10 Best Guitar Strap Locks To Buy In 2022

If you are a guitarist, the blooper of the strap getting off your guitar during a gig or a jam is not foreign to you. You have definitely experienced it and you know it is extremely frustrating if it happens at a jam, and absolutely embarrassing if it happens at a show. You are in your zone playing your favorite track and anticipating that next chord or lick you are going to impactfully pull off, and suddenly the guitar fells off. It is annoying enough to make you feel like throwing your instrument away and leave the jam or the gig. 

However, it might not be that provoking for some. Some people are pretty chill, you know. They can control themselves and be at peace. But even for them, isn’t the safety of their instrument the top priority? As in, your instrument is at stake here. You have waited all those months and saved all those pennies to get your favorite, dream instrument. And after all that patience and investment, you are ready to accept damage on your baby JUST because the strap got off? That is impossible. Common sense says that higher the investment (time, effort, or money) in something, higher its criticality.

Even if not that, how does someone justify being okay with damage on a $200+ product because they did not want to invest another $15, for instance? Guitar strap locks are the cheapest guitar-related product out there. It is not something one will have to spend months waiting or saving cash for. One can literally just go out there on a search engine and order one. Change from grocery shopping can be enough for a strap lock.

Now, some straps come with a built-in lock, but the problem with them is there are only some selective designs with built-in locks. Usually, guitarists are very particular about their straps. They want the strap to speak the same language as their guitar, genre, and body language. So, if you are okay in compromising with the strap design, you can definitely find a strap with built-in locks. But the bigger problem with such straps is that they are super, super expensive! Why would you pay ten times more for a strap which is not even your fav design just because it has a built-in lock that separately costs somewhere around $15-$30? Instead, just get a lock separately. This way you will have to spend way lesser and you will also not have to compromise on the strap design. 

best guitar strap locks

Once you have decided that you need a separate guitar strap lock, you would want to know what are the best options that are available out there. To answer that query is precisely why the following list is made. Here we have shortlisted the best available guitar strap locks on the internet. The “best” is determined by factors such as pricing, quality, usability, and design. Check the list out below:

Top 10 Best Guitar Strap Locks 2022

1. Schaller S Locks

Whenever you start searching for guitar strap locks, you will realize that products from Schaller S Locks are always the top of the line, the best choice, and that is actually true. Guitar strap locks of the highest quality are manufactured by Schaller S Locks. No one even comes parallel to them. Their products are reliable, high quality, durable, and A-class, but they are also expensive. Well, that is how premium products are in the market. Highest in quality and price both.

One smart decision that makes Schaller locks that durable and reliable is the decision of using hardened steel in their products. Schaller, as you might predict from the name only, is a German company and you know what happens when a German company manufactures. They are market leaders in manufacturing machinery since forever.

It is not just the quality of it, it is also the functionality. The design of the lock consists of a locking screw and a threaded ring that is supposed to be attached to the strap. When you fit them, they lock into each other looking like a horseshoe fitting and you hear an affirming sound. That is how the machine is communicating back to you, usually known as the feedback. The lock sound means that now the lock is in its place and you can be sure it is going nowhere until you decide to unlock it. How do you detach it? You pull the knob. 

Reading the instructions here might make it sound super tough. Well, umm, it is not super tough but definitely tough. The packaging comes with clear cut step-by-step instructions so you can follow the procedure smoothly. The complexity is what makes it stand out and not look like just another strap lock.

Additionally, the locking screw is longer than usual. So, thicker straps can be locked as easily as thin straps. This lock is available in 3 variants: gold, chrome, and nickel.

  • Extremely high quality.
  • Works for thicker straps.
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • Compatible strap lock buttons are not sold separately.
  • Expensive.

2. Eisen Strap Locks

Compared to the Schaller S Locks, here is a more economically priced option. Eisen Strap Locks make guitar strap locks that are durable and very fairly priced. Do not freak out because you have not heard the name before; their quality is pretty good, and you will definitely love trying them out. Even if you don’t, it is very affordable so you can always get another one.

The system is very similar to that of Schaller S Locks. This one is also a 2-piece lock, one is the strap button that has the screw and the other is the lock that fixes over it. So, what you have to do is you have to take out your stock strap button and fit the screw in that space. The shape and size of the screw are such that it will automatically fit in and you would not need to drill it in. Once that is done, you clamp the lock over it. The locking pin mechanism is very simple; it is a push release system. Releasing the strap, however, might be a bit of a task. It is a little tricky and not that smooth to engage the lock.

