10 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 To Buy In 2022

As you start your journey as a musician, you’ll need an instrument to practice at home or at your convenience. The reason for this is that if you don’t have the piano, it’s easy to forget things that you learn during lessons. Also, it becomes difficult to become proficient with your instrument.

Therefore, you may need to buy a piano that doesn’t require breaking the bank for a start. So, what’s the best keyboard for a beginner?

When you start looking for a piano, you may not go for an acoustic piano. It’s quite expensive, for one, it may not be suitable for beginners, and you’ll need more space to store it.

Furthermore, why should you go for an acoustic piano while you can find a fantastic digital piano that fits your needs? Yes, digital pianos are the go-to instruments for most players nowadays.

And if you buy from the right manufacturer, you’ll end up with an instrument that sounds and operates as an acoustic piano and comes with new modern qualities that an acoustic piano may lack.

But to get an excellent digital piano, you need a budget. For those who have a budget of around $500, which piano should you buy?

We went out into the market to search for the best digital pianos. And out of the many good digital pianos we found, ten of them really caught our eyes. Therefore, in this article, we are going to review them.

Here are the best digital pianos under $500.

best digital piano under 500

Best Digital Piano Under 500 Summary:

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10 Best Digital Piano Under 500

1. YAMAHA P71 Action Digital Piano Best Buy

In our first position, we will look at this fantastic digital piano from Yamaha, the Yamaha P71.

Comes with a stylish design

For people who have small music practice spaces, you should take the P71 home. We loved it since it doesn’t consume much space; it’s aesthetic, and fits into any tiny space without struggle.

Other features on this keyboard include 88 weighted keys, a simple-to-use control panel, and a sustain pedal that comes with the package. Also, the manufacturer provides a power adapter.

Premium piano sounds

Most manufacturers may choose to lower the quality of sound on the digital piano to make it affordable. But for the P71, this is not the case. We had to listen to it, and honestly, the piano sounds are quite authentic. It comes with ten different piano voices, which Yamaha sampled from actual acoustic pianos.

You, therefore, get the feeling of playing an acoustic piano at an affordable price. The player can also access other voices, beats, music software, and effects by connecting the P71 to a computer or smart device via the USB MIDI port.

Quality playing experience

We recommend the P71 to a pianist who would love an instrument that offers pure and uncompromised piano sounds at an affordable price. Besides that, with its stylish design, this piano will stand out on stage and at home.

  • Features graded hammer action for a realistic acoustic feel
  • Sleek design
  • The headphone port is available for silent practicing
  • Features a USB/MIDI port to connect with smart devices
  • Realistic piano sounds
  • May only be ideal for beginners and not experts who would like to explore more electric piano sounds

2. Casio Privia PX-160BK – Value For The Money

The Privia Series from Casio offers high-quality digital piano models, which are enormous on both sound and physical attributes. Here’s what you should know about the PX-160 BK.

Elegant design

The PX-160 is a fan favorite among many experts. It’s an ideal beginner piano that comes with a sleek but sturdy chassis. The keyboard features 88-key Tri sensor hammer weighted keys and a simple, user-friendly interface.

It also features two headphone ports, recording options, and a USB port for connectivity with your computers.

Accurate piano sounds

What Casio did with this instrument in terms of sound quality is quite commendable. It comes with precise piano sounds, a bunch of electric piano sounds, a metronome for practicing, and other modern voices.

The grand piano sounds are accurate, and since it’s a beginner keyboard, we have to say that it sounds good. In fact, you can layer and use a split function to experience other instruments as well.

Another quality that you’ll love is the speakers. They are quite loud, and if you’d like to play via headphones, you can still experience the realism without any distortion.

An expressive performer

Even though the PX-160 is a beginner keyboard, it’s still usable in a stage setting. Meaning, beginners will use this keyboard even after they advance.

You can also use the keyboard for recording and a teacher-student situation since it has a split function.

  • It’s portable
  • Weighted keys
  • Easy to use user interface
  • USB MIDI available to connect with your WIFI
  • Two-track recorder
  • The bundle doesn’t come with an assignable pedal and stand

3. Alesis Recital Pro – Budget Buy

When we set our eyes on the Alesis Recital Pro, we loved it. Everything about this keyboard resonates with any player, regardless of the level of knowledge. That’s why it is the best budget buy on our list.

