10 Best iOS Microphones To Buy In 2022 (With Buying Guide)

Recording your golden voice using a substandard microphone is quite an injustice. Whether you are a digital nomad or a YouTuber, you are going to need a microphone that best fits your needs. The best iOS microphones can save you an off consequence headache and a lot of money.

Most buyers make the mistake of only relying on the price when buying their iOS microphones. It is important to work within your budget, but ensure you get value for the money.

You must consider your environment when buying iOS microphones. Where do you plan to use it? Is the place soundproof? If you are using the mic in an open area, you might want to invest in a brand with excellent noise cancellation features for clarity. The right iOS microphones with noise cancellation functions bring out your real voice and even enhance it.

Below, we have the most sought after iOS mics in 2022. These are top brands that you want to invest in.

Best iOS Microphones

10 Best iOS Microphone

1.  Phone Comica BoomX-DMI2 2.4G Mic – Best For The Money

This item competes favorably with a wide range of models. It features a top-notch quality built to last. If you haven’t tried this item, then you are missing a lot in the world of microphones. The output quality for this item is distinguishable for sound clarity. Moreover, this mini-looking device delivers excellent voice recording, instrument recording, singing recording, music-making, live streaming, and Broadcasting.

You will love its Global Frequency

Comic BoomX-DMI wireless mic is worth a purchase. The item adopts advanced 2.4G wireless technology. Furthermore, the top-notch technology allows automatic adjustment of the Frequency to the device’s work quality. Also, the 2.4G wireless technology brings about an excellent anti-interference effect. Like many iOS microphones, this item’s technology is perfect for YouTube Livestream, Vlog recording, interview, and music-making.

Boasting multiple Input Modes

A boom-DMI wireless lapel microphone is an excellent value for a microphone set. The item features a lavalier microphone and transmitter with microphone input modes to customize the sound quality. The multiple input modes are essentially fundamental in solving scores of inconveniences of shooting videos.

The richness in Mono/Stereo Modes Switch

BoomX-DMI wireless lav mic comes with a quality Mono/ Stereo Switch. The mono/stereo modes switch allows you to select a corresponding mode that fits your need. Selecting stereo radio brings forth suitable value audio materials for creating a wide range of sound effects for videos to look professional and more vivid.

  • Multi-functional belt clip
  • Provides global free Frequency
  • Solid metal construction
  • Stable transmission
  • It comes with extra accessories.
  • Unpleasant feedbacks through the microphones.

2. Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone – Best Buy

This model offers handy features and real versatility of all microphones on our list. Sure, Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone for iPhone/iPad/iPod captures powerful audio recording short of heavy and sizeable audio equipment. If you are always after durability, then this one MV88 iOS could meet all your needs.

What of adjustability 

This product’s brilliant feature is the flexibility to tilt, flip, and rotate. The microphone is self-resetting and covers a wide-angle to acquire stereo clarity, and whatever your sound source. The model is mostly entirely flexible and can be firmly attached anywhere.

Extra features 

This fantastic iOS microphone is rated with ShurePlus MOTIV Audio &ShurePlus MOTIV Video. The two free apps sanction you to customize the microphone’s ideal execution and set up. Again, the two free apps are fundamental and available from the App Store to allow you to use the model without fiddling.

You will love the durability

Durability is the most fulfilling thing about Shure MV88 Portable iOS Microphone. The microphone features quality engineering and all-metal construction. Of course, this microphone has stood the test of durability over the past 90 years.

  • Protection in transit
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Pocket friendly
  • No wind noise
  • May limit recording time to available charge

3. Microphone Professional for iPhone – Budget Buy

Wow! This is a high-end broadcast microphone for recordings on the go. is a versatile microphone that complements a wide range of activities. It is one of the best microphones for gamers, remote workers, and musicians alike. The microphone features a steel outer construction making it durable to last.

Speaking of operation

BoomX-DMI wireless lapel microphone features a unique design and comes with microphone input modes for versatility. Of course, the multiple input modes are significant in flexibly solving many inconveniences when shooting video or recording audio.

