Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra NT Review

Learners and beginners in music, especially guitaring, are different than pros. It is not just that their playing is amateur and weaker than professionals. A lot of other things are different, as well. For instance, they do not have enough experience and exposure with different guitars to compare things and know what is right and what is wrong, or what can be fixed and what can’t be, or how to fix things if they can be fixed. And what is the result, eventually? They mostly get stressed and the fight or flight mode triggers in their heads. Very few usually opt for the fight mode, mostly just go with the flight mode and leave playing their guitar altogether. The reasons they give are pretty common. They say their fingers could not take the pain, or they simply argue that it was just too difficult for them. The science of music might really be the main reason in some cases but more often than not, the problems are related to the instrument that the beginners do not know the solutions to. A passionate person quitting the guitar is an extremely unfortunate event but more importantly, business-wise, that is a potential lead lost clearly. Considering that, it makes total sense if some guitar brand looks into the problem and provides a solution for it. Essentially, what they would have to do is make a guitar that makes playing easier for beginners, considering what actually makes it hard for them.

Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra Review

It is difficult for smaller brands to come up with a solution to such a problem because it requires years of research and understanding, which in turn requires capital. Also, price is a primary decision-making factor for beginners, and it is difficult for smaller brands to provide higher quality in lower prices because their costs of production are not as low as it is for bigger brands. Understandably enough, Epiphone is the one brand that finally came up with a solution. With their centuries of experience, great investments in research, and determination of providing a solution, Epiphone released a beginner guitar that is top-of-the-line in quality and cost just as much as any beginner guitar. It is called the Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra.

Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra Review

The Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra is a high-end beginner semi-acoustic guitar. It has a dreadnought body profile with a single-cutaway. The top of the guitar is Spruce, the back and sides are Mahogany, and the fretboard is Rosewood. The body has a Satin finish over it. The preamp is by Shadow Performer and the pickup is a NanoFlex pickup. Both of these machines are the ones Epiphone uses in its professional models too, so no compromises over there. A tuner is also included, considering it is a guitar intended to be for beginners. It has a C-shaped neck with 20 frets on the fretboard.

Smaller neck

Although it is a dreadnought guitar, the size of the neck is smaller than usual. As mentioned earlier, Epiphone has really gotten into the problem and designed this guitar to be specifically for beginners. Beginners usually find it hard to reach all the frets because they are not smooth with their shifting, and also because their hands are not set. Epiphone reduced the neck size to make it easier for learners to reach all frets easily. Two, it also keeps the strings a little loose, compared to an original size neck. This means the strings have less tension in them. This is how the strings would not hurt the fingers and the action will remain smooth, too. Smart eh?

No buzzing

Epiphone uses its JumboPRO Frets technology in this guitar. So basically, it is quite normal for beginners to not press a string or two correctly in a chord, and consequently, they buzz, making the chord sound less professional. The JumboPro Frets are taller and wider compared to normal frets, so it is easier for beginners to press strings on the right frets, avoiding buzzing.

Special strings

The fatter the strings, the harder it is to play. Normal strings are too much for a beginner, according to what Epiphone found out. Hence, they even released a special set of strings for this guitar. These are Epiphone’s Ultra-Light strings with a smaller gauge so learners can easily swift over them without hurting their fingers.

The neck game

The C-shaped neck we mentioned earlier is also not just another C-shaped neck. Epiphone has made it a little thinner than the usual thickness. This is done to make sure the player’s left-hand grips the fretboard completely. Considering the fact that beginners don’t really have great control over their left hand, this will certainly be of huge help.

Further smoothness

A friction of sorts develops between the strings and the fretboard as the guitar ages, and this makes the shifting and bending difficult for the player. To avoid that, Epiphone has used its PRO-ease fretboard and strings coating in this guitar. Therefore, the strings and the fingerboard will always stay smooth and the learner can stop doubting their ability. 

Sound and tone

The Epiphone PRO1 Ultra NT produces a tone that is absolutely balanced. It is just as bright as needed. The sound is super loud, clear, and crisp. Overall, the sound offered by this guitar is a perfect match for blues. Play it acoustically, plug it, or mic it, there is no way it is going to disappoint you. It is Epiphone, after all.

Pros & Cons Of Epiphone PRO1 Ultra NT:


  • Specifically designed for beginners.
  • High in quality.
  • Reliable brand.
  • Costs as much as any other beginner guitar. Probably the cheapest model from Epiphone.
  • It includes a preamp, pickup, and tuner.
  • Bright and loud sound.


  • It does not come with a gig bag.

Final Words

The PRO1 Ultra NT is a masterpiece that is designed by Epiphone, a company that is centuries old, using all their experience and skill to solve a problem and fill a gap they identified in the market. The PRO1 Ultra NT is a guitar that has super smooth playing, long life, great looks, high-quality preamp and pickup, and an amazing all-rounder sound. Epiphone offers all of this at a price that is highly competitive to any other beginner guitar out there. No other guitar in this price range can beat the PRO1 Ultra NT in its functionality and usability. 

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