Physical attributes

The Alesis Recital Pro comes with 88-keys, with the hammer action quality. You’ll also find a control panel with dedicated buttons for voices, styles, songs, duet, recording, USB MIDI mode, and many other buttons. And despite all these functions, this piano is so easy to use.

Within the bundle, you’ll also receive a pedal, a stand, and a power supply. Hence, you have everything you need to start playing immediately.

For the sound

Like any other reliable digital piano, the Alesis Recital Pro provides reliable sound output. You can use the inbuilt speakers, connect to an amp, or use headphone outputs.

We listened to this keyboard play, and the piano sounds are quite realistic, thanks to the 128 note-max polyphony. You can also explore other piano sounds, instrument voices, play-along songs, demos, and even record your compositions.

Superb for all

You can be sure that beginners will enjoy using this keyboard for a while before they can upgrade. The rich sounds will inspire you to play and become a better player.

  • Weighted keys
  • Portable and lightweight
  • The panel is quite aesthetic
  • Usable for performances and recordings
  • Comes with split, layer, and duets modes
  • USB MIDI mode is also available
  • Sounds okayish

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4. Roland FP-10 Digital Keyboard

Roland has been one of the most competitive brands in the piano niche, and the FP-10 is an excellent instrument to buy if you want one that will inspire you any day, anytime.

Ready to play

The FP-10 is an instrument that’s ready to play out of the box. It features an 88 key piano, which comes with the graded hammer action, and a user-friendly interface. By buying this keyboard, you receive a stand, a power adapter, and a DSP-2 sustain pedal.

Another quality that we loved about this piano is that, apart from the USB MIDI connectivity, players can also connect the keyboard to other devices via the Bluetooth function.

Rich, responsive sound

Before we can talk about how the piano sounds, it’s important to note that the keyboard comes with onboard speakers. They are quite loud when playing them on their own. On the other hand, if you want to practice silently, you can connect your headphone jack.

In terms of sound, the FP-10 gives you a realistic piano sound than most digital pianos in its price range. Besides, the player can also access various electric piano sounds and instruments. Also, the Roland free piano Partner 2 app can give you more options if you want more voices and modes.

Connects with everyone

Nowadays, it’s quite challenging to find an instrument that resonates with almost all players. But the Fp-10 does. The piano is suitable for home use, stage performances, student-teacher situation, and band setup. In short, the piano will inspire beginners and professionals to play even more.

  • Quite portable
  • Complete bundles come with everything you need to start playing immediately
  • The piano sound is realistic and uncompromised
  • Hammer action
  • Connects to other devices wirelessly
  • The only issue I have with this keyboard is that the panel doesn’t have many functions

5. Roland FP-30-BK Digital Piano

Experts recommend beginners to seek out a digital piano that they can use for years. And the Roland FP-30-BK offers this to any player that buys it.

Stand out design

One thing is for sure. If you are looking for a piano that matches your home aesthetics, then the FP-30 is what your home needs. The keyboard comes with an optional stand, and if you like, you get a triple pedal unit.

The piano also features 88-keys with the progressive hammer action, which is a quality that most Roland pianos use. Its control panel comes with a few dedicated buttons, including volume, Bluetooth, piano, and other instrument voices, beats, and demo songs.

Besides the Bluetooth connectivity, the FP-30 gives more connectivity options via the USB MIDI and USB Memory port.

Authentic piano touch

Primarily, the sound of this piano is entirely professional and realistic.

Another quality that players love is the sound technology used. Roland uses the supernatural Piano sound engine, and we can confirm that the sound makes the piano sound professional.

Besides that, the inbuilt speakers function quite well. If you want to practice silently, you can connect your headphones via the available headphone port. By the way, the keyboard also has a quiet keyboard action, which enhances silent practicing.

Broaden your skill

For beginners who want to become like the elite, the FP-30 is an excellent piano that helps kickstart your music journey. The piano is portable, and you can use it in almost all settings, given that it comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. Professionals, too, will enjoy playing this piano since you can also use it for recording purposes.

