MEE Audio M6 2nd Generation Review – Best IEM Under Budget?

All of us love to hear music, isn’t it? And with the right pair of IEM, you would certainly be able to enhance your listening experience by leaps and bounds. That old trait does not exist any longer, when we used to hear music over those freely featured earbuds that used to come along with the phones or iPods. In case you want to find the right fit, it’s important that you do a little bit of research beforehand. We can’t assure that the one that meets all my requirements would meet yours as well; however, counting the preferences, we could find the MEE Audio M6 to be a really reliable deal!

MEE Audio M6 Review

Certainly, you won’t find too many people around you who have been quite satisfied with their in-ear monitors or (IEMs). Different people seem to have different preferences when these comes to choosing their own pair of belongings. Consequently, they have a whole new set of opinions about using a particular product as well. The MEE Audio M6 has become a real hit among the music lovers all across the globe. The features of this pair are what that make this device worth all the appreciation!

What to look for, while choosing an IEM?

The motif here is not just to purchase an IEM, but to find one that is potent of satisfying your needs appropriately. With the right pair of device, you are sure to fetch the best of the experiences and that’s what we are actually bothered about over here!

  • Choosing the right driver

Although you do not have a plethora of choices when it comes to IEM, however, the major two dominant types are the dynamic drivers and the Balanced Armature drivers. Based on your preference for any of the two, make a choice!

  • Opt for the style

Yeah, there are plenty of styles available. Pick the one that catches your eye and makes you feel comfortable at the same time. Also, when we talk about style and design, we consider the size of the earpiece. Based on whether you have an inclination for a smaller IEM or a larger one or a middle-sized deal, you ought to do the pick!

What’s there in the box?

With the IEM market growing really tough these days and competitor brands doing really well, it’s indeed very difficult to find the right pair of in-ear monitors at a decent price. Unlike the other brands available right here, MEE Audio has put atleast a little more effort and poured in a bit of thoughts into its packaging. As soon as I got the product delivered to my place, I was pretty happy to see my earpieces wrapped in a beautiful and attractive case that was made of cardboard; and it looked really decent! There was certainly no chances for the package to crumble and the product to get damaged during the delivery.

  • MEE Audio M6 In-Ear Monitors
  • Cable (2)
  • Stereo audio cable (TRS)
  • Stereo headset cable (TRRS)
  • Hard carrying case
  • Comply memory foam ear tips
  • Silicone ear tips (6 pairs)
  • Shirt clips (2)
  • ¼” adapter (TRS)

Basic Specs:

  • Dynamic driver 10mm
  • Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Removable cable
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB(1mW)
  • 6.3mm adapter
  • Tips Comply foam
  • Water resistance IPX5

Pros of MEE Audio M6 2nd Gen:

  • Removable cable

When you get a monitor earphone with a removable cable, you do not need to worry about convenience any longer. Just like you carry a cell phone and have a data cable for charging; in the same way, you have a removable cable here too! This means that if you are allowed to detach the stock stereo cable and attach it to a stereo to mono cable when you want to switch on to a single ear monitoring mode. You may get this feature available in a lot of earpieces that charge a higher price, but it isn’t as common in the ones that are costing just £40.

  • A quarter inch adaptor

This is something that’s there, included only with those expensive pairs of ear phones. However, MEE Audio does provide a 6.35 mm adaptor, probably because it wanted to keep a pace with the professional ones.

  • Solid bass

When you get an earphone, the prime functionality that you are bothered about is its bass production and MEE Audio M6 takes every care of it. You won’t have any complaint about its bass production, for sure!

  • Walk in style

MEE Audio M6 is a perfect deal to add an ideal style statement to your personality. This model is quite stylish and adds a “cool” and “impressive” apparel for you! Since they come wireless, you can walk around even when the device is in use.

  • Dynamic sound

The sound quality of MEE Audio M6 monitor earphone provides a dynamic sound quality. The sound does not happen to break in between, and cause any interruption in your experience. You would love to hear your favorite music tracks with it for hours.

  • Budget pricing

Well, with so many in-ear monitors available out there, Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile, Audiofly AF180 and more; it’s really tough to find a deal that suits your budget as well. However, MEE Audio M6 ensures featuring all the best variations of your requirement at the most competitive price.

  • Easy to use

With a good number of features, MEE Audio has made it simpler and easier to use. There’s absolutely no complexity and the makers have kept it as simple as possible. You need not be a tech freak or acquire too much of knowledge in order to operate it. Own it, and you would be able to do it all by yourself. Gradually, you would find it to be the best companion to be with you!

  • Comfortable fit

Having an ear piece that fits your ear comfortably is a must! Many a times, you might have all the features but a fixture that doesn’t sit within your ear appropriately will always have to hear a complaint from you! Besides, it comes with optional personalization and custom-engraved faceplates that yields you the best sound quality!

  • Material durability

Durability is a common factor to consider when it is about choosing a device. Definitely, you would not want your pair of IEM to get off just a week post purchase! When it comes to material durability, MEE Audio M6 would no way disappoint you by any chance. It is quite durable and would last for a relatively longer time span than the other models at such a price range.

  • Enhanced stability

These earphones come with cabling drapes over your ears so as to make sure that your ear remains protected while at the same time, you get an increased stability as well as decrease the microphonics.

  • Modular construction

MEE Audio M6 comes with a modular construction that gives it a competitive edge to the other similar products available in the market. It has got a pretty impressive built, something you are going to love!

  • Pretty decent style

I won’t say that it features too much to show off, but let me tell you that it isn’t something to disappoint you either! The dynamic drivers are apparently similar to that of those A-level design project. The smoky, translucent cable sheath look quite classier than the basic ones!

Unlike the in-line remote feature that is available in most varieties of ear phones that are a little costlier than this, you are certainly going to miss that spec here! You will gradually start getting acquainted with the shape holding malleable portion of the cable.

  • IPX5 rated

The MEE Audio M6 earpieces are quite equipped when you need a device out at the gym or during the jog as well. This is because they are IPX5 rated which means that they are water proof and are potent of managing the sweat. Hence, they would be functioning in almost all odd situations.

MEE Audio M6 Overview:

What’s so unique about MEE Audio M6?

MEE Audio M6 IEM has definitely got a few specifications that hold it different from the other available deals, right? If you have been eager to find out, here’s what you have as your add-ons!

  • Custom engraved faceplates

These custom engraved faceplates are pretty exciting and all you would need is to paste them on the side of that driver unit. As you do that, it would enhance the look and feel of your IEM. Besides, it gives a classy appearance to the item and anyone who sees you using it will definitely question you about the same!

  • Guarantee assurance

This is something all of us look for, while opting for a brand, right? Consequently, MEE Audio M6 takes care of it and makes sure that you get a guarantee assurance on your product.

Bottom line:

After trying out a lot of varieties, I finally decided to stick to this MEE Audio M6 and I would say that it has been quite satisfying for me. Although it isn’t the best in the list, but for the price you pay, it is worth the value!

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