Top 10 Best Digital Pianos & Keyboards To Buy In 2020

Whether you are just at the beginning of your musical journey, or a skillful and experienced pianist, I’m sure you’ll agree that choosing the perfect piano or keyboard is not as easy as it might seem. An important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as the best or perfect instrument – each and one of us needs something else and will be happy with a different choice.

Keeping that in mind I selected 10 interesting and worth checking digital pianos and keyboards, which might help you decide in what direction you want to go while looking for an instrument and will give you a bit closer look into the digital piano industry.

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos & Keyboards 2020

1. Cheap but neat – Yamaha PSR E363 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR-E-363

I think this is one of the best choices if you are looking for a good quality beginners keyboard. Packed with onboard lessons and a song library database The Yamaha Education System will help you see fast results and enable to perform in front of friends and family in no time! The Yamaha PSR E363 offers a great start into the world of music learning and playing.

A 61 touch-sensitive key set gives you a minimalized range of a classical piano, allowing you to feel the keys quite well while playing. This Yamaha has many additional functions, giving you a jump start into new genres, sound effects and practice – all of this is just a lot of fun to discover.

I’d definitely recommend this keyboard for beginner users with a playful mind and interest in experimenting with music and sounds. Below you’ll find a few pros and cons to narrow down the specifics of the Yamaha PSR E363 :

  • Easy to fit into any room and carry it with you to lessons.
  • 3 levels + the ability to turn off dynamics.
  • 61 touch-sensitive keys – possible to play with volume and feeling.
  • The Yamaha Education System with onboard library and lessons.
  • Functions and effects – a challenge for a complete novice in music.
  • Non-weighted keys – not suitable for classical piano players.
  • An OK sound quality – not enough for advanced players.

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2. The Classic – Yamaha YDP 162

Yamaha Arius YDP162R

This model has a high level of realism and will be a perfect fit for classic piano players looking for a more portable option to play at home.

The piano uses Pure CF Sound Engine technology, i.e. the sound of the best concert grand pianos!    You can choose from 10 different tones and 128 polyphony voices.

The keyboard has 88 weighted keys from ivory imitating material, adding key stability and amazing response – presenting you a pure and classic feeling. It has 4 levels of sensitivity adjustment, allowing to truly experience and create with dynamics. The keys have been balanced with precision, resembling the resistance of the hammers of a concert piano.

Thanks to the reverb( changing the acoustics and echo), damper resonance( regulated with the right pedal), and an IAC- Intelligent Acoustic Control (automatically adjusts the sound quality of the instrument according to volume) you can get clear audibility of the sounds.

A great choice if you are looking for a substitute for a grand piano, which you can easily fit in your household.

  • Pure CF Sound Engine – realism and great sound.
  • 88 weighted keys
  • 4 levels of touch sensitivity adjustment.
  • Additional features – reverb, damper resonance, and an IAC acoustic driver.
  • A fairly heavy and large model .
  • An advanced instrument requiring experience.

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3. Sound and Style – Yamaha Clavinova CLP-645

Yamaha Clavinova CLP-645

For my third pick in the best digital piano list, I decided to choose the Yamaha CLP 645 – a digital piano from the latest Clavinova series, equipped with two powerful piano samples: Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. This combination will be highly acknowledged by more professional players looking for a deep sound and timber. As for the design this is a true beauty amongst digital pianos.

The NWX – Natural Wood X keyboard has a perfectly balanced cushioning of the keys – that is, they do not bounce too much when pressed and feel very stable. The depth of sound is definitely greater than in it’s prior models, and will surely gain your liking with its clear, intense bass!

The only thing which might make you question this piano would be its possibilities of dynamic differentiation – it could have been more diversified and wide. Besides that, trills and staccatos come out great thanks to the keys natural wooden weight. Playing this instrument will surely steal your heart.

As I mentioned before, the main asset of this particular model is its sound and authenticity, which together with its 4 speakers of 25W each are surely capable to please more demanding musicians.

  • NWX keyboard mechanism – precision and sensitivity.
  • Deep and rich sound – CFX and Bösendorfer sound samples.
  • Polyphony: 256 voices.
  • Beautiful design.
  • High quality sound system.
  • Quite heavy and wide.
  • Could have been more dynamically differentiated.