  • Realistic piano sounds, including other voices
  • Features Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB memory to fit your external disks
  • Comes with an optional stand and triple-pedal system
  • Quiet keyboard action enhances silent practicing
  • Features an SMF recorder
  • The keys are made of plastic
  • Inbuilt speakers produce a level of distortion

6. Artesia PA-88W Digital Piano

Artesia may not be a familiar brand, but the Artesia PA-88W is a digital piano that you should have for your lessons and performances.

Here’s why

The digital piano is an 88-key digital piano. It’s a semi-weighted, but it doesn’t operate as your usual synth.

Besides that, the piano has a sleek and slim design, which makes it super portable and easy to transport. The player also receives a power adapter, a music stand, and an FP-1 pedal, which works quite well.

The piano also has an easy-to-use panel with dedicated buttons for different piano voices and other instruments.

Expressive tones

Before we could list it here, we had to test the keyboard to determine whether it was a worthy buy. And gladly, it didn’t disappoint. The pa-88w is a fan favorite among many musicians because the sounds are quite realistic. As a player, you have up to eight instrument voices to enjoy and various effects to explore.

Other than that, the speakers work quite well. They are audible, and if you want to practice without bothering anyone, you can connect your headphones to the port available at the front.

More than a beginner instrument

Even though this is a beginner instrument, it fits any environment. You can use it for band practice, piano lessons, and performances – for synths. Note that, if you’d like to connect it to other devices, you can do so via the USB MIDI port located at the front.

  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with the needed accessories
  • Features a stereo technology for more realistic sound delivery
  • User-friendly controls
  • It’s semi-weighted
  • Most people would prefer using it as an auxiliary keyboard for performances

7. Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

If you are looking for an instrument that you can use at home and for performances, here’s a piano that we think you should have.

What you get

Primarily, the piano has a simplistic design in terms of built. It has a sleek design, features 88 semi-weighted keys, onboard speakers, and a user-friendly panel. The keyboard can operate on its own; however, if you’d like to access more voices and functions, then you can do so via the USB MIDI option at the front.

Within this bundle, the buyer also receives a power adapter and a pedal.

Reliable sound

Before we could highlight this digital piano, we had to test it. What we loved about it are the piano sounds. They are quite realistic; you won’t even realize the difference with that of the acoustic piano when playing it.

We also found out that the keyboard has inbuilt effects such as reverb and chorus, making you sound professional. Other features include other electric piano sounds such as synths, organ, and bass.

Note that you can also split and layer voices with this piano.

Easy to use

Beginners shouldn’t have a problem using this keyboard since the control panel is super easy to use. The buttons have LED lights on them to signify when the function or effect is on or off.

We would recommend this instrument for home use, lessons, and on stage as an auxiliary keyboard.

  • Sleek design
  • Semi-weighted is easy for children to play
  • Other instrument voices included
  • Comes with built-in speakers, headphone jack, and USB MIDI connect
  • Record playback option is available
  • Some players may not like the piano since its semi-weighted
  • Doesn’t have touch sensitivity option

8. Yamaha P35B Digital Piano

Every piano player anticipates an opportunity to play the acoustic piano. The Yamaha P35B offers beginners and professionals that opportunity in an affordable manner.

Built to last

The Yamaha P35 comes with a slim design; it doesn’t consume much space and matches effortlessly with your home décor. The digital piano features 88 keys, with graded hammer action, and a three different touch sensitivity options to give you that acoustic piano feel.

The control panel features different functions, including up to 10 demo songs, metronome, transpose, effects such as reverb, and piano songs.

You also save money when you buy this piano since the bundle comes with one sustain pedal and a power adapter.

Superb sound

Primarily, the piano comes with two inbuilt speakers, which makes it suitable to play at home. You can also practice silently by connecting your headphones to the headphone output available.

What we also liked about the P35B is the sampling technology used. The piano sounds are quite realistic since Yamaha sampled them from the real concert grand piano. You can also access other instrument voices from the panel or via the virtual apps if you connect the keyboard to smart devices.

Versatile instrument

The P35B is a piano that both beginners and expert players will enjoy. You can use the piano in the studio for recording, at home for practicing, during both teacher-student situations, and for virtual lessons via the USB MIDI connectivity.