Real-time Audio Monitoring

This incredible item comes with a real-time monitoring function. Sure, this feature makes the professional wireless lavalier system convenient in handling a wide range of activities. The real-time audio monitoring makes it easy for you to test whether the microphone is generally functioning during recording. It’s beyond doubt that BoomX-DMI wireless microphone is the best you can settle for in a host of situations. And yes, the microphone brings you a more efficient and convenient recording.

The beauty of it

BoomX-DMI wireless lapel mic features a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery for extended working time. The product’s easy adjustments make it reliable for an operating range of up to 164 feet. The item’s long-lasting battery makes it convenient and dynamic to minimizing audio disturbances.

  • High-quality mid-range sound
  • It still looks appealing despite its price range.
  • Lightweight; hence, suitable for traveling.
  • Best broadcasting quality audio
  • It can be fragile.
  • Ideal microphone for a beginner

4. ZealSound Condenser Broadcast Microphone 

The ZealSound Condenser Broadcast Microphone is one of the most sought sound recording microphones. The smart device comes with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. Of course, this is the perfect microphone for home studio, gaming, home Karaoke, YouTube recording, zoom meetings, chatting, online class, and discord.

Its beauty in portability and Durability

This great microphone measures approximately 3cm x 14cm; Holder Size: 5cm x 4.5 cm; Stand length: 9.5cm. Unlike many models, it whoops a metal Touch Design for durability. The mic comes with a stable tripod stand and pop filter suitable for voice records and live streams. Equally, the microphone’s wind screen pop filter mask shield design guarantees audible and clear sound.

Bracing for versatility

The Omnidirectional pattern for this product apprehends sound from all directions. It brings forth incredible lows and clear, extended natural highs in recording interviews, presentation narration, video conferences, and online work meetings. The omnidirectional pattern features are an essential tool for vlogging and video commentary.

The great extra features

ZealSound Condenser Broadcast Microphone features VOLUME and ECHO slide button.

The slide buttons allow you to adjust your sound professionally to reach a perfect voice. The volume and echo buttons trigger a powerful and charming voice when live streaming, having online class, voice recording, singing recording, music-making, and Broadcasting or instruments recording.

  • Compatible for phone and pc
  • Produces high-quality sound
  • Strong and durable body
  • Versatile and reliable
  • Requires app to work.

5. Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone 

One of the brilliant reasons we chose this product is that the item’s built material is a plus. Sure, you can trust that if Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone falls, it won’t break. It is legitimately durable.

Mission designed

The size of the whole mic is not only perfect 100% but also allows you to take up your project anywhere. And yes, whether recording at home or on a remote, Satellite is the mic for the undertaking. Be under no doubt this mic gives fantastic results and by far surpasses the microphones built into the iPhone. Sure, this item’s compact footprint design allows convenient foldup for easy movement.

Speaking of sound quality

This excellent product allows you to adjust the sound field to fit your needs. It attributes a 1/8″ (3.5mm) headphone jack brings forth zero-latency direct monitoring for real-time audio (with no delay). Just the same, the zero-latency design enables you to choose a DSP for voice, music, etc.

Encapsulate the Sound

Samson Satellite USB/iOS Broadcast Microphone has two premium 16mm condenser capsules that seize vocal warmth and clarity. The mic opens up a world of selectable pickup patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional. The pickup patterns are reliable for handling a variety of recording applications. Nevertheless, the mic features an internal shock mount to minimize unnecessary sounds or handling noise triggered by table rumble or vibrations.

  • Solid-body microphone
  • Proprietary fold-back leg design
  • Features both USB micro and lightning to USB micro.
  • Die-cast tuners are durable and stable.
  • Great pickup combination
  • Touch mute switch
  • Difficulty in using the microphone with a gimbal

6. Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone

If you are looking for the best i0S microphone, then this set of dedicated microphones could be the best bet. With Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone, there is nothing to change or convert. This microphone may not be fancy, but it is reliable and worth purchasing.

The richness in sound quality

Rode VideoMic Me Compact TRRS Cardioid Mini-Shotgun Microphone ensures that the sound produced is rich both from low and high-end frequencies. With a Frequency Range 100Hz – 20kHz, the item provides a clear signal on both receivers.