4. Space friendly – Korg LP-380 WH Digital Piano

Korg LP380-88

This top-class digital piano caught my attention with its very minimalistic and slick design. Not much might be happening here in terms of displays, speakers and additional functions, but this makes the instrument only 26 cm deep. Its smaller corpus allows it to fit almost anywhere!

Korg LP-380 WH  is equipped with the RH3 keyboard model which you can adjust on 3 hardness levels, from light, normal to heavy. The keyboard is progressive, i.e. lighter at the top and heavier at the bottom. RH3 is Korgs flagship keyboard and they did a great job with its natural and smooth touch. In order to recreate the acoustic piano sound as faithfully as possible, the sound switches between four piano samples depending on your dynamics.

The Korg LP-380 WH  has access to three effects: brillanceadjusts the brightness of the tone, reverb –  simulates the natural reverberation of a concert hall, and chorus which adds depth and space.

All of the above features will surely make you appreciate this models simplicity and practicality, making it easier than ever to dive into a whole new musical experience!

  • Small and easy to adjust in limited space.
  • Practical and functional,with good sound quality.
  • A fair amount of effects and the ability to add layers with different sounds and volume.
  • Easy to follow manual and display.
  • You won’t find the depth and strong bass as in more professional models
  • Speaker situated below the keyboard might not please a more advanced ear and need for wider dynamics.

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5. Light as a feather – Casio PX-S3000

Casio Privia PX-S3000

Portable, stylish and practical? The new model of the PX-S series offers a rich sound, along with a futuristic look and progressive rhythms. A definite winner if you appreciate a sharp design and need something light and steady.

Its Smart Scaled Hammer Action keyboard provides an authentic playing experience –  fully weighted 88 keys, ebony and ivory imitations ensure a comfortable feeling and natural touch. Equipped with a new speaker system and functions such as Bluetooth or connectivity with the Chordana Play for piano app, the PX-S3000 is a good choice if you want to remain versatile.

700 sounds together with 200 rhythms seem more than enough considering the light features of this keyboard and will make it a great starting model to enjoy more than just the classical tunes.

I would definitely give this one a shot if you are a beginner to intermediate player looking for a compact and stylish instrument.

  • Portable and light.
  • Good for learning – Chordana Play for piano app
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sound system not suitable for larger performances

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6. Perform and play live – Kawai ES8

Kawai ES8

Do you want to buy a digital piano and focus on performing? You need to be able to transport your instrument easily? Kawai comes to the rescue with its ES8 Stage Piano.

I really think there is no better key set, than the one presented in this model, in this price class.The ES8 keyboard mechanism, RH III Action with Counterweights, is a hammer keyboard with additional key weight. The keys have 3 sound sensors under each one – which will give you full control over the sound and dynamics. The only downside is that they’re not wooden – which would make the ES8 a true pearl in the stage pianos industry.

Important advantages of the ES8 model are definitely its high polyphony (256 voices), numerous recording/playback options (mp3, wave, midi format) alongside with a vast amount of rhythms and accompaniment, making this a great fit for live performers. Unfortunately, Kawai did not put too much emphasis on the number of sounds (only 34) and speaker power (2x15W), which could be a bit more powerful in a stage piano.

Overall, if you want to focus on performing and traveling with your piano, Kawai made a great quality stage piano in a reasonable price, making it easier than ever to play live.

  • Good dynamics control.
  • Weighted keys with proper cushioning – delicate and precise.
  • Light and portable
  • Perfect for stage performing and transporting.
  • Could have more sounds (only 34).
  • Speaker power could be improved.

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7. Relax and learn at home – Roland HP702-CH Digital Piano

Roland HP702

This affordable Roland definitely has style and will allow you to give great performances from the comfort of your home as well as to learn online thanks to the Roland Piano Every Day App. It will easily fit into your room or apartment, filling the space with a fresh, classy style.

One of the main assets of this model is its flexibility and connectivity to other devices (via Bluetooth) – which makes it easy to mix, record and save audio files (MIDI and Audio USB,WAV, MP3). This model comes with the 3D ambience Headphones that have a very high sound quality and clarity – you can really lose yourself in music and focus on learning

The PHA-4 Standard keyboard consists of 88 weighted keys with an ivory feel finish. As I mentioned with the previous models, weighted keys are essential for more advanced players and are a great fit if you’re just starting to play, making you adjusted to pressure and proper technique.

