10 Best Guitar Pedalboards 2022 (With Buying Guide)

Any gigging guitarist needs to have two things. One, they need to have the best guitar in their hands. It can be either an electric or an acoustic, depending on what sounds he or she needs to achieve.

The second thing he or she should acquire is an effects pedal. Different guitarists have distinct opinions concerning this since there are two kinds of these effect pads. You can go for either a digital or an analog pedal. Digital ones have multiple effects in one unit, while analog ones may produce a single or two guitar effects; therefore, you need to combine several of them to achieve what a digital effects pedal can do individually.

If you go for an analog, there is no problem with that. These are old-school types, but you can achieve more with these units. However, you need to figure out two things—the number of pedals you require and the best pedalboard to use.

A pedalboard is a platform that holds all your analog effect pedals in place. It also ensures that your chain is neat.

When it comes to choosing a pedalboard, again, you can make one for yourself. That is if you are handy, and there is no harm in that. If you are not, then you will need to shop for one. 

The market offers a variety of pedalboards. All of them come in different shapes and sizes, and choosing the best one depends on several things: Your needs, budget, and the number of pedal units you want this thing to house.

We went through the pedalboard market to find some of the best ones that guitarists love, and some that we think you should buy. It took time and in-depth research to come up with this list.

Therefore, here is a comprehensive review of the ten best pedalboards that we think are amazing to use when building your next rig.

best guitar pedalboards

Best Guitar Pedalboards Summary:

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Top 10 Best Guitar Pedalboards 2022

1. BOSS BCB-90X Pedalboard

If you are used to the open type of pedalboards, the BOSS BCB-90X Pedalboard presents a different kind of option. That is if you want to ensure that your effect pedals are safe.

The casing

The pedalboard features a durable casing of molded resin. In case you are traveling, your guitar pedals will not be affected by any knocks it receives because it has a sturdy housing.

Once you finish your gig, you can use the cover to protect your pedals. Meaning, you do not need to disconnect the chain.

Customisable Interior with extra protection

One of the reasons this board is on top of the list is that it offers the freedom to create any layout you want. It also comes with soft padded interior for the effect pedals. It has adequate space to fit up to ten pedals, and that includes twin pedal units and a wah-wah pedal, too.

A powered pedalboard

The unpowered pedal board presents us with the challenge of having to buy a separate power adapter. Fortunately, the BOSS BCB-90X pedalboard saves your money on this since it provides a PSB-1U adaptor located in its interior. You can be sure that this adaptor can power upto ten pedals.

The question of weight

Well, in our opinion, this could be a little bit heavy, but it should not be too heavy for you to carry. Furthermore, the BCB-90X handle presents an easy way to bring all your pedals in one place. Hence, it is an advantage if you see it that way.

  • Casing is attractive
  • Create any layout you want
  • Does not occupy much space
  • A powered adaptor that can power up to seven devices
  • Padded interior for extra protection
  • The pedalboard might be ideal for Boss pedals mostly

2. Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Guitar Pedal board

The G-TOUR Series ranks second on our list for a reason. It comes with excellent capabilities and features. All these features function in harmony to ensure that your effects pedals are safe and neat.

Rock-solid exterior

The G-TOUR casing provides added protection to your effects. It comes with a durable and robust housing with two wheels and a retractable handle. With this technology, musicians can be sure that their effects pedals lie within the unit safely regardless of the numerous knocks it encounters during transportation.

What about the interior

In addition to a reliable and robust exterior, the G-TOUR comes with an extra-protective interior. Primarily, the foam in the interior absorbs all the shock coming from the exterior to keep your rigs safe. The pedalboard surface also offers enough space to fit up to ten pedals – and that includes a wah pedal, by the way.

The pedalboard

Beginners, who are new to mounting effect pedals, will have an easy time when installing their units. The G-TOUR series surface features plywood with aluminum valance. On top of that, it has 3M Dual Lock Fastener, to hold each pedal in place.

Note that the pedalboard does not have an inbuilt power supply. However, you can fit whichever power adapter you have. There is adequate space for that too.

Hence, the G-TOUR series is an excellent pedalboard for a guitarist who travels most of their time.

  • High-grade protection for your pedals
  • 24” X 11” pedal surface can fit up to ten units
  • Easy to transport
  • Interior that absorbs any external shocks
  • Does not have its power adapter; You will have to invest in that

3. Luvay Guitar Pedal Board

For musicians who think that carrying a casing is cumbersome, especially if you do not want extra luggage, you can then buy the Luvay Guitar pedalboard. It also presents the guitarist with a simple rig that can fit into any setting.

The entire bundle

Assuming you are on a budget, this pedalboard provides a great way to save some money. The bundle comes with a padded bag, the pedalboard itself, Velcro zips, and strips to mount the effects pedals, 12 buckles, and 12 ties.

