Ibanez GSR206BWNF Review – Should You Buy This Bass Guitar?

Bass guitars seem to be not an important part of the music in the eyes of fans and listeners. However, this is the biggest misconception because a bass guitar sets up the foundational tone of any music or song. Musicians do understand the need for a bass guitar and therefore they are pretty much demanding when getting a bass. Basses are usually guitars of four strings but some basses have five or six strings. The extra strings allow you to expand your sound but they are not very common.

Ibanez is known for producing affordable guitars and they continue to make the impossible possible by introducing the GSR206B-WNF, a six-string bass guitar with all the looks and features in an affordable price tag. Even though the pricier models have extra features and gloss, a glance at the specifications make us believe that the Ibanez has offered something with all the fundamental features at a low price tag to produce an attractive package that would not break the bank. Being one of the cheapest guitars from the Ibanez sound gear series, the GSR206B is a bass that fits in the budget perfectly. Let’s give it a read to find out more about this piece of excellence.

Ibanez GSR 6

Build and Construction

The GSR206B is featured with the familiar Ibanez’s design – a double-cutaway mahogany body with the dark color blemished timber and a slim neck profile finished with the same satin as the body. Six-string basses require some extra timber but it has not really affected the GSR206Bb in terms of weight and balance. Although there might be a neck dive but this can be easily encountered once wore with a strap. Six-string bass players should definitely consider this bass as it is one of the most comfortable and fast playing bass out there.

The lower cutaway eases the access to the upper frets of the rosewood fretboard having 22 medium frets. The string spacing is 16.5 mm that means the strings are slightly compact with each other. This would not be a problem for some players, however, players who are moving from a four or five string bass might find difficult to play this bass in the beginning. The neck profile is shallow that enhances the playability of the fretboard while the outstanding set up, low action, and finish quality deserve an appraisal. However, there are some sharp fret ends on the bottom side of the neck. Despite the compact string spacing and one or two sharp fret ends, this bass is considered as an excellent guitar that provides impressive playability with extreme comfort.

This bass sports a pair of Ibanez Dynamix passive pickups, namely the DXH-6N at the neck and the DXH-6B at the bridge, a plastic nut, a B16 bridge, and the Ibanez tuning machines. The hardware is mainly black other than the white dot position markers on the neck. The controls are relatively simple and easy to use. This includes the two volume controls, the bass control, and the treble EQ, referred to as the Phat II EQ system. It is a standout feature of the GSR206B that is offered to embrace your tonal abilities.

Sound Quality

The GSR206B growls acoustically before being plugged in. The overall tone and the sound this bass provides fits perfectly according to your needs. The strength and resonance this bass offer is quite impressive with a distinct volume of each string across the neck. Once you are familiar with the string range and compact string spacing, there is so much to like about this excellent product of Ibanez.

The flat EQ offers a range of tones as the EQ widens the tonal palette while the pickups give the strings some weight and strength in the tone. You might not have the same experience as that of a premium guitar, but the signature Ibanez clarity is always present. The low B string has a smooth and lively character. Even though there is not any mid EQ boost, the mids stands out across the whole bass as the mahogany body brings out the natural resonance of the instrument. Fingerstyle gives you tight and punchy tones while pick-playing offers you solid tones. Moreover, the Phat II bass boost provides you additional width to your sound. Regardless of your playing genre in music, the GSR206B can provide you a variety of classic fat and punchy tones as per your demands. You can also control the tone according to your preferences using the tonal controls.


  • Great tone and sound quality.
  • It features strong pickups and high-quality electronics.
  • The design is eye-catching.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Known to have fret buzz.
  • Does not come with adjustment tools.

Final Words

With the sound this bass offers, it is inevitable to consider it as one of the most price-efficient bass in the market. It ticks all the checkboxes of a good bass as it does everything well with minimum fuss created. Despite the fact that some guitarists don’t prefer lightweight guitars, it has the all qualities that make up a high-quality, premium guitar. The comfort and playability this bass offers is outstanding that you can neglect any other drawback such as lightweight or tight string spacing. Whether you are a beginner or a professional bass player, the GSR206B is great for every bassist in the industry.

You may wonder that how the Ibanez managed to offer this proficient bass guitar in this low price tag. Whether you are just looking for an addition in your collection, or you are a beginner who wants a good value of money, the GSR206B is surely the one for you. Even if you are a professional that plays in concerts and shows, this bass would not disappoint you in terms of quality and looks. With its stunning looks, punchy tone, and excellent playability, the GSR206B is highly recommended for anyone looking for a good bass guitar. It is surely an all-rounder in an affordable price bracket. Thus, stand up and get your hands on the Ibanez GSR206B now!

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