10 Best Wireless TV Speakers To Buy In 2022

If you value entertainment, then the thought of owning a wireless TV speaker must have crossed your mind. Nowadays, many people have wireless speakers in their homes since there are plenty of options available in the market for almost every budget. When it comes to selecting the best wireless speaker, choosing the best option for your TV can be confusing due to the wide choice of wireless speakers available.

Every speaker is different from another due to the combination of features it has. Therefore, it is wise to choose a speaker that has the features you need and one that fits your budget. Some of the important factors to look at include the quality of sound, smart capabilities of the wireless device, your budget, streaming options, the design of the speaker, and many other factors that we will highlight later in this article.

To make your work easier, we finalised a list of the best wireless TV speakers that are available in the market. Whether you are looking for a speaker that you can use to amuse your guests or just for your own entertainment purposes, you will find one on this list.

best wireless tv speakers

Best Wireless TV Speakers Summary:

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Best Wireless TV Speakers 2022

1. Sonos PlayBar

Many people delight in this wireless speaker for its excellent features. By having a great audio performance, this device will improve your TV entertainment experience largely. The sound unit and its other features make it a good option.

Good Performance

Every wireless speaker manufacturer intends to make an amazing speaker for TV. Fortunately, Sonos Play Bar does not disappoint. The massive width ensures that you hear the bass mightily. This is without compromising on the clarity of sound.

Further, you can choose your sound preferences and easily adjust them. Whether it is loudness or bass, you simply use the controls to get the performance you need.

Connectivity and Set-Up

Sonos PlayBar primarily has a digital optical cable for connection to your TV. Only one cable runs from your speaker to the TV. For this reason, your space is not filled with many cables. Notably, many modern TVs have support for optical cable.

To set it up, you can choose to either lay it in front of the TV or mount it on your wall. Overall, you will get a minimalistic style and a neat appearance. Depending on whether you are using Android or iOS, the connection process is simple. Either of the apps takes you through the process, and within minutes, you can use your speaker.

It also has an IR sensor. The feature enables you to work hand in hand with commands from your TV’s remote. Enjoy that moment by controlling the speakers with your remote or Sonos App seamlessly.

  • Easy to set up
  • Minimalistic design and takes less space
  • Great performance as it improves sound
  • Has multiple input options
  • Has smart technology such as Sonos App
  • Uses a digital optical cable for connection to the TV
  • Does not support DTS

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2. Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro scores highly because of its premium audio. If you love listening to music, then this speaker will work for you. You will find yourself in the moment as you enjoy the surround effects.

The Design

Nakamichi Shockwafe Pro comes with two rear speakers and an 8’’ wireless sub-woofer. Its design makes it easy to pair with your game console or TV. The 2-way rear speakers are important for high clarity and frequencies that you will enjoy.

The main sound bar helps distribute bass sounds equally. It also ensures that the audio is powerful and deep. The feature makes it a good addition to your home theater as it improves your movie experience.

Further, the speaker has many options for connectivity. DTS decoders, HDMI and Dolby Digital decoders are compatible with this speaker. There is also an ARC output and a digital optical connection.

Great Surround Effects

The wireless speaker uses SSE Technology to boost its performance. With this, your soundtracks wrap around you almost like you are in the moment. The speaker uses the technology for its outstanding performance. By having 105dB of sound and 7.1.4 channels, the audio quality is great.

The rear speakers and sub-woofer make your experience to be action packed. Complimenting this is the extra detail that SSE technology captures. You are able to hear even low frequency sounds with this speaker.

  • A powerful audio speaker.
  • Has many connectivity options.
  • Has mounting hardware and two rear speakers
  • Improves clarity and sound quality
  • Provides an amazing experience due to the surround effects
  • Does not have an automatic feature for sound preferences
  • You need to update the firmware to unlock more features

3. Yamaha Audio YAS-209 BL Sound Bar

Do you love Alexa and dream of a speaker that has Alexa? Well, the Yamaha Audio YAS-209 BL Sound bar has Alexa as one of its unique features. Designed for ease of control, its style makes it a nice wireless speaker.

