Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars To Buy In 2019

An acoustic guitar will find its place in any circumstances – in the house, at the beach, by a bom fire or at a school talent show.  It will be a great companion during any social event, party or just a relaxed time in the park – even the most basic chord progression will put a smile on your and your listeners faces… after some practice of course.

If you are searching for your first, or even second, guitar and feel you are at the beginning of the road, and don’t know where to start – I’ve done some research to make your life easier!

Sit back, relax and go through the 10 best acoustic guitars I believe might be a good pick, depending on what you’re looking for.

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Reviews 2019

1. The Steady Dreadnought – Fender FA-100

Fender FA-100If you’re just a beginner and want to start with a cheap yet decent instrument, you should take into consideration buying a dreadnought body style guitar. They are one of the bigger guitars, with more space between the string and frets – making it easier to handle the chords. Fender FA-100 has what it takes to make you enjoy practicing and motivate, even if you are just trying your first strums.

The soundboard is made of spruce, the back and sides of mahogany – all the walls of the box are, of course, appropriately laminated for this price range – plywood, which guarantees the solidity of the construction.

With the FA-100 you’ll have a strong, clean sound after proper tuning. The timber is quite soft while finger picking, and properly balanced while hitting the strings with a pick.

A great thing about this guitar is all the extras you get with it! A case, straps, picks and a tuner are all included. Keep in mind that tuning will be the beginning of your every practise and it’s important to learn how to do it properly.

This guitar presents a great combination of a strong and reliable construction with a deep and clear bass sound, followed by its good looking dessign.

  • Easy to play
  • Solid construction
  • Clean sound
  • Case, strap, strings, tuner and picks included
  • Price :$199.99
  • Hard strings
  • Standard design
  • Proper sound, but lacks depth

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2. The Budget Saviour – Jasmine S-34C

Jasmine S-34CAre you looking for something with a low price, and are focusing of finding a quitar just to start? That’s totally fine, you should still try and experience new hobbies, and it is completely understandable if you don’t want to spend a fortune on an instrument you’ve never had in your hands before.

Jasmine S-34C comes to the rescue of those seeking a basic guitar that will still last them some time. You’ll find this particular model under the  “Grand Orchestra” ones – rounder and a bit smaller than a classic dreadnought. A good choice for children and adults with smaller hands.

The top is made from Laminated Spruce, alongside with Sapele on the back and sides on the body. Even though the model is quite basic, you’ll already find a cutaway – making it easier to play on the upper frets. Something you might appreciate after some practice.

As you can assume, the sound will not be very rich and colorful, but it will definitely allow you to discover the guitar world properly. This model is fairly good with tuning, but it might take more time to get it steady and clear.

All in all, a recommended choice for a practical and functional guitar for children and complete novice.

  • Smaller size
  • Decent tuning
  • Price: $120
  • Poor sound quality
  • Lack of dynamics
  • Basic layout

3. Ibanez AW54

Ibanez AW54OPNIf you feel you’d like to go one step ahead of the Jasmine model, Ibanez AW54 would be a great acoustic guitar to check out. A classic dreadnought, with good playability and improved timber is something you’ll be happy to begin your guitar lessons with.

Crafted from okoume wood, lets you enjoy an already proper looking quitar for a lower price. The general opinions are quite good, in terms of beginners guitars and you will find a pleasant warm sound, even though not to strong, will give you good playability and a wide tone.

Overall the guitar is quite durable, even though Ibanez produced this model with fairly light okoume wood instead of mahogany – but thanks to this, the price is lower and the body will still be sturdy if you take proper care of it.

In general, the Ibanez AW54 is an interesting acoustic guitar made specifically for beginners, which should exceed your expectation for the low price tag it comes with.

  • Affordable
  • Soft sound
  • Easy to play and manage
  • Light – great for children
  • Elementary timbre
  • Basic layout
  • Not as solid in terms of construction

4. The Elegant – Yamaha FG850 Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FG850There is nothing bad in paying as much attention to your guitar’s looks as to its sound. With the Yamaha FG850 it is possible to have an instrument with style, good timber and still stick to the budget.