An extra-large pedalboard

If you have so many effect pedals that you want to fit into your chain rig, then you should try this pedalboard. The unit is 22 X 12.6 inches; hence, effect pedals of different sizes can fit into it.

Apart from that, the pedal features lightweight aluminum alloy construction, which enhances its appearance. 

Angled Board

Usually, guitarists prefer the angled boards because it is easy to control different footswitches when standing or sitting. It also helps you to see which effects are on and off during different sets.

On top of that, the angle provides extra space at the bottom. You can use this space to fit your power supply unit. Meaning, you will leave the upper surface for effect pedals only.

Protective oxford bag

After the gig, you can store the pedalboard and your effects pedal in this bag. The bag is lightweight and offers adequate space to also put all your accessories in it.

You can trust the interior since it has an added padding material to ensure that the pedals stay put during transportation.

Easy installation

If it is your first time using this unit, you should not have a difficult time installing your effects pedals. You have enough vector strips and zips to fasten the effect pedals to the pedalboard. Depending on your arrangement, this board ensures that your chain is orderly.

  • Great pedalboard for beginners and experts
  • Protective bag
  • The board has a large surface to fit all your pedals
  • Angled for easy control of your chain
  • Material is durable
  • Some people may fail to trust the bag since it is lightweight.

4. Gator Cases GPB-BAK-OR Aluminum Guitar Pedal Board

While some people prefer using many effect pedals, some guitar players do need a few. But that depends on the sounds you want to achieve while practicing and during sets. If you are looking for a smaller pedal board, then the GPB-BAK OR board is what require.

Small but great design

This pedal board is ideal for people with four or five effect pedals. It is an aluminum board with an angled design to facilitate easy reach of each pedal when playing. Underneath the unit, you will find non-slip rubber wheels. They keep the pedal board in place, especially when using your foot to switch on the pedals.

Apart from that, the design used is amazing. The board has a white finish, and comprises of aluminum material, which is lightweight. Be assured that the finish will fit into any setting. 

Great start for beginners

If you are on a budget, this pedal board comes with adhesive Velcro strips and a bag to help you carry the setup from one place to another. Also, the bag is durable since it has a polyethylene top and bottom. It also comes with a strap, which makes it easy to carry.

Since the pedal board is unpowered, you can use any adequate power supply on it. On finding one, you can install it on the universal mounting bracket found underneath.

  • Durable and lightweight bag
  • Ideal for different settings
  • Saves you money since everything you need is in the bundle
  • Angled construction for easy visibility
  • Ensures a neat setup
  • Ideal for players with fewer effect pedals only

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5. PT-CL2-TC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/tour case

One of the most recommended brands in this niche is Pedaltrain. The brand offers excellent board options for different guitarists. And this Classic 2 pedalboard is an outstanding deal for both beginners and experts.

Steadfast construction

The pedalboard is an excellent option for players who want something that can hold different effect pedals without breaking down. It consists of aircraft-grade aluminum and a matte finish, which adds to its excellence and durability.

Classic 2 also has an angled design (which is 1 inch high) with an open front. This helps you control your pedals flawlessly. It is also convenient for mounting your power supply. 

Easy transportation

Pedaltrain offers two options for musicians. You can choose the gig bag or the professional tour grade case. Both are ideal options since they provide a safe space to store your board and the effects pedals. However, if you travel a lot, the tour grade case is an appropriate choice since it is easy to transport and offers additional protection to your pedals.

Save some money

Fortunately, once you buy this board, the brand also provides Velcro zip ties, adhesive strips (96 inches), and mounting brackets for your power supply. Thus, it is worth the price.

  • Large and sturdy surface
  • The protective casing is suitable for travelers
  • Adequate zip ties and hook and loop for multiple setups
  • Provides a neat cover for your pedals
  • Not clear on the number of pedals it can support

6. Donner Guitar Pedalboard

Even if you have few effect pedals, nothing is as embarrassing as placing them on the floor, especially if you are a professional. Therefore, acquiring a pedalboard such as the Donner Guitar pedalboard gives the impression that a professional is here, and he or she is serious about what he or she is doing.

Robust construction for professionals

If you are a professional who is always on the move, then this is the pedalboard to buy. The manufacturer uses aluminum alloy, which guarantees durability and strength at the same time.

The pedalboard surface is 20 X 8 inches in size; hence, it can fit a good number of pedalboards. It is also inclined a bit to ensure that you can have a view of the entire board while standing or sitting.

Trouble-free transportation

Lacking the right bag to transport your effects pedals is so discouraging. Therefore, to ensure that you have an easy time doing so, the pedalboard comes with a canvas bag. It has thick padding, ensures that your board, together with the attached effects pedals, are safe and secure from any unexpected knocks during transportation.