Directional Microphone for Smartphones

It is doubtful that VideoMic Me is a compact and lightweight microphone. Sure, this high-quality directional microphone is not only convenient but also connects directly to an iPhone/smartphone’s TRRS microphone/headphone socket. This mic comes at a fantastic value with flexible mounting brackets to complement a wide range of smartphones. And yes, the flexible mounting brackets allow the microphone to fit perfectly on the camera.

Ideal for a stage set up

Besides boasting a compact and lightweight design, this iOS microphone features a 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear. Similarly, the innovative design allows easy playback of your videos without detaching the microphone. The low profile receiver of VideoMic Me is pleasant. Sure, the product includes a deluxe furry windshield making it ideal for stage set up, shooting outdoors, or adverse weather.

RØDE employs the latest technology with a long-lasting battery. The product’s precision machinery design makes it a world-class standard and at a great price.

  • Small body construction
  • Value for money
  • Strong and durable body
  • Good quality sound
  • Long-lasting battery
  • May not be suitable for some activities.

7 . Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone 

Apogee MiC 96k Professional Quality Microphone is the best for sound quality from a professional point of view. This incredible item will work with just about the smartphone you have. It provides three interchangeable plugs to meet your needs. Another perk of this microphone is that it features a compact and lightweight design. You will love the unique design of this item and its versatility in working.

Speaking of professionalism

Apogee MiC 96k is a flexible and digital microphone that comes in handy. The item delivers studio-quality recording with sound clarity. MiC 96k takes on an extensive range of activities, including recording vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums. Sure, it is one of the classic microphones in history. MiC 96k boasts impressive sound quality and easy to use with your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Versatility preference

MiC 96k is one of the acclaimed microphones in the market. This model combines a microphone, microphone preamp, and an A/D converter into one compact device. Moreover, MiC 96k delivers the lowest noise and highest quality signal possible for a digital microphone. Sure, this is one of the versatile devices that fit entirely in your pocket.

Built for the future

Introduced in 2011, the original MiC 96K has beaten the odds to become one of the market’s heavyweights. Over the decades, the item has leveled to become a microphone of choice for both professional and aspiring artists. The profound design of the item makes it suitable for the future. Equally, MiC 96k is a high-end microphone with the unsurpassed recording quality. This product records up to 24-bit/96kHz.

  • Durable
  • Provides rich sounds
  • Multi-purpose
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It comes with extra accessories.
  • Sound distortion when adjusted to high-end volume.

8. IK Multimedia iRig Mic Cast 

IK Multimedia iRig Mic is an excellent option for frequent music recording, YouTubing, and Zoom conference attendees. If you are one of the striking people who love gaming and streaming, then you never want to miss this item. The model comes with a mute button inclusive of an LED indicator to fend off audio mishaps. This design ensures the mic is muted or unmuted as intended. For added functionality, IK Multimedia iRig Mic is compatible with a wide range of popular streaming platforms.

Enjoy the Global Frequency

With advanced 2.4G wireless technology, ComicaBoomX-DMI wireless mic automatically adjusts the Frequency to meet your work needs. Equally, this product’s unique design makes it reliable and very good in providing an anti-interference effect. The global Frequency of ComicaBoomX-DMI wireless mic makes the most sought after item for YouTube Facebook Livestream and Vlog recording.

What about versatility in Input Modes

The internal technology and pickup line of the BoomX-DMI wireless lapel microphone makes it versatile. This item features vast input modes to allow easy customization of your sound needs. On the other hand, the multiple input modes are reliable in countering wide inconveniences on different occasions. This is a professional microphone with the utmost sound quality.


But wait, the Real-time Monitoring Function of this item makes it convenient and reliable. Professionally, a wireless lavalier system allows you to test and fulfil your needs during recording. The real-time audio monitoring feature guarantees that you acquire smooth recording. BoomX-DMI wireless microphone brings you convenient recording in professional standards.

Extra features

Unlike many items, BoomX-DMI wireless microphone whoops the TFT screen for the manufacturing. Sure, all the font and icons on the screen feature a crystal clear display. The TFT screen display function allows you to monitor the signal dynamic bar battery while working.