If you need a intermediate digital piano, offering easy and practical learning methods I think this Roland is a great option to consider and check out!

  • Compatible with Roland Piano Every Day app
  • Perfect for home practice and learning.
  • 88 weighted key set with good sense of pressure and sound quality.
  • HQ Headset and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Might not be sufficient for more advanced players in need of a deep/rich sound

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8. Jazz and Fusion – KORG Grandstage

Korg Grandstage

Another great digital keyboard which you should take a look at if you are a performing musician who enjoys a fairly simple and comfortable layout.

You’ll get a classic,aluminum case piano with plastic inserts kept in dark colors. The panel has been designed in a very transparent manner giving quick access to the most important elements. This includes access to the main tone and an additional layers, effects, tone correction and change of dynamics.

Again Korg presents us with its RH3 key set, perfect for precise and technical players. You can enjoy a deep and rich sound, with a properly weighted sensation under your fingers. A professional yet clear and simple stage piano for experienced performers.

The Grandstage includes two models and 10 presets. The set of sounds of electric pianos is quite impressive – you’ll find all the best known representatives of the genre, including presets with effects of Tremolo, Chorus and Phaser.

A vast amount of sound and its quality makes this stage piano one of the best choices out there if you need something simple but professional and solid.

  • Stage and performance piano.
  • Three organ sound engines.
  • Rich and authentic sound.
  • Easy-to-use live control features.
  • Heavy (44lbs).

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9. Studio and live –  Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano

Roland Premium

If you’re planning to perform on stage and record in a studio, you will definitely need a vast amount of sounds and effects with the ability to adjust them professionally. One of the best pianos worth looking into would be the Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano – ideal for professional performing musicians in need of flexibility and precision.

It comes with a 88 key PHA-50 Keyboard with Ivory layering, giving you a great touch and command of the keys. But the main assets of this particular model would be the variety of effects and possibility of adjustments, making it easier that ever to produce and perform in many music styles on stage, or at the studio.

One of the most important feature for studio purposes would be its built-in studio-grade 24-bit/192kHz audio interface, making it easy and fast to manage DAW Software through USB. In short terms, you would be able to record MIDI and audio with fantastic quality almost anywhere.

  • Amazing sound quality and clearance.
  • Exquisit customizability.
  • Perfect for live and studio performance.
  • Light aluminium body.
  • The layout and panel might be overwhelming and difficult to get used to.
  • Small screen.
  • A lot of adjustments on little space.

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10. Music production –  Korg Pa4X 76-key Arranger Keyboard

Korg PA4X

It’s time for Korgs’ new flagship professional arranger and keyboard – made specifically for the most demanding and experienced performers.

It offers a new type of synthesis – EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – Expanded) with 128-voice polyphony, developed especially for Pa4X. Combined with DNC (Defined Nuance Control) technology it will give you an incredibly faithful and authentic sound of a grand piano, alongside with the simplicity of  recreating various articulation and sound extraction techniques on spot.

In addition, the manufacturer provides 400 MB FlashRAM memory for user samples and sounds, including drum samples and vocal tracks! Samples can be recorded and edited on board of the instrument itself.

All of this might sound overwhelming for some, but is an amazing playground for the most experienced players. Controlled through a touchscreen interface, will allow you to make adjustments faster than ever! Keep in mind that you’ll find more than 500 unique styles and 1500 sounds to choose from – without proper knowledge you won’t be able to truly discover Pa4X assets.

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Touchscreen interface.
  • Onboard recording system.
  • Perfect for arranging and production.
  • Variety of effects and modulations.
  • Very costly
  • A lot of options and settings requiring time and practice.

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These 10 digital pianos and keyboards all have their strong and weak sides, so it’s truly your needs and interests that will determine which type of piano will be the best fit. Hopefully this layout will help you find your way, and clear out a bit what is it you’re looking for – and what’s more important – which instrument will be suitable for you. Good luck and enjoy the musical journey!

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