6 Best Electric Guitars For Kids To Buy In 2022

There are so many discussions regarding when should be the right age for a child should start learning guitar. But amidst all those debates, one thing is evident.

It depends on the child.

Some kids tend to show interest in music when they are five years. Others begin to show interest when they are a bit older. And there’s no problem with that.

If you have a child who’s been showing interest in playing the guitar, then the best thing to do is to look for a music tutor whose patient enough to help the kid learn the instrument. Honestly, some instructors may not be that patient.

Secondly, get them a guitar. You can go for either an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Now, when picking an electric guitar, so many factors come into place. Thankfully, manufacturers know that some kids want to be articulate electric guitars. So, they’ve come up with mini electric guitars for practising and jamming with friends and family members with the same music interest as them.

These mini electric guitars come with a shorter scale, length, weight, and body size to make it easy for the kid to reach the furthest ends of the instrument. It also makes them look good when playing the guitar.

For parents looking for the best electric guitar for their kids, this article is for them. We will list six of the best electric guitars for kids that you’ll find in the market in this article.

best electric guitar for kids

Best Electric Guitars For Kids Summary:

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Top 6 Best Electric Guitars For Kids Reviews 2022

1. Epiphone LP Junior Electric Guitar – Best For The Money

If you notice that your kid has an intense liking for the guitar, then buying an instrument that they can use for long is the best investment to make. Here’s why the Epiphone LP Junior electric guitar fits this category.

Solid construction

The guitar comes with a solid mahogany body with a dark sunburst finish and a gloss finish on the front back and sides. On it also, you will find the Epiphone 700T humbucker pickup on the bridge position, a volume and tone control, and a wrap-up bridge.

Its neck is mahogany and has a glossy finish. The slim D taper profile makes it suitable for people with small hands. It also comes with a laurel fretboard, which is a similar material to rosewood, and has doted inlays.

The headstock has die-cast sealed tuners with Logos on them.

Welcome to the sound of Les Paul

We tested this guitar, and we found it a suitable guitar for a child who wants to get into the professional world of Les Paul guitars. And even though it has one humbucker pickup, this guitar is loud even on the clean tones.

Beginners and intermediate players

Experts often advise that it’s not wise to invest in an expensive guitar for a child or beginner. 

Nonetheless, while that’s actual, expensive guitars give the child a sensitive music ear, which will be vital when he or she advances. That’s why the Epiphone LP Junior guitar offers what your child needs musically.

  • Lightweight
  • Medium size frets
  • Quality construction for the beginner
  • Audible, even in a band setup
  • Does not need any upgrading out of the box
  • One humbucker pickups reduce tonal options

2. Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack – Best Buy

Your child will need several items to kick start his or her journey into electric guitar playing. And that is what this bundle offers to them.

Get value in one pack

Yamaha has been one of the most excellent brands in coming up with good guitar models. The bundle comes with an electric guitar, a 15-watt amp, a strap, cable, tuner, instructional DVD, tremolo, and guitar picks. It contains everything your child needs to start playing the guitar.

The guitar comes with a solid alder body on the front and back, a maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and diecast tuners. Its bridge features a vintage tremolo style. The electric guitar also comes with a humbucker pickup on the bridge, and two single-coils on the mid and neck positions. It also has a volume and tone controls, and a five-way toggle switch.

Sound quality

We recommend this electric guitar for musicians who want to feel professional even with a low-end guitar. The amp provides efficient sound quality and comes with an EQ mix, which also includes a drive.

The guitar itself has excellent sound intonation, and the three pickups provide various tonal variations that you should try out.

Great beginner pack

The Yamaha Gigmaker pack is ideal for children who want an instrument they can play even when they are older. The guitar can also adapt to different playing styles and genres.

  • Lightweight
  • Three pickups
  • Loud amp with drive effect
  • The bundle provides everything you need
  • Intonation is perfect
  • Tremolo for sustain
  • The body can be quite massive for younger players

3. LyxPro 39 inch Electric Guitar Kit – Best Budget Buy

For parents who are on a budget, the LyxPro 39 inch electric guitar kit should be your go-to kit. Here’s why we liked it.

The ultimate starter pack

Primarily, the kit provides everything a beginner or intermediate player needs to start their musical journey. It comes with a 39-inch electric guitar, a gig bag, an amp with various EQ bands, tuner, strap, pick, instructional guide, tremolo, and an extra set of strings.