Tidy setup

If you are the kind that likes a setup that is neat and exhibits professionalism, then the Donner pedal board offers that.

The bundles come with a 40-inch adhesive hook-and-loop for attaching your pedals to the board effectively. You will also notice that the board has perforated slots to enhance cable management. Your rig, therefore, looks appealing.

  • Sturdy rubber feet to keep the board in place
  • Provides the player with a neat setup
  • Robust and stylish construction
  • Large surface to accommodate more effects pedals
  • The inclination is not enough; thus, you have to mount the power supply at the top

7. Behringer PB600 Universal Effects Pedal Floor Board

The PB600 is an exceptional pedalboard for your effects pedals. It features a rigid plastic design casing with a padded interior. Players who move from one gig to the next should buy this for their music expeditions.

In-built power supply

For guitarists that are looking for a powered pedalboard, then this should work for you. It comes with its installed power supply.

The benefit of having this is that it can power up to 12 devices since it is 9V (1.7 A). It then distributes the required charge to power each of your pedals, regardless of the power requirements in each effect pedal.

Carry your setup with style

Unlike pedal boards that may demand that you disassemble your rig sometimes, this one offers a different option altogether. The interior provides a foam padding to fit 2.5 X 4.5 inch effects pedals. It ensures that everything remains in place and organized at the same time. By the way, the cable management system is also neat.

Note that if you have a bigger effect pedal, you can cut the foam padding to fit your pedal exactly.


Other qualities that this pedalboard comes with include ¼-inch patch cables and a ¼-inch input for connecting your instrument.

  • Strong protective case
  • Powered to distribute equal power to all effect pedals
  • Can fit up to six pedals
  • Cable management is super
  • It is not an angled pedalboard

8. Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

The pedalboard comes in different sizes from large, medium, small, and PX. Our primary attention is the medium version, which can accommodate up to 10 effects pedals depending on their sizes.

Exceptional and durable creation

The Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium pedalboard features a lightweight construction using aircraft-grade aluminum material. Also, the medium surface is 22 X 13.5 inches in size. It comprises of an angled front to facilitate extra room for its pre-mounted power supply.

According to the manufacturer, the space underneath is also adequate if you want to add an extra power supply unit.

Powered unit

If you are looking for a powered board, then this is an ideal option for you. The pre-mounted power supply unit provides isolated outputs for connecting to your effects pedals. Additionally, you get an extra adapter kit and a power cable, which is assorted.

Safe transportation

You can carry the joined rig using a padded bag that the manufacturer provides. It comes with an YKK zipper hardware and removable straps.

Easy installation

The pedalboard comes with a patented design to assist in stable hooking and mounting of the effect pedals. You will get the necessary Velcro loops for this purpose within the bundle; hence, you save money on that.

  • Inclined design for easy visibility
  • Lightweight design for easy transportation
  • Huge surface to fit up to 10 effect pedals of different sizes
  • The patent design facilitates easy cable management
  • Can’t handle bigger pedals

9. Vangoa Guitar Pedalboard

Sometimes, as a player, you may not be sure about stepping on the pedalboard with your entire weight when switching from one effect to the next. If you are looking for a pedalboard that can withstand any weight, then Vangoa is a great board to go with.

Lightweight and strong

The Vangoa Guitar pedal board provides a simple, lightweight board for guitar players. It comes with excellent capabilities, including the ability to withstand different weights. The aluminum construction enables this.

Also, the brand provides a frosted surface to withstand scratches that can develop during transportation or when stepping on it.

Easy storage

Primarily, the pedalboard is angled to provide the player with an easy way to switch between effects. The folding legs facilitate this. 

Apart from giving an inclined design, the foldable legs make it easy to store your board inside the bag.

Note that the easy-to-carry bag is a cloth bag, which enables you to walk comfortably in the rain. It is waterproof, and it comes with rubber pads, chrome-plated zippers, and a shoulder wrap, which is also padded.

Save money on accessories.

Other than the pedalboard and the bag, you will also receive L-shaped guitar pedal cables, Velcro strips, and zip ties, hook-and-loop tools, and tools that you can use for cable management.

  • Large surface
  • Foldable feet to reduce space on storage
  • The waterproof bag keeps your effect pedals and power supply safe
  • Simple but sturdy design
  • Can handle any pedal weight
  • We are not sure about the number of pedals it can house. You have to try it on your own

10. On-Stage GPB2000 Compact Pedalboard

For players who do not require many effects pedals for gigging, this is yet another option for you. The GPB2000 is a superb pedalboard for people who want a great sense of music and style in one pedalboard.

Outstanding build with strategic cutouts

The GPB2000 can fit up to five effect pedals. It is lightweight, which the aluminum material used to build it provides. Apart from that, the pedalboard comes with strategic cutouts for easy cable management and easy installation of the effect pedals.

