an exceptional piano in terms of size, and the way it matches with your interior décor. It features a baby grand piano with a polished cabinet, maple interior, an 88-weighted keyboard, a matching bench, and a triple pedal system.

Also, it comes with a control panel, which also features a screen for easy navigation. The manufacturer also provides everything you need to start playing right out of the box, including an iPad cable, USB cable, demo disk card, songbook, EZ assembly guide, and manual.

Endless musical possibilities

We listened to the MDG, and we can confirm that the grand piano is realistic. The user can feel expressive that Suzuki includes in this instrument.

The piano also features 122 different voices, 100 rhythm styles, reverb, and chorus, and it’s a 128-note polyphony.

Versatile instrument

What we know is that the MDG400 is a versatile instrument that any pianist will love. Other than that, we also loved that it comes with various connectivity channels. The USB MIDI, Bluetooth, and SSD card connectivity.

Therefore, you can use this instrument for practicing, band setup, and for stage performances.

  • The grand piano sounds are realistic
  • Comes with numerous instrument voices
  • Looks similar to an acoustic grand piano
  • Weighted keys
  • Vast user interface to explore different settings
  • It’s quite heavy; hence, it can be a bit heavy

2. YAMAHA YDP184R Digital Piano – Best Buy

We all know that Yamaha has been one of the competitive brands when it comes to instrument production. And the Yamaha YDP184R is one of the best digital grand pianos that suit any beginner or expert.

How it looks

Primarily, the YDP184R comes with a superb design, in terms of the sturdy cabinet, and the padded bench. Its stylish design compliments any home décor or any environment in which you place it.

The piano features 88, fully weighted keys with the graded hammer action, a panel with a screen for easy navigation, and two headphone ports.

Musically speaking

Other than its stylish appearance, the sound is also professional. It features powerful grand piano sound, which is quite realistic as that of a Yamaha concert grand piano. We also noted that the keys have an ivory top, which makes it comfortable for fingers, and prevents slipping when your hands are sweaty.

We also listened to the speakers, and, to our surprise, all of them are powerful. They ensure that the sound from the piano remains true and realistic.


The YDP184R fits into any musical environment. You can use it for practice, stage performance, or playing any genre since it comes with additional instrument voices in addition to the grand piano voice. In terms of connectivity, the player can connect with a computer to access additional voices and effects via USB MIDI.

  • Ideal for both beginners and elite players
  • Full weighted keys
  • Looks a bit lighter
  • Sturdy cabinet
  • Comes with split and layering options
  • Features recording, demo, rhythm and tempo functions
  • Some players might not like the piano since it does not have many functions as other grand piano functions

3. Suzuki MDG-300-BL Digital Pianos – Best Budget Buy

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Suzuki MDG-300 is an ideal digital grand piano for both kids and adults.

Why you’ll like it

The MDG400 is the older version of the MDG400, which we included in the first position in this article. Nevertheless, when you compare both of them, you’ll notice that they both have similar characteristics.

For instance, the cabinet is polished, it comes with an extensive control panel, and the piano features 88 fully weighted keys.

Also, the piano comes with a matching bench and a triple-pedal system.

Musical quality

The MDG300 provides the musician with a quality sound system. It features six inbuilt speakers, which ensure that the sound is realistic and true as you play it. As we tested it, we noticed that the piano was 128 polyphony. Thus, it doesn’t drop notes and sounds professional.

Other than that

The Suzuki MDG300 is also excellent in terms of the connectivity options it provides since you can connect the piano with your external devices via Bluetooth or USB.

Besides that, the control panel is easy to use. If you are a beginner, you should not have any problems navigating through the different functions that this piano provides.

  • Resembles a grand piano
  • Realistic grand piano sounds
  • Comes with a music stand
  • Triple pedal system
  • Fully weighted keys
  • Might also be difficult to move the digital grand piano from one place to another

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4. Kurzweil Home KAG100 Digital Grand Piano

Kurzweil may not be a common brand to most pianists. However, we found the KAG100 quite fascinating.

Modern piano design

The digital grand piano looks exactly like the conventional acoustic piano, in terms of design and the physical attributes. It comes with polished ebony cabinet, modern legs, an intuitive control panel, and an 88 key full-weighted keyboard. The manufacturer also includes a music stand and a matching bench.

Rich and detailed tones

One thing that makes this piano stand out is the tone. We listened to its grand piano voice, and we can confirm that it’s realistic. You also have other different grand piano options, electric piano, organ, and synths available.

The inbuilt speaker system is also phenomenal. It provides a stereo sound, which makes the piano sound elegant and enticing.

Easy to use

You don’t need to be a pro to use this instrument. Beginners and kids will enjoy this instrument for practice and advancing their skills. By the way, on the control panel, you’ll find song demos to play along, recording options, split and layering, and accompaniments to enhance your practice sessions.

Also, there’s a chance that you will use this piano for years, even after you become an elite player since it adapts to any playing style and environment effortlessly.

  • Features an LCD screen for easy navigation
  • The control panel is easy to use
  • Fully weighted keys
  • Ideal for both beginners and pros
  • Comes with a modern design but retains the grand piano voice
  • The manufacturer doesn’t highlight about the material used to make the key tops

5. Williams Symphony Elite Digital Piano

You may be skeptical about choosing this piano, especially if you are not familiar with the brand. However, the William Symphony Elite is a great digital grand piano that you’ll love.

Features an impressive design

We loved that this digital grand piano is one of our best since it comes with a stylish and polished ebony cabinet. Its appearance, only, will inspire to play the piano every day.

The piano features 88 fully weighted keys, triple pedal system, inbuilt stereo speakers, and an easy-to-use interface.