The electric guitar is superb in construction. It features a solid wood body construction, a maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, diecast tuners, a tremolo bridge, three single-coil pickups, volume, and two-tone controls.

Create beautiful music

Even though this might be the cheapest option in this list, this guitar offers excellent sound. The instructional guide provided in the pack shows your child how to equalize the sound professionally, and on their own.

The guitar also has a superb sound, no buzzing, and the intonation is similar to a professional guitar.

Comfortable guitar

The LyxPro’s body provides comfort for the young players. It is also one of the best guitars in this category because he or she can use it to learn different genres. And with the guide provided, the kid can customize the music to suit his or her needs.

  • Amp has a grind (or overdrive) option
  • Tremolo bridge for sustain
  • Ready to play outside the box
  • The right design for the kid
  • Slim neck profile
  • Suitable body size
  • Might need upgrades when the child advances his or her skill

4. Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack

Fourth on our list is another Les Paul guitar pack that you’re going to love.

Start playing the guitar right away

The pack comes with a full starter pack. It features an Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar, a 10-watt amp, 15-foot cable, strap, gig bag (portable), picks, and a headstock chromatic tuner.

Although the guitar is ideal for professionals, beginners, and children as well will enjoy this guitar since it comes with a solid body with a cutaway design, a slim neck, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, and diecast tuners. The bridge is a non-tremolo and has a stop bar for intonation purposes.

Two humbuckers for sound precision

When you see any electric guitar that has two humbuckers, then know that you’re in for a ride. The sound on this guitar is perfect, and the intonation on this guitar is fantastic. We gave it a ten since these pickups don’t have any hissing sound, which is a common problem with most humbuckers.

The 10-watt amp is loud and features three EQ bands for bass, treble, and master volume. It also has a switch for clean and overdrive options. Hence, you have a range of tones with the controls on the guitar and the amp.

Inspires your kid all-day

Children also love instruments that will encourage them to play all day. We loved this guitar because it has a durable construction, and the sound on it gives them a reason to keep practising and improving their skill. Note, professionals also use this guitar for gigs; hence, your child will feel and sound professional from the word go.

  • Solid construction
  • Superb intonation
  • Great value on the starter pack
  • Small body size
  • Thin neck
  • Sounds professional
  • Shredding young musicians may not appreciate the fact that the guitar doesn’t have a tremolo bridge

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5. Squier by Fender Short Scale Stratocaster

Children can get bored quickly, especially if you get them an instrument that does not inspire them to practice. That’s why we thought we should include the Squier By Fender Short Scale strat.

Perfect choice for any child

We can boldly say that Fender made this guitar with the beginner and child in mind. It comes with a short scale neck, 24-inch. Hence, your child has an easy time stretching out his or her small fingers on the fingerboard.

The guitar has a small body size, a maple neck, finger tail bridge, three single-coil pickups, volume and tonal controls (one each), and a five-way toggle switch. Also, the body has a cutaway design; thus, you can reach the furthest fret with ease.

The pack consists of a 10G amp, strap, tuner, picks, cable, and an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD.

Superb like any other strat

Stratocaster guitars are famous for their lightweight personality, and the range of tonal variations you can achieve. The single-coil features ensure that it provides clean and bright tones, without any humming.

If you want it to sound like a humbucker, you can use two of the single-coils at the same time.

Also, with the amp, you can equalize the sound to precision since it has a Gain, volume, treble, and bass EQ bands. It also has a drive switch to add some distortion to the signal.

Comfortable to play

Apart from the fantastic body features and sound qualities, this guitar provides a comfy feel on the neck, body, and the string tension for your child. It inspires to play better every day, and with the pack, he or she can start making music right out of the box.

  • Lightweight
  • Offers bright, clean tones
  • A short scale for optimum comfort
  • Cutaway design on the body
  • Comfortable neck in terms of thickness and finish
  • Saves money on accessories
  • Only suitable for beginners only

6. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Telecaster Electric Guitar

For the final best electric guitar on our list, we feature a guitar model that most professionals love. Buying the Squier Affinity Series Telecaster gives your child every reason to play the instrument all the time.

First-class construction

The electric guitar consists of a poplar body with a red finish, a maple neck and fingerboard, dot inlays, diecast tuners, and the body has a cutaway design too.

For the electronics, the telecaster comes with dual single-coil pickups, chrome volume and tone controls, a three-way toggle switch, and six-saddle Non-tremolo Bridge.