Stable rubber feet

Nothing is as annoying as stepping on a pedalboard that keeps on sliding. It can distract you while playing since you will be trying to keep it in the right position all the time. The GPB2000’s feet bring stability to your board. It will stick in one spot throughout the gig unless you move it.

Going from one gig to another is now easy

The GPB2000 is lightweight, comes with a gig bag, which provides enough room to put the pedalboard, and ensures that your rig is safe and secure during transport. 

Additionally, the bag has a removable shoulder strap, which also has a rubber padding to prevent the weight from bruising your shoulder.

Other items that you will find within the package include enough adhesive hook and loops strips for fitting the pedals.

  • Ideal for players with few effect pedals
  • Stable feet keep it in one position
  • Padded top prevents scratches
  • Easy to transport
  • Extra room at the bottom to fit your power supply
  • Does not have an inclined position

Best Guitar Pedalboards Buying Guide

best guitar pedalboard buying guide

It’s embarrassing when a gigging musician goes to a concert and places his or her pedals on the floor. Doing so, not only embarrasses you, but it also reduces the durability of your pedals (that’s if you have several of them).

And that’s why you need to buy a suitable pedalboard to house these gadgets.

When finding the best guitar pedalboards, it can be quite a task, since they are a variety of options available in the market. Here’s what you should consider when buying your next pedalboard.

The pedals you intend to setup

Before you even search for any pedalboard, start by considering your priorities. Of course, if you have a few pedals, then a small design should suffice.

Nevertheless, if you are getting into the world of pedals, then buying a small one may not be sufficient unless you have a low budget. Instead, buy the right size. Even if you have a few pedals, you may require that extra space when you decide to add more to your rig.

Remember, pedalboards come in different price ranges. Hence, think about how much you want to spend on your pedalboard.

Think about the design you’d like

When it comes to design, several factors come into play. First, you have to think about the materials used to make the board, the accessories it comes with, the angle it sits, and any other extra features.

The best materials for pedalboards can be either steel, reinforced plastic, or even wood. Wood gives that rustic appeal, and though it might not be reliable, it’s aesthetic.

If the pedalboard comes in the form of a casing, consider the interior. Some come with divisions on the interior; your pedals may not fit if they are bigger than those divisions. The interior should also have a protective foam material to keep the pedals from constant knocks during transportation.

And if you’re a constant traveler, go for a pedalboard case that has TSA locks. That way you keep your pedals safe during the flight.

Consider the setup

The tricky bit about having a pedalboard is learning how to set it up. Some musicians don’t know how to do it; hence, the arrangement might seem unorderly, or they might never achieve the kind of sound effects they would like.

As you think about buying that pedalboard, consider the arrangement you’d like to adopt. There’s no one size fits all setup. It depends on the rigs you have and the quality of music you want to achieve.

Now, when it comes to setting up, some pedals are larger than others are. For instance, wah-wah pedals consume quite a vast space, so does the EQ pedals.

Pedalboard aesthetics

For this, you’ll have to consider the accessories that the manufacturer provides, and extra features that the board offers.

Get to know if the board comes with a gig bag. If it does not have a casing, the gig bag is good because you can keep the pedals on the board. That, in turn, saves you the time you could have used to assemble the rig all the time. Other accessories you should consult including Velcro straps for attaching the pedals to the board and a power supply.

Some pedalboards come with an installed power supply. Others don’t. 

If they don’t have a fixed option, consider buying a pedalboard with an angled design.

That has two benefits. One, it’s easy to control your rig, whether you’re standing or sitting; and two, the extra space at the bottom acts as the perfect position to place your platform.

When it comes to selecting the brand

Some musicians tend to overlook certain brands. You can only ignore other brands if you have pedals from a particular brand that offers a board to fit their rigs only.

On the other hand, if you have various pedals, try to examine as many pedalboards as possible. 

You might find a good deal or discount during research; alternatively, you might find the best pedalboard with all the qualities you need from a lesser-known brand.

Therefore, keep your eyes open.

Last BUT Not Least…

Remember, each pedalboard in the market solves a particular need. Which is why you should examine and review as many as possible. You can also consult experts or friends who have these pedalboards so that you can have a variety of options.

Final Words

The above ten pedalboards are the best we have seen so far. All of them are worthy investments; however, they cannot be of any benefit if they do not fit your pedalboard or musical requirements. Hence, you must choose with utmost care.

In the list, the BOSS BCB-90X Pedalboard remains the best pick for all players. Though it’s small, this pedalboard comes with exceptional features that you will love. You will also save money on buying a power supply unit since they have an inbuilt one within the board.

The pedalboard is also appealing to the eye, and for beginners, this is a good place to start, especially if you want to try out analog effect pedals.

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