Realistic sound qualities

If you desire to know how it feels to play on an acoustic grand piano, the Williams Symphony provides that to any player. The digital piano features 128 grand piano voices and 10 Asian folk voices. We also found out that it also comes with different rhythm patterns, dual and split modes, chorus and reverb effects, and a harmony mode.

The sound of the speakers is also fantastic. They provide stereo sound. And if you may also want to practice silently, you can insert a pair of headphones in any of the two ports available on the piano.

Feels great

The Williams Symphony elite digital piano is a superb instrument for all players. Whether you are an advanced pianist or beginner, you will enjoy playing this digital grand piano. You can use it at home and on stage, too.

  • Stylish design
  • The superb finish on the cabinet makes it durable and aesthetic
  • Features 3-track recording functions and 50 play-along songs
  • Children will enjoy playing and practicing with this instrument
  • Comes with inbuilt and amplified speakers
  • Connects to your computer via USB MIDI
  • Some users complained about the touch

6. Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

Kawai is a reputable brand in the world of digital pianos. And if you are looking for a good grand piano that will fit most of your musical needs, the Kawai CE220 is a go-to instrument.

Why you should buy it

When reviewing this piano, we found out that it was a lightweight grand piano. It may not be as heavy as most of the digital pianos we highlight in this article.

The piano comes with a sturdy cabinet, 88 full weighted keys with the graduated hammer action, a triple pedal system, and an easy-to-use control panel.

Details on the sound

The CE220 thrives in terms of sound. It provides the player with a rich, dynamic piano grand sound. You can choose between different grand piano sounds, which the manufacturer sampled from different award-winning Kawai acoustic pianos.

Besides that, the piano offers different effects, including reverb, chorus, delay, split function, transpose, and recording.

Enhance your creativity

Certainly, the Kawai CE220 is a superb instrument for both beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Other than using the sounds available on the piano, the pianist can also connect the instrument to a smart device via the USB-MIDI. You’ll access the virtual technician app, which has numerous voices and lessons for beginners.

  • Comes with diverse modern and stylish qualities
  • Aesthetic
  • Has a transpose button for beginners
  • Features demo songs to play along with
  • Has a combination of different realistic piano sounds
  • Some users complained that the metronome was limited

7. Yamaha Arius YDP-103 Digital Piano

Unlike most of the digital grand pianos we highlight in this article, the Yamaha YDP-103 offers something different for players at different levels.

Simple design

One thing you’ll notice about this instrument is that the design on it is simple. The cabinet comes with a sturdy and elegant finish, which will automatically match your home’s décor. However, we find it vintage-like.

It also features a music stand, a key cover, a triple pedal system, and a matching bench. When you buy this bundle, you’ll get an extra pair of headphones and Austin bazaar lessons.

Also, the piano comes with 88 fully weighted keys, which also have the graded hammer action. Note that the user interface is quite simple since it only has the grand piano function and nothing else.

Delivers authentic sounds

The YDP103 thrives on the grand piano sounds. As a player, you enjoy realistic grand piano sounds, since the manufacturer includes the advanced wave memory technology, which ensures that the sound remains realistic as possible.

We also noted that the pedal system features a half-damper option, which gives the special effect you’d get when playing an acoustic piano.

Inspires you to play

Due to its simplistic design, we would recommend this grand piano to a beginner or intermediate player. However, if you want to use it for practice, classical or traditional jazz, this piano will be ideal.

Note that you can access other piano sounds, via the digital piano controller app, by connecting the piano with smart devices via the USB MIDI mode.

  • The piano has a simplistic design
  • Comes with the graded hammer action
  • The bundle comes with an extra pair of headphones
  • The pedal system comes with a half-damper control
  • Looks more of a beginner/ intermediate piano since it doesn’t come with additional inbuilt piano voices

8. Kawai CA49 Digital Piano

If you are looking for the best digital grand piano to start your piano journey, then the CA49 is the piano to purchase.

Why we included it in the list

Primarily, the CA49 is a big brother to the CA48. It provides the player with premium features, including an upgraded cabinet design, which adds a vintage look to your music or living room.

Kawai also updated the control panel’s layout, making it easy to operate, since it comes with a display screen. Other qualities on this piano include 88, fully weighted keys, and a matching bench with extra padding for comfortability.

Natural piano sounds

Even though this piano appears last on our list, be sure that you’ll be getting pure piano sounds from it. According to the manufacturer, the sounds are sampled from the best Kawai grand pianos.

We also found out that the piano comes with a touch response sensitivity, eight tonal settings, and different electric piano voices.

You can also explore different tone qualities, instrument voices, and grand piano voices via the easy to use control panel.

Excellent piano experience

The CA49 provides the player with an unforgettable piano experience since it comes with wooden keys. You almost forget that you are playing a digital grand piano since they enhance the feel.

If you want to explore other voices, you can connect your smart devices via Bluetooth or USB MIDI.

We would recommend this piano to beginners and experts who would like an instrument they can use for practice.

  • Comes with both Bluetooth and USB MIDI connectivity
  • 88 full weighted keys
  • The elegant finish on the cabinet
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Key cover to protect the keys
  • Advanced players might not like the simplicity that comes with this instrument

Final Words

Choosing the best digital grand piano may not be easy for beginners. Therefore, to make your work easier, you can ask someone a bit knowledgeable about pianos. Explain to them what you need, and from that, they will direct you to the best piano for your needs.

Also, from the article, we can learn that even though a beginner grand piano might be suitable for your needs, it’s important that you go for an instrument that you can use even after you become an advanced piano player.

Like in our list, the YAMAHA YDP184R Digital Piano is our top pick for best digital grand piano since beginners and elite pianists can use and adapt to it effortlessly.

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