Great Design

The speaker is a slim sound bar that gives it a clean polished look. You might overlook this speaker due to its compact nature. However, its sound is powerful. In addition to the slim bar, there is a wireless subwoofer. The sub-woofer helps you to hear low-frequency sounds and measures 16.5 X 7.5 inches.

To easily connect your music, you will need internet. You can then play your music using Alexa or through the HDMI port, Bluetooth or optical digital audio.


Other than Alexa, the speaker has a free Yamaha Sound Bar app. You can use this to adjust settings. Additionally, its remote can select input and buttons that are touch-sensitive.


The YAS -209 Sound bar delivers very clear sound. The clarity is made possible through performance its subwoofer. Further, you can get a wide sound whenever you are in the 3D Surround mode. If you are looking for a speaker that you can use for your home theater, the clarity from the YAS -209 makes it a brilliant speaker. You can catch the details of the movie regardless of the sound track played because of this feature.

  • Clear dialogues and deep bass
  • Alexa in built for simple control
  • Affordable price
  • Easy connectivity with HDMI, Bluetooth and optical cable
  • Wider sound option
  • They limit audio to 2.1 channels
  • Lacks a dedicated speaker center

4. JBL Boost TV Compact Bluetooth Sound Bar

Nowadays, many TVs have small speakers, and this can be a real pain for audio. This speaker is great as it to boosts your TV sound performance at a friendly price. If you cringe at the thought of your TV having minimal sound power, then this is the speaker for you.


JBL has made the JBL Boost amazing with a tidy design that resembles a football. At just a foot long, the wireless speaker takes minimal space while improving your TV sound. It is Bluetooth enabled and has a digital optical, as is the case with most modern speakers.

JBL has a compact design and the black color makes it candy to our eyes. You can also see its careful design on the woven material that is on the speaker.

Improved Sound

This speaker improves your sound experience while using your TV. For a tiny space, this speaker will come in handy as having decent sound without blowing the neighbour’s roof. The Harman Display Surround powers its virtual surround sound. Whether you are using the wireless speaker for your bedroom or home theater, the sound quality is impressive.

JBL Sound Shift

The Boost TV speaker is not shy about having exceptional features. It enables you to play fresh tracks on your TV and easily shift to your mobile device. You do not have to switch manually or get out of your comfort zone for this.

  • Affordable price
  • Offers additional options for input, such as the optical input
  • Compact only taking minimal space
  • Boosts TV power
  • Offers premium audio
  • The remote does not have unique features
  • Can be small in outdoor spaces

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5. 2016 Enclave Audio CineHome HD 5.1 Wireless Home Theater System

The 2016 Enclave Audio CineHome is a good wireless speaker due to the features it has. For that great home theater system, this speaker will give you value for money.

The Design

The first impression you will get is that of 6 speakers that work together. The system has 14 speaker drivers and a remote for convenient control.

Additionally, the speaker has a compact 5.1 system that connects to it. Do not worry about the many cables needed when setting up a home theater. Instead, it comes with an AC outlet that enables the speakers to communicate.

Elevated Sound

2016 Enclave Audio Speakers boasts of 24-Bit HD quality sounds. For that brilliant surround sound, this system has features that enable this. The system brings about a nice experience from every corner of the room since it has many drivers. 2016 enclave also has class D amplifiers. Not only do you get quality sound, but also you can be in the moment completely. From high frequencies to low frequencies, you will enjoy a good experience provided by this system.

Supports a Range of Inputs

Whether you wish to enjoy your soundtrack through streaming or by a DVD player, you will be happy to learn that the system supports three HDMI ports.

You can also play your favorite tracks through Bluetooth or Google cast. To further improve your experience, you can update the system using new firmware releases.