  • Easy to carry and store
  • Comes with dual and layering modes
  • Features touch sensitivity
  • Piano sounds are sampled from concert grand pianos
  • Comes with inbuilt effects such as reverb
  • Some users complained that some keys didn’t work as expected

9. Korg B1 Digital Piano

Korg is a competitive brand that offers excellent digital pianos. The best ones can be quite expensive, but the Korg B1 is an example of an affordable keyboard that you can use for different music purposes.

It’s compact

The keyboard comes with a sturdy chassis that lasts long. You can also be sure that the keyboard does not take up much space, even when you use the optional stand that the manufacturer provides.

When you buy this keyboard, you get an 88-key piano, which has natural hammer action. It also comes with inbuilt stereo speakers coupled with MFB Servo technology to provide realistic sounds.

Uncompromised sounds

Despite its price, we found out that the keyboard provides real acoustic piano sounds. The manufacturer sampled sounds from eight different pianos to offer accurate and expressive tones while playing.

Another feature on the B1 is the onboard reverb and chorus effects.

Built for all

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting out or an elite pianist. The B1 has something to offer everyone, which is why it’s a favorite among most musicians. Though it doesn’t have USB MIDI options, it’s still an excellent keyboard for teacher-students and players who prefer the acoustic piano sounds to any other voice.

  • The manufacturer provides an optional stand
  • Weighted keys to give you that expressive feel
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Real piano sounds
  • It doesn’t have USB/MIDI options
  • It also doesn’t feature other instrument voices

10. LAGRIMA Digital Piano

The LAGRIMA digital piano is one of the most authentic pianos for both beginners and experts. Here’s why we think you are going to love it.

A mix of acoustic and digital piano

The piano provides the player with a blend of digital and acoustic piano qualities. It comes with a stand made out of sturdy wood, a three-pedal system, a key cover, a music stand, and a matching bench. The keyboard itself features 88 keys with the graded hammer action, an easy to use panel, an LCD screen, and inbuilt stereo speakers.

On the panel, you’ll find up to 480 tones, 200 rhythms, 80 songs, and a display screen to help you maneuver the controls with ease.

Appeals on the tone

Besides the excellent characteristics that this piano brings, we can confirm that the piano sounds are realistic. You can layer two voices at the same time and split function for a duet.

We also tested the electric piano voices, and they work excellently to fit your desired music style. If you want to experience other piano voices and effects, you can connect your smart device to the piano via the USB/MIDI port.

By the way, if you want to practice silently, this piano offers a headphone port. The sound remains realistic, even when you are using the headphones.

Adapts to your playing style

The LAGRIMA digital piano fits into any musical environment. Whether you are practicing for a recital, performance, or playing in a band, you can be sure that this piano will stand to the test.

Hence, it’s an ideal instrument for all players of all levels.

  • Comes with a triple-pedal system
  • Aesthetic stand
  • Features weighted keys
  • Comes with recording option
  • Has split and dual functions
  • Adapts to different music styles since it features different instrument voices
  • May not be easy to transport

Best Digital Piano Under 500 Buying Guide

Finding the right instrument for your musical journey is not easy. Here’s the buying guide for budget-friendly digital pianos to make things smooth for you.

best digital piano under 500 buying guide

Before we get started on the buying guide, let us understand some quick terminologies:

  • Digital Keyboards

They are by far the most versatile and the best, which come under $500. As a beginner’s first instrument, they are adequate. They are not as advanced as acoustic pianos, but they do the job well.

  • Digital Pianos

They are larger than a digital keyboard, smaller than acoustic ones, but relatively more expensive. The digital pianos are incredibly versatile and mimic the sounds of an acoustic piano. Therefore, they marry the best of both worlds.

  • Acoustic Pianos

They are extremely large and expensive. They are the best for sounds and playing experience, but they are an investment not many are ready to make.

Not sure why you should buy a digital piano?

Listing the reasons why you should consider buying a digital piano

  • Cost- As an initial investment, digital pianos cost less than an acoustic pianos. They also have nearly zero maintenance cost compared to acoustic pianos because they do not need to be tuned.
  • Size/portability- They are larger than keyboards and more compact than an acoustic piano. They are compact enough to fit in a car and are primarily dismantlable. 
  • Versatility and Volume- Digital keyboards have a limited range and volume. While digital pianos have a wide range and allow for various other sounds like drums and percussion to be added to the background when you play the piano.
  • Learning tools- For someone seriously considering learning music and sounds, digital pianos are best as they have built-in lessons, chord display and metronome that helps a student learn themselves. 
  • Connectivity- Digital pianos come equipped with MIDI capability, which allows connection with recording equipment. Some also come equipped with a USB port for making connections. 
  • Recording- Most digital pianos allow for recording and sequencing. 