Eisen Strap Locks doesn’t go for beauty. Their product is high quality and works well but it is only available in 2 colors – black and nickel. They clearly focus on functionality and durability more than the looks and that is probably why it is fairly priced, too. It might not go really well with of kinds and colors of guitars, but it is a great choice for people who prefer minimalism because it has a black variant. Black always looks good. Period.

Another advantage of getting this lock is that Eisen Strap Locks also sells strap buttons separately and that too, at an extremely affordable price. So, if your strap button gets damaged or you want to use the same strap locks in multiple guitars, you would not have to buy another strap lock altogether. You can just get another strap button and you are good to go!

  • Good quality.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Strap buttons sold separately.
  • Limited color options.
  • Releasing the lock is a bit technical and not as smooth.

3. Ernie Ball Super Locks

Ernie Ball is renowned in the guitar accessories industry because of the high-quality products that they offer. Be it a set of strings, tuners, capo, straps, or picks, Ernie Ball never compromises on quality. So, there is no surprise that the strap locks on offer by Ernie Ball feature the same excellent quality. Their strap locks consist of steel that is nickel-plated and it has Ernie Ball’s signature logo on top. That is probably the most perfect place for branding because it has high visibility on a guitar, and it also adds to the overall appeal and looks of the strap locks.

The mechanism is pretty much the same as Eisen’s. The locks have two parts, the first is a strap lock button that has the screw. This goes in where your existing strap buttons are installed. Pull them out and screw this part in. The second is the lock that does the job. It simply clamps over the strap button with a click sound, giving you feedback that it has been placed correctly and is now in effect.

The best part about this lock, which also makes this the top priority for a lot of musicians, is the incredible release mechanism. It is unbelievably simple and yet nothing new. The lock has a button of sorts on its sides. When you press both sides together, it simply unlocks. That is pretty much about it. This unlocking mechanism is in use since the existence of mankind probably. It needs absolutely zero brains, zero effort, and sucks zero time. You can literally do it without even looking at it because the side buttons are a bit towards the inside and curved. You will know you are about to press the right parts as soon as you touch it. And this is how it locks, as well. Moreover, this mechanism also makes it highly improbable that you accidentally unlock it. Nope, it just cannot happen. Both sides must be pressed simultaneously. In a nutshell, brilliant design!

  • Extremely easy to use design.
  • High quality.
  • Sold in black, gold, and nickel.
  • Strap lock button’s profile is quite large. Pretty visible.
  • Buttons are not available for sale separately. 

4. Dunlop SLS1031N Strap Lock

Dunlop is one company that has jumped into nearly everything. From table tennis tables to racing car wheels, they make everything. With such a vast variety of business, guitar accessories industry was no surprise at all. Their tagline says, “Performance is everything”, and that is what precisely explains their products.

Dunlop SLS1031N strap lock is not new. They have been around since forever. The lock is available in nickel and definitely does the job. However, there is a tiny bit of effort required to install it. One-time effort obviously. The locks have two major parts, the strap button and the locking pin. Your guitar already has strap buttons in which you fasten your belt conventionally. So, you need to unscrew your stock strap buttons. Now, assemble the screw in the button, both provided by Dunlop. Once done, put the screw inside the hole that you have taken out your strap button from. You might need to drill it a bit before putting the screw inside but you will definitely have to tighten it up.

The other part, the locking pin, goes into the strap. You put the locking pin through the hole in the strap, put the washer on the end, and then clamp it with a small lock Dunlop provides. Once you have done this, just put that side against the strap button you installed on your guitar and push it. Both the parts will clamp into each other. 

  • Extremely durable. Dunlop claims to have tested them on 800lbs.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Very good quality.
  • The screw might not fit in that easily and require drilling.
  • Screws are also of low quality.

5. Fender Strap Lock with Button

Okay so, Fender makes its own strap locks! That is news! We don’t even need to get into the quality and durability of these. It is Fender; enough said. Let us just jump on to the design directly.

So, their strap locks have more or less the same mechanism as Dunlop’s. There are two parts of it, the strap button and the locking pin. You take out your stock strap buttons, put the nut through the Fender strap button and the rubber washer, and screw it in. You are already done with half the process.

The other end, as usual, is for the strap. One end of it will be kind of hollow and the other end will have a rounded pull button. Insert the end with a rounded pull button through the strap hole. Then, put the washer over the rounded button and then the bolt that will fix in automatically. Once this is fastened, put the hollow side against the strap button on the guitar body and press it. Both the parts will clamp and fix together. This is how locking works on the Fender strap lock.