  • Powerful sound experience through the Class D amplifiers
  • Has 3 HDMI ports, Bluetooth and Google Cast
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Powerful Surround effects
  • Occupies large space because of the 5.1 system and is not easily portable
  • Needs updates for great performance

6. SAMSUNG HW-T650 3.1Ch Sound bar

If you are on the lookout for that amazing cinema experience, then this wireless speaker will delight you. You will enjoy the fully immersive experience that the speaker provides. Not only is this speaker reputable due to the brand name but also because of the reliability of the sound quality and performance over time.

Optimized Sound

The Sound Bar embraces features that optimize sound. You are able to catch your favorite show with clarity brought about by the speaker. If you are looking for a speaker that will give you powerful, this speaker will come in handy.

Further, it improves your sound experience by providing surround sounds like in a cinema. The speaker utilizes Dolby Audio and DTS Virtual for 3D experience.

Powerful Bass

The center channel speaker and sub-woofer work hand in hand to deliver a deep bass to your sound tracks. This can be easily obtained from anywhere, as the woofer is wireless.

You will be able to obtain quality sound through this system that also has a simple remote. With it, it is easy to control volume and get your preferred sound.

Multiple Connections

The Samsung HW T -650 is popular for its ability to suit people’s different needs. It supports Bluetooth connection and HDMI cables. You can thus connect between smart devices conveniently.

  • Improves sound
  • Has Bluetooth features
  • Has a simple interface and controls
  • Has surround sound effects
  • Excellent performance as a TV speaker
  • You need to find the right cable for connectivity to older TV models

7. Roku Wireless Speaker

If you are looking for a Roku speaker to add to your Roku system, consider the Roku Wireless Speaker. Designed specifically for Roku TV users, this speaker will transform your movie experience.

Great Audio Quality

The Roku wireless speaker produces powerful sounds that are different from your normal experience. Its sound quality is clear and ensures you enjoy every single cinematic moment. You will be able to listen to uninterrupted sounds despite the bass the speaker has.

Further, you can level the volume using the controls in place. For those constant commercials, you can fine-tune the volume easily. You don’t have to sit through loud annoying commercials with this system. There are automatic updates that improve sound quality ensuring superior performance.

Set Up and Connection

The Roku Wireless Speaker does not have a complicated process for set up. Once you have the speaker powered on, you easily connect it without running into cables.

You can play your tracks on the speaker using a variety of ways. Choose between the Roku Sound Smart Bar, Roku TV, Roku Sound Bar or Bluetooth to play your preferred content. You will then obtain improved sound effects for your podcast or movie giving you that amazing experience. It is as simple as that.

  • You can easily fine tune your sound experience
  • Easy to set up
  • Superior audio performance
  • Clarity in distinct sounds
  • Provides multiple streaming options
  • The wireless speaker is only compatible with other Roku devices.
  • You can pair only two speakers and a sub to the TV.

8. Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar

The Klipsch Cinema 400 Sound Bar is a wireless speaker that is simple yet very functional. You will enjoy watching movies and listening to audio tracks with this speaker as it improves the sound system. Together with its wireless subwoofer, the speaker has powerful effects on sound.

Sound Quality

Whenever performance is in question, most people go for speakers that are top end. While this could be a good way to avoid disappointments, Klipsch Cinema’s speaker will let you decide. The budget-friendly speaker has a good performance. Its bass is deep thanks to the sub-woofer that comes with it.

As if that’s not enough, the wireless TV speaker keeps the dialogues clean and you can hear conversations as you watch. The sound bars from the subwoofer are big, providing that unparalleled cinema quality. There is the remarkable option to choose between different sound modes, including night mode.

Plug and Go

 To catch a fast episode of your favorite movie, all you need to do is to plug the HDMI cable, which the manufacturer includes in the setup. Other than the HDMI cable, you can also plug in using the optical cable.