The FG850 top plate is made of solid mahogany, while the back and sides are made of mahogany plywood. The soundboard is a typical dreadnought (50.5 cm length, 41.2 cm width),making it a great beginners guitar.

If you enjoy visual sensations as music you’ll really appreciate the design of this guitar. The rosette in the middle, a small floral motif around the Yamaha logo, the mother-of-pearl pickguard on the body are all beautiful elements that add elegance and style to this model.

Usually when it comes to mahogany guitars, you’ll find that the sound is round and warm – making it a perfect pick for chord players. The balance between the strings is adequate – all feel natural and even, both while playing chords and solo passages.

If your just at the beginning of your musical journey, but are thinking about playing in small bands, solo or accompanying vocalists, Yamaha FG850 will not let you down.

  • Elegant
  • Reliable construction
  • Deep sound
  • Price : $399 .99
  • Lack of tuner

5. The Vintage Classic – Epiphone EJ-200 Coupe

Epiphone EJ-200 CoupeIf you are a fan of a classical vintage look and tunes I would recommend checking out the Epiphone EJ-200 Coupe – a smaller version of the famous EJ-200 Jumbo guitar. A solid spruce top with an ovangkol body, hard maple neck and walnut center make this instrument a true beauty.

If you’re looking for something you can tune on the spot or amplify your playing, you’ll be happy to know that this model has an onboard electrical system – Shadow Performer Tuner HD preamp supplemented with the Shadow NanoFlex HD converter! Tuning will never be easier and sound amplification will take your musical experience to the next level. The preamplifier has a simple design which you’ll get familiar with in no time.

Being EJ-200 Jumbos smaller sister, this guitar will fit extremely well in your hands and is easy to carry around or travel. EJ-200 Coupe easily tunes in positions and you won’t complain about intonation even in the higher ones. For such a small size, the guitar is quite loud, followed by the possibility to plug it in and extend its range.

Definitely a great choice for children, people with smaller hands or if you know you will travel with your instrument or play with an amplifier.

  • Portable
  • Vintage design
  • Built-in tuner
  • Possible to plug into an amplifier
  • Price: $ 499 .00
  • Acoustic sound is less powerful

6. The Dark Classic – Alvarez AGW77 CEAR

Alvarez AGW77 CEARDo the names Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana,Paul McCartney or Bono ring a bell ? You’ll be happy to know that all of these amazing artists are strongly connected to Alvarez guitars.

This particular model has a full Grand Auditorium body with a cutaway, solid walnut top plate, and dark walnut sides and back. The box has a dark brown high-gloss Shadowburst finish, using the thinnest possible varnish layer to minimize vibration and resonance of the instrument.

On the upper edge, you’ll find an armrest – i.e. undercut providing comfort for your forearm. Moreover, Alvarez gives you a stunning visual finish – the cut is 14 mm at its widest point and shows the patterned texture of the maple wood.

You will really enjoy this guitars sound. The chord play feels loud and even, with a full deep bottom, slightly hidden middle and a relatively soft treble, which comes alive after a stronger hit. You can also hear a good transfer and differentiation of nuances, especially after changing from pick to fingers.

Additionally, this guitar is equipped with a good quality LR Baggs StagePro EQ preamp, the Element pickup with an onboard tuner, a phase switch and adjustable Notch anti-slip filter. All of these features make it a great guitar “learn and perform”.

So if you are thinking about your first guitar, but have some musical background and would like to invest into your instrument I think the Alvarez AGW77 CEAR might be a great option to consider.

  • Balanced resonance
  • Solid construction
  • Professional sound
  • Onboard tuner and preamp
  • Price : $ 799 .00

7. The Natural – IBANEZ PN14-WK

IBANEZ PN14 WKAnother best acoustic guitar, I would recommend would be a Parlor guitar – a mahogany Ibanez PN14-WK. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were popular due to the lower price, and mobility – being slightly lighter, and at the same time, significantly smaller.

The parlor has a scale of 628 mm, and the whole instrument is much shorter. Lower string tension and decreased size make it easier to play with smaller hands. All of this completed with a subtle and soft sound. Despite the slightly weakened bass compared to larger models, it will present itself quite well in smaller rooms.