The release mechanism is way easier. A rounded pull button was mentioned just now. Yeah, pull that button and the strap is released. This is it. The level of simplicity is insane! Fender also sells the lock buttons separately so, like, you can use the same strap on multiple guitars without having to buy the entire set of locks again. 

Surprisingly, this set of strap locks is the cheapest set available on the Internet. Considering it is Fender, it is almost impossible to believe because Fender is probably THE most renowned company that is making guitar strap locks.

  • High quality and durability.
  • Very easy mechanism.
  • Strap buttons are sold separately.
  • Cheapest option available.
  • Available in only chrome finish color.

6. Ebony Black Strap Lock

This one is the craziest design for a strap lock EVER. As in, who could have thought this problem can be solved by something that is probably 20% of what a two-piece lock is. This thing is literally a high-quality rubber washer. Yes, that is pretty much about it. And there is nothing in the cosmos that will cost you cheaper, take lesser time, and holds your strap.

This Bright Vision pack has three pairs of these washers. They have an extremely low profile and are hardly even visible once installed. Put your strap in the buttons in your guitar and put one of these washers over the strap in the same buttons on each end. The job is done. 

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Invisible once installed.
  • Complete the task perfectly.
  • Available only in black color.

7. Fender Strap Blocks

So, Fender also makes these rubber washers. However, smartly enough, it does not call them strap locks, it calls them strap blocks. Because that is exactly what they are; these rubber washers do not lock the strap, they block it from getting off the button. But that is exactly the job, isn’t it?

The edge with Fender’s strap blocks is they are available in multiple colors. Otherwise, everything else is pretty much the same. How much innovation can you put in a washer, after all? But these ones are a little stiffer than usual strap blocker washers. This makes them better at their job, but also a little harder to push them in the button. And yes, they also have Fender’s logo kind of embossed over it. Fender guitarists might love it but, umm, what about non-Fender guitarists? 

  • Extremely affordable.
  • Do the job perfectly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Weird color mix.
  • Fender’s logo is very prominent

8. Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons

This one is slightly cheaper and less complex than the previous one we featured. It features a straightforward nut, washer, and lock system and works just like other standard two-piece strap locks. The button with the screw goes into the strap buttonhole in the guitar. The screw seems to be slimmer than normal, but it fits most holes without having to screw or hammer them. The lock is to be inserted in the strap and locked by fixing the washer at one end. Once that is done, the hollow end of the lock is to be pressed against the button in the guitar body and it is done.  The Schaller Guitar Strap Lock one is available in gold, nickel, and satin black, and it is very durable.

  • Variety of color options.
  • Impressive durability.
  • Cheaper price.
  • Strap buttons not sold separately.
  • Large profile.

9. LOXX 13679 Strap Lock System

Talk about robust equipment and Germany will ace the list. LOXX’s 13679 is made in Germany, so there are absolutely no questions about their quality. They are minimalist, strong, and have a low profile. The 13679 guitar strap locks need a force of 220lbs to unlock them so there is no way they are getting loose accidentally. Also, they are extremely small. They might not even be visible once installed!

  • Durability.
  • Low profile.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Does not work for thick straps.

10. D’Addario Accessories Universal Strap Lock System

How is it possible that D’Addario does not get its hands into a guitar accessory? D’Addario makes everything you would need with your guitar. They gained their popularity by making the best choice string set for guitars with respect to price and quality. 

It is a 2-piece system and works just like other strap locks. The strap button gets in where your stock strap buttons are. The nuts do not need any screwing, they will fit in easily. The locking pin goes into the strap and fixes into the strap button. D’Addario calls it Ned Steinberger design.

  • Available in Nickel, Gold, Black.
  • Low profile.
  • Does not sell strap buttons separately.
  • A little expensive.

Final Words

While getting a strap lock for your guitar, the most important thing to consider is usability. The lock and release systems should be easy and should not take more than a couple of seconds. After usability, the second most important factor is durability. Go for a lock that has been tested for greater weights than what they are made for. Because if a lock fails, what is the point of getting a lock in the first place? And lastly, you should look for a strap that has an aesthetic design. Not every strap lock will look good with your guitar and strap designs. For a Jackson with a plain black strap, you should go with a satin black or plain black lock, for instance. In this guide, we have reviewed the 10 best guitar strap locks that you can find in the market today which provide you with just the right balance of usability, durability, and looks.

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