Genre specific tones

Many musicians love Telecasters because of how superb they are when it comes to sound quality. The dual single-coil pickups ensure that the signal is clean. Also, each has its sound personality, which provides that added tonal variety you require when playing different genres.

Set a standard for your child

Telecasters are one of the most common models in the market. When you buy this guitar, your child will develop a sensitive music ear at a young age. They will also have the right kind of drive to push them to practice more often. By the way, this is an instrument that they will use for years to come.

  • Slim neck profile for added comfort
  • Provides clean sound
  • Bridge provides unique intonation
  • Satin finish on the neck for smooth and quick transitions
  • Adapts to different genres
  • The body might be too big for younger players

Best Electric Guitars for Kids Buying Guide

Children are a gift to this world. That’s one point that everyone will agree with me.

And so if they are, it’s always nice to gift them with toys. But what if they tend to show a lot more interest in music, such as playing the guitar, more than playing with toys?

If that’s the case, you shouldn’t ignore their desire. Signing up for a music class will help your child kick start their musical journey and kill their curiosity. Once you do so, it’s always nice to buy them an electric guitar to aid them in practicing what they learned in class.

So, how do you choose among the numerous electric guitar options available on the internet? In this article, we will breakdown a list of things to consider when buying them their first electric guitar.

best electric guitar for kids

Why not the ukulele or the acoustic guitar?

As you do your research, you will come across varied opinions on why an electric guitar is not suitable for children. However, numerous children prove this advice wrong. Search on the internet, and you’ll find proficient electric guitar players who are children.

Other than this, what other reasons should push you to buy an electric guitar?

If the child has a perpetual interest in playing rock music and soloing, you should consider buying an electric guitar. However, they should have some basic understanding of the rhythm guitar before they start soloing.

Second, electric guitar strings are gentle. They won’t hurt their fingers that much.

And finally, the electric guitar is light. You can find small-sized electric guitars in the market.

If your child seems to have any of these characteristics, then it’s time to buy an electric guitar.

How to choose?

1. Your child’s age

Primarily, electric guitars come in different sizes and shapes.

If you have to choose, you have to select one that your kid will feel comfortable and inspired to play it. So, consider his or her age first. If he or she is above 14 years, then the conventional size will do. It will be easy to play and comfortable for them.

Any musician below that age will require a guitar with a smaller body and scale length. The neck should also be thin, especially if the kid has tiny hands.

2. Your kids have a say

As much as your kid does is underage, this is his or her journey. You won’t be there most of the time, and for that reason, you need to take him or her to the music store when buying his or her first guitar.

Let him or her decide on the kind of guitar he or she wants. The reason why this is important is that they will choose an instrument that will inspire them to play and practice often. So, let them select his or her favorite guitar and color.

However, if you know nothing about electric guitars, someone like a tutor or an uncle should accompany you to the store. They can help them select depending on various factors.

3. Test the sound

Don’t make a mistake of choosing a guitar that doesn’t produce quality sound. It shouldn’t sound like a toy. Ensure that the electronics used are quality since it teaches them how to have a sensitive music ear right from the word go.

Make sure you test the sound to notice the different tonal shaping options this guitar has.

4. Save money as a parent

Since you are spending your money, it’s always advisable to have a budget. However, the caution here is that you need to avoid buying a cheap guitar because he or she is still a child.

What you should do instead is review as many instruments as possible. Get an electric guitar that suits your child’s music needs, then pay for it. You never know, it could be the best gift ever to give your child.

Other than that, you can also save money by buying electric guitars that come with accessories such an amp, extra pair of strings, picks, and even instructional DVDs.

Last But Not Least…

You’ll come across so many opinions when buying an electric guitar. But as a parent, support your child’s dream by buying them an electric guitar. If you are not a music enthusiast, try to understand these essential points so that you can help them if an issue arises.

Final Words

As you consider buying an electric guitar for your kids, it’s always nice to include them in the selection process. It helps them know what they want, and you can guide them as well. And for parents who don’t know anything about electric guitars should consult from a professional musician or the child’s tutor.

Note that, even though these guitars are small, some adults also prefer player shorter guitars, even on stage. Therefore, when buying any of the guitars in this list, you can be sure that the child will use it even when they are older.

If you would like to save money on accessories, you can pick a bundle from our list. A full pack helps the kid start playing their guitar as soon as the package arrives. By the way, it’s the reason why the Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack is our top pick in our list. As you can see, the guitar and everything that comes with it is quality and affordable for any beginner or child.

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