Klipsch has an HDMI- ARC system that enables simple control. This also works for the sub-woofer that is wireless. Note that you also have Bluetooth and analogue support for all your inputs.

  • Good performance for its price
  • Easy to set up
  • Clarity on sounds without having to increase the volume
  • Comes with sub woofers and provides deep bass
  • Uses the HDMI-ARC system
  • Does not have a DTS decoder
  • The big sub-woofer can take up space.

9. VIZIO Sound Bar

Made with the end-user in mind, the VIZIO Sound Bar is a wireless speaker that will solve your sound problems. If you need a powerful speaker that takes up minimal space without compromising on the audio performance, then VIZIO Sound bar is a great option. The 29” Sound Bar has powerful features that bring about quality audio.

Latest Technology

To enjoy Surround sounds, this sound bar uses DTS technology. You will also see this feature in its DTS Tru Volume and DTS Studio Sound. The speaker improves audio with this technology that is a unique feature.

Fast Set-Up and Streaming

Convenience is a major component that VIZIO Sound Bar recognizes For set-up, you only need to use the cables that come with the sound bar to your TV and you are ready. Additionally, you can enjoy tons of music from the comfort of your room by just tapping your fingers. The Sound Bar comes with a remote for audio controls to get that amplified experience.

Good Audio Quality

You will enjoy good audio quality with this sound bar that offers 95dB of high-resolution sounds. Now clear dialogues can be obtained with amazing sounds overall. The two stereo speakers help improve audio performance for the sound system.

  • Has the latest DTS technology
  • Takes minimal space
  • Delivers good audio performance
  • East to set up and use
  • Offers sounds with high resolution
  • Does not include HDMI ports
  • Needs you to adjust settings for premium audio

10. Polk Audio MagniFi Mini Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

Many people have dreams of a great home theater system. Yet, the space you need for a powerful system can be a serious challenge. The Polk Audio Mini Home Theater bears this in mind. You can enjoy improved audio performance with this small speaker that comes with a 6-inch sub-woofer.

Voice Control Technology

The Voice Adjust Technology that Polk has is unique. All your sound preferences are under your control as you seek to get clarity.

The technology enables you to adjust voice delays, obtain coherent sound, and get rid of noise. Further, there are specific modes for sports, movies, and music. The speaker also gets rid of distorted harmony that can be a challenge for many systems.

Sound System

For such a small system, the Surround sound is amazing. Polk has 5.1 Dolby Digital coding for premium audio and SDA Audio.

To enjoy t surround sounds all you need to do is to set up the Sound Bar using either Google Home application, optical cables or HDMI.

Compact Yet Powerful

This contemporary speaker comes with tweeters and drivers. For this reason, you can get sounds that are powerful.

If you have an Android device, all you need to is to cast that music track that will have you dancing. Enjoy the music by casting through Google Cast or by using Pandora and Spotify.

  • Has Google Cast for easy streaming
  • Compact device hence saves up on space.
  • Has Voice Control Technology
  • Good audio for a compact unit
  • Has different modes for sports, music, and movies.
  • The sub-woofer can disconnect hence no sync

Bottom Line

Wireless speakers have improved audio quality largely. It is no wonder then, that the industry has new trends that are competitive. Many wireless speakers even have smart technology. With the many features, wireless speakers have greatly improved audio performances.

The choice of wireless speaker depends on your needs. For instance, if you want a speaker that has booming sounds, then the home theater system will do wonders for you. Our top favourite wireless speaker that checks many boxes is the Sonos Play Bar. Not only does it provide premium audio, but it also bears a compact design, smart technology and has various input methods.

Notably, many wireless speakers take up minimal space. For this, you can consider the compatibility with your streaming device. You can look out for speakers that stick to your budget or those that are smart. Again, this is totally up to you.

To select some of the best speakers in the market, this list will help you. From budget-friendly to portable to powerful speakers, this list has many good speakers for everyone.

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