Welcome to our blog, and thank you for visiting. This blog was started by a group of like-minded musicians, from professional accompanist to instrumentalist. All of which have one thing in common – a passion for musical instruments.

Our blog kbonet.com is dedicated to the coverage of instruments & other musical accessories reviews. Unlike other websites, we don’t want to create content and make sales; we aim to help people in choosing the right product for them.

So, browse around the site to find in-depth, honest reviews of a vast number of musical instruments. Or, if you’re looking for something specific, type it into our search box to see what comes up?

Meet Our Team

Editing Team

FounderHattie is the Founder and Managing Editor of KBonet. She graduated from Cleveland Institute of Music, and has a background in music industry. Her love of music has blended with her passion for writing to help inspire the creation of this site.

When she’s not churning through articles and topics, you can find Hattie playing her instruments, having fun with her little daughter, and touring around the world.

Graphic DesignerEric is the daily operations manager of KBonet. He graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. He is fond of HIIT workouts and going on evening strolls with his family and one dog.

Aaron is our visual editor and designer. He is the brain behind all of our custom images & graphics. He makes our article look professional & pretty, before we hit the Publish button.

Writing Team

Audrey is becoming our personal go-to for anything in the music instruments. From the best acoustic guitars, to determining what speakers should be your choice, his research for KBonet will align perfectly with your music needs.

Audrey O’Kelly is a copywriter based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is one of the founding members of KBonet with expertise in music instruments, wellness and tech gadgets. When not writing articles for KBonet, you can find him lifting heavy weights in the Gym, traveling, and spending time with his adorable wife, Katie. Audrey graduated from the UCL with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Writer 2At KBonet, she’s our music & sounds expert— Traci has dived deep into the worlds of instruments, uncovering the very best in composing music, song writing, sound designing and more — all with an eye towards practicality and affordability.

Traci received a M.A. in Music from Tufts University in Medford and a Bachelor in Music from the Northeastern Illinois University. She now lives in a floating home on the Columbia River with her partner and their two dogs, Casper and Ollie. Her music composition game is really strong, and her knowledge of instruments is vast.

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This also means that we have no relations or affiliation with the previous owner.

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