  • Provides great sound quality
  • Appealing and comes with a warranty
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low (or no) mid-range frequencies

9. Movo Smartphone Video Rig 

This is a full home studio microphone that you never want to miss. This item comes with adjustable scissor arms for added versatility. The professional microphone improves the production value of your recordings and smartphone videos. Nevertheless, Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Stereo Microphone is the Perfect model for live-streaming, vlogging, interviews, music recording, performances, and more.

What about its construction

The item features double pop filters that minimize airflow to ensure clear sound projection. This is a reliable microphone built to last. Also, it comes with superior universal mounting clamps that make it versatile to blend with any smartphone. This is an item that will help you fight technical woes.

Get to know of its comfort

Movo Smartphone Video Rig with Stereo Microphone features a bumper friendly design for maximum comfort. The padded handles of the microphone make it convenient in preventing accidental dropouts. Equally, the adjustable wrist strap makes the microphone reliable and more precise in the sense of security.

Extra accessories

The item is compatible with an extensive range of android devices. Additionally, it comes with a high-quality mounting clamp that fits smartphones. As in versatility, the item comes with a tabletop stand and travel pouch for easy movement.

  • Lightweight
  • Produces superior quality sounds at its price range
  • User friendly with clear sound
  • Accessories mean that you can save money.
  • Professional players may not hold in esteem the sound coming from this microphone
  • May need more punch to produce sounds that you need

10. Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone 

Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone is a tangible item designed to last for an extended duration. This is an exceptional microphone that you would want to bring on board. This is the best microphone if you have devices with adjustable joints and lighting ports. The item boasts perfect pictures that fit most of your desirable needs.

Favorable for vast setups

Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone features a wide range of adjustability from 90-120 degrees. The product’s outstanding design makes it easy to detach for a convenient tabletop fit. The microphone is most interestingly suitable for use with a wide range of android phones.

Another quality that will amaze you in this microphone is that it comes with a maximum sound input pressure of 130db.

Richness of Sound

Zoom iQ6 Stereo X/Y Microphone allows you to make an excellent sound recording. The item provides excellent sound recording without distortion. Similarly, the maximum input sound pressure ensures sound clarity in both high-end and low levels.

Speaking of compatibility

This item supports multiple audio outputs, including GarageBand, camera, Instagram, Voice Memos, and Vine. Essentially, it works with any android device and Lightning-equipped iPhone. The free handy microphone covers a wide range of recording with clarity and definition. The removable spacer and extended lightning connector make it ideal to use in most cases.

  • Rich and balanced tones
  • Small but durable microphone
  • High-quality construction
  • Ideal for both beginners and professional players
  • Doesn’t level up to expected quality.

Best iOS Microphones – Buying Guide

best ios microphone buying guide

You need to step up your audio quality with the best iOS microphones! Whether for leisure or professional uses, the right iOS microphone will spice up your audio output.

Let’s be honest, when recording audios for others to listen to, you need to capture their attention with a clear and crisp voice. With the increasing demand for iOS smart devices, there’s an equally increased demand for the best iOS microphones.

How do you identify the best models? This guide will help you bag the perfect iOS microphone for podcasts, Vlogging, YouTube videos, reporting, music production, and all other uses.

What’s your Budget?

This is a fundamental consideration for all buyers. If you want an excellent iOS microphone, you might have to cough well over a hundred bucks. That doesn’t mean the cheaper ones aren’t good. But we all know cheap is expensive at times. We recommend an affordable but high-quality mic.

Additional accessories:

What other accessories do you get besides the microphone? Some manufacturers offer a carrying case to spice up the purchase. It’s crucial that you check what the package has to offer before buying. Other additional accessories include windscreens, converters, and many more. Having more accessories could quite possibly save you the extra bucks you’d spend buying them.

Polar Pattern:

Polar pattern refers to the appearance of the microphone’s field of sensitivity. It also refers to the direction from which the microphone accepts/rejects incoming sounds. We have omnidirectional, bi-directional, and unidirectional microphones under this category.

