Welcome to our blog, and thank you for visiting. This blog was started by a group of like-minded musicians, from professional accompanist to instrumentalist. All of which have one thing in common – a passion for musical instruments.

Our blog kbonet.com is dedicated to the coverage of instruments & other musical accessories reviews. Unlike other websites, we don’t want to create content and make sales; we aim to help people in choosing the right product for them.

So, browse around the site to find in-depth, honest reviews of a vast number of musical instruments. Or, if you’re looking for something specific, type it into our search box to see what comes up?

How & Why did we get this domain?

We acquired this domain using DropCatch auctions for a premium price because of the love for the name.

A domain needs renewal after it’s expiry. It showed up in Dropcatch auctions and we acquired it by placing the highest bid.

This also means that we have no relations or affiliation with the previous owner.

Feel free to contact us, if you have any queries.