The Ibanez PN14-WK guitar will provide you with a semi-organic feeling – mainly due to the matte finish and visible wood pores. The lack of a thick layer of varnish results in a more natural and delicate sound. You’ll  have the impression of playing on old and experienced instrument.

The price is really attractive, which, combined with more than a satisfying sound, gives an interesting product that should satisfy not only a beginner.

  • Portable
  • Delicate sound
  • Natural feeling
  • Price : $149.99
  • Weak bass
  • Sound is not very rich

8. The Classic Pro – Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra NT

Epiphone Pro-1The PRO-1 series is mainly intended for beginners, with slightly higher requirements as to the quality of the instrument.

Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra has a dreadnought body,where the sides and back are made of selected mahogany and the top is solid spruce, reinforced with Custom PRO-Prietary ribs. A great, strong construction that will last and serve you well! You’ll also find a non-scratching black pickguard with the brand’s logo, and a sound hole surrounded by a black and white rosette.

It is equipped with the Shadow Performer class preamp and NanoFlex piezo pickup on board – giving you the possibility to tune and plug in you guitar. To control the sound, you can use the Volume knobs and Bass and Treble correction, supported by the dynamics changing timbre. So as you can see there are quite a few electronic additives which will surely enhance your play and practice.

The sounds are pleasantly balanced and deep. The midrange does not stand out, the bass nicely complements the treble, and the arpeggios played with the fingers have a quite clear presence.

So if you want something for effortless, pleasant playing and learning this Epiphone guitar will definitely be an interesting model to consider for a start.

  • Dreadnought body
  • PRO-Prietary ribs
  • Preamp, tuner and piezo pickup
  • Price : $349.00
  • Acoustic sound could be stronger

9. The Classic Simplicity – Yamaha FG820

Yamaha FG820This fairly new model has caught attention of many new musicians wandering in the acoustic guitar world. Its’ affordable price together with accurate quality is why I think it truly is worth checking out.

A classic dreadnought body, with black mahogany sides and back are just what a basic guitar is. A fresh, glossy touch adds to the traditional and clean layout of this Yamaha. And that is exactly what Yamaha provides us this time – simple yet classy, with decent sound quality, should be just enough for a beginning guitarist.

You will find this model one of the most durable and sturdy in this price range! A great choice for younger players who might not take proper care of their first instrument and need it to be quite resistant.

The sound is quite warm and will do really nicely if you are a blues or folk fan – here it will fit perfectly in terms of timber and the guitar looks itself. It doesn’t have a very deep and rich bass, but will surely be enough for a beginner.

  • Durable
  • Warm sound
  • Steady sound quality
  • Price: $399.00
  • Poor range
  • Simple presentation

10. The Energetic – Fender California Newporter Classic

Fender Newporter ClassicIf you are in need for some California dreaming and want to buy an acoustic guitar with a unique sense of style, you should take a look at Fender’s California Newporter Classic. The California acoustics were created to honor the culture and lifestyle associated with southern California, where the brand’s roots come from.

This series of instruments defies the conventions associated with acoustic guitars by their design and comfort – more connected to electric models with their vivid colours and energetic shape. A great choice for a beginner with a distinctive sense of style and need of a high quality acoustic.

Having a mid-size body – similar to An Auditorium acoustic – it will be a comfortable fit for players of all hand size – from children to adults. You’ll find a strong sitka spruce top, with mahogany on the side and back. Definitely a proper guitar that will last you a lifetime.

In terms of sound you won’t need much more as a beginner. Unplugged, you will be able to produce a balanced and beautiful timber, great for chord playing and accompanying. You will also be able to discover some treats of the electric sound by plugging in and enjoying some energetic strumming.

If you want a fine looking and even better sounding acoustic with style, this Fender might just have it all.

  • Energetic design
  • Colour differentiation
  • Good sound quality
  • Price: $799.99
  • Not the best model for fingerpicking

Final Words

Hopefully you feel a bit more familiar with what the acoustic guitar industry has to offer. Try to find an instrument which resembles your character and suit your needs. Finding the perfect match can be a tricky task, but remember – don’t stress over it too much and just enjoy exploring new instruments and sounds !

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