Omnidirectional microphone

The Omni-directional model will accept sound coming from all directions. However, a bi-directional iOS microphone will receive incoming sound from only two directions. It only accepts sounds coming from the east and west while rejecting the north and south poles’ sound. The unidirectional microphones capture sound from only one side and reject the rest.

The three aspects are crucial when you are buying your iOS microphones. Most microphones fall under the unidirectional category. Unidirectional mics exist in three polar patterns, namely: hypercardioid, supercardioid, and cardioid.

The cardioid pattern is extremely sensitive and accepts sounds from the front and the sides but rejects anything from beyond 180-degrees. That way, the mic guarantees clear and more precise audio outputs.

The supercardioid design captures limited voices from angles beyond 180 degrees. It also rejects most of the sound coming from 90-degree and 270-degrees.

These polar patterns are very important, especially if you are working in a noisy environment. Most cardioid, hypercardioid, and supercardioid iOS microphones will eliminate noises and only capture the user’s voice. That way, you will enjoy precise and more reliable audio.

The Frequency Response:

This is another crucial aspect you need to check before buying iOS microphones. What does frequency response mean? Frequency response refers to different frequencies that your iOS microphone captures.  Measured in hertz, this range affects the overall audio output. Frequencies of between 15 kHz to 80Hz are perfect. You must identify the frequency response from the manufacturer’s specifications before making a purchase.

The response curve:

After you know the frequency response, then what? It is crucial that you also know the response curve. The frequency response only gives the overall range of the mic. However, you also need to know how the mic performs at different frequency ranges. The response curve starts at zero and finally drops back to zero. It assumes a shape of a curve when drawn.

Within the curve, there will be dips and peaks, depending on the microphone used. Pick the iOS microphone that matches your desired outcomes based on the response curve. For instance, mics designed for vocals tend to have a spike in the upper midrange, which results in a more intelligible and smoother voice. Ensure you pick the models delivering the perfect response curve for your specific needs. You can always ask in case the description doesn’t indicate the response curve.


This refers to the lowest sound the iOS microphone captures. It is also quite important. The sensitivity of your mic is expressed in different numbers. The lowest number represents the highest sensitivity and vice versa. Ensure you check the sensitivity of your iOS microphone before buying. We recommend brands with a high sensitivity level so that you don’t have to shout to record perfect audios.

Standard Pressure level (SPL):

Expressed in dB, the standard pressure level refers to the maximum volume your iOS microphone can handle. It is like the direct opposite of sensitivity. This aspect is very important since sometimes we use microphones with other devices and gadgets. You should know how much volume the microphone can hold before buying. A volume that goes beyond the recommended standard pressure level is likely to damage the microphone. On average, iOS microphones with a standard pressure level of 100dBs to 130dBs are perfect. With typical SPL, you can use different devices without worrying.

Wired or Wireless:

There are two iOS microphone options. You can either choose the wired or the wireless models. Wireless models are growing popular each day. Although they are electronically similar to wired options, wireless microphones come with a transmitter that allows easy movements. They transmit signals using frequencies and don’t attachment to the iOS devices.

When buying iOS microphones, check whether they are wired or wireless models. You should also consider your intended use. The decision lies squarely on the buyer. However, there are benefits associated with both. Some microphones offer both services. Whether you choose the wired or wireless models, ensure the mic serves your needs without failing.

When buying iOS microphones, ensure you check all the aspects listed above. Some models might not satisfy all the requirements. However, they should, at least, tick on most boxes. Check the material and the price. The design should also fit your desired needs. However, the audio quality matters the most. Ensure you buy the brand whose sound quality beats the rest.

Final Remarks

There are plenty of techs to polish up the quality of video conferencing. There is certainly no choice of models to choose from when it comes to high-quality microphones. Take a comprehensive look at what you want and consider your needs foremost.

Don’t make price your only consideration. Check the quality as well. However, we have spared you the headache by compiling the best iOS microphones for you. The prices vary. We have ensured we have an option for you from the most affordable to the high-price brands.

The Comica BoomX-DMI2 scooped the top position. It is the best iOS microphone on the market. This mic guarantees the best audio output from the excellent design to its unique finish. It also boasts a tough and rugged construction for utmost durability. Be sure to pick one of the suggestions above.

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