How do you choose which is the best digital piano for you?

Skills– If you are a beginner, you will get some great digital piano for under $500. For someone looking to advance, they should consider buying under $1000.

Dimensions- The dimensions would depend upon where you’d want to store it and how. Measure and buy accordingly.

Portability– Whether you need your piano to stay in one place or be carried around would define the size.

Factors to consider before choosing a digital piano

  • Key Response and Sensitivity

A key of piano factors in the weight and response after striking a key. Some of the digital pianos have an acoustic piano-like real essential action. They mimic the response perfectly. An excellent digital piano has a hammer effect or a counterbalanced keyboard. If that doesn’t fit your range, then you could look for a graduated piano keyboard. A graduated keyboard isn’t as accurate as others, though.

  • Quality of the sound

The tone and sound are the make or break of a digital piano. While it is true that beginners looking for cheap digital piano do not require advanced and high-end sounds, they should look for the best this range has to offer. Compare the sound and tone with others and then make a purchase.

  • Polyphony

The number of notes that can be played at one time is called polyphony. Beginners’ digital piano generally start at 32 polyphony sounds. The more the number of notes, the better the sustain pedal. If you are looking to create more advanced and complex sounds, then under $500, some models give you 64 notes as well. 

  • Sound Library

Digital pianos have internet connectivity. It helps the player to access various soundtracks uploaded by talented musicians worldwide. They even have a music library to record and store your sound to be played back later.

  • Speakers

A speaker defines the sound output quality of the notes played as well as the volume. Therefore, it is imperative to select a speaker based on their size, power and quantity. Please note that the speaker affects the size and weight of the piano.

  • Portability

Are you a musician who performs? Or are you looking for a piano that is for home use? Most basic pianos are compact and lightweight. It is so because they have features in concession to the needs of a beginner. For a heavier model, you might need to increase your budget.

  • Number of Keys

The best digital piano comes with 32 black and 56 white keys, making it 88 keys. But if you are on a budget, then as a beginner, you could look for pianos that play less than 5 octaves at 61 keys.

FAQs about Digital Pianos Under $500

  1. Is Korg better than Yamaha?

For a beginner, given the price difference, one can invest in Korg digital pianos. But in case you are looking towards the best affordable piano, then the better model is Yamaha. The level of support and the add-on files of the P4ax connect, the ease of playing, the carrying forward of notes on the pedal is fast superior on Yamaha.

  1. What is the difference between an electric piano and a normal piano?

A normal piano is called an acoustic piano. The acoustic piano is the original piano that plays life-like sounds and sounds played over generations. These are large, expensive and have weighted keys. They are high maintenance. Their sound is original and unique.

An electric piano or a digital piano mimics and tries to replicate the sound of a normal piano. They are versatile and easy to play. These pianos are compact and easy to store and often not as expensive as an acoustic piano. They use digital stimulations to recreate the authentic sound of an acoustic piano.

  1. Do digital pianos feel like real pianos?

The sound of the digital piano is synthetic. It is not original. It uses simulations to recreate the sound from real pianos. While they do have 88 keys, a full 5 octave, they still aren’t original. Having said that, they come very close to recreating the original sounds. Also, they do have weighted keyboards. The keyboards aren’t as resistant as original pianos but come close.

  1. Can you reset a digital piano?

Digital pianos can get out of tune sometimes. In such situations resetting them works like a charm. These keyboards get out of tune-up to 440 Hz.  Therefore, digital pianos can be reset.

Final Words

As you can see, all the digital pianos we highlight in this article have one thing in common. All of them have 88 keys. Experts recommend beginners to pick keyboards with this number of keys so that they can learn how to use such pianos from the word go. Again, they can prove significant during duets and lessons with your tutors.

From the article, our best digital piano under $500 is Roland FP-10 Digital Keyboard. The piano comes from a reputable brand and comes with all the features a beginner needs to start their musical journey. Also, expert piano players can use this digital piano for performances and recordings.

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