10 Best Jasmine Guitars To Buy In 2022 | Buying Guide

Beginners typically look for cheap guitars to start their musical journey. For them, it does not make sense for one to buy a high-end guitar since they do not know if they will reach the elite levels. 

Nevertheless, the problem with these low-end guitars is that manufacturers tend to compromise on specific qualities. For instance, they could lower the build quality or the guitar’s sound resonance. 

Therefore, it is essential to consider several things before you land your first guitar. One of the factors to have in mind is the budget. Also, you might find yourself considering reputable brands and avoiding others. 

In our article today, our focus is on a brand that makes guitars with the beginner in mind, the Jasmine guitars. These guitars have been in the market for years, at least since 1962. 

What people like about these brands is that they offer quality in one instrument. As in, they ensure that the guitar looks and sounds like the high-end guitars while remaining budget-friendly. It is also not a shock to find elite players using them in gigs and jamming sessions.

best jasmine guitars

So Jasmine, as a brand, offers different models for their clients. Which one should you pick? And which one should you not? We will list down ten best jasmine guitars in this article.

Best Jasmine Guitar Summary:

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Top 10 Best Jasmine Guitars 2022

1. Jasmine S34C – Best Overall Guitar

Beginners who want a guitar that looks and sounds like an instrument that is worth more than $1000 should go for this guitar. The S34C NEX’s many reviews show how well this guitar delivers.

Low-end guitar with a high-end appeal

Everybody agrees that S34C has a superb appeal in terms of the gloss finish across the entire guitar. It comes with spruce top, Sapele back and sides; and a rosewood fingerboard.

The guitar also comes with a comfortable neck with a thin profile. Meaning, people with smaller hands will enjoy optimum comfortability while playing. We also noticed that the headstock is quite appealing since it has a 3+3 arrangement on the tuning pegs.

When it comes to sound

We generally have nothing against this guitar soundwise. The body has an internal X bracing, which adds to the guitar’s resonance and quality of sound. Another attribute that we noticed was that the intonation on the guitar is superb.

Overall, the guitar provides a balanced sound, and it is a high action guitar.

In addition to that

Beginners who want a guitar that can adapt to different styles should try the S34C. You can use it on and off stage. And this is a guitar with a future since it you may need to use it through different skill levels.

  • Appealing gloss finish
  • X bracing technology for exceptional sound quality
  • Good looking headstock for easy tuning
  • Features a 25 ½ inch scale
  • Features a synthetic bone nut and saddle
  • A high action guitar may produce some buzz when playing it

2. Jasmine S35 – Best Runners Up

On the second spot is the fantastic Jasmine S35. The guitar has been the love of many beginners because it comes at a lower price and comes with exceptional qualities.

Let’s see what it brings

The first thing you will notice is the appeal. It looks like a mini guitar but is a full-scale guitar. It offers the player with a spruce top, and laminated back and sides.

It also comes with a nato neck with an adjustable truss rod. The neck has a smooth finish and allows for smooth transit from one point of the fretboard to another.

Other features include a two-strap button system, a smaller headstock, and sealed, chrome hardware.

Lively sound

The main attribute of the S35 guitar is the sound. Other than the appeal, this guitar provides quality and balanced sound. The treble, mids, and the bass ranges sound so good, which is an attribute that many guitars of its price range lack.

We also noticed that this guitar is a high action guitar. It is loud enough to be heard over some distance, which is a plus for people that love bold sounds.

Your first guitar

The S35 might be the cheapest guitar you will meet in the market. But its quality is suitable for everyone. Not only will beginners enjoy this guitar but experts as well. It can also adapt to different playing styles, whether you are strumming, soloing, or fingerpicking.

Besides that, whether you are playing on stage or at home, this guitar is comfortable to play in any setting.

  • A full-scale guitar
  • Sealed, chrome tuners
  • Has a satin finish
  • Comes with an adjustable truss rod
  • Strap button position offers balance and comfort
  • Some users complained that the strings are too thick; but remember, this is a high action guitar

3. Jasmine JD39CE-BLK – Best Guitar For The Money

Different Jasmine guitar models come with different prices. The Jasmine JD39E is a guitar that you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to acquire it.

Pricey with a purpose

The guitar provides a strong appeal from the word go. It comes with a spruce top with a black finish, Sapele back and sides, and slim NATO neck. On the body, you will find the B-Band onboard preamp, which allows you to connect it to an amp directly. The amp also has a tuner and sound tweak controls to keep your sound articulate.

Other qualities include a rosewood fingerboard, die-cast chrome tuners, and a 24 ¾-inch neck scale.

Bold in sound

The Jasmine JD39CE comes with several qualities that push the quality of sound. It comes with X bracing technology inside the body.

We noticed that the sound from the guitar is uncompromised, even when the action is high. Nevertheless, if you love guitars with a lower action, you can adjust it and change the strings.

Recommended for all players

Although it is a high priced guitar, this is for a reason. Therefore, it is a worthy buy for people who would love a guitar with a preamp for live performances. It can also be the ideal instrument for players that love louder guitars, which do not require a mixer to operate.

Besides that, the guitar comes with a hard case for transporting and storing the guitar.

  • Easy to play
  • Comes with a four-band EQ preamp
  • Deluxe hard case for easy transportation
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • High action guitar
  • May need small adjustments if you do not like high action guitars

4. Jasmine JM10-NAT

If you are looking for a guitar that you can tag along to your next business trip or vacation, then the JM-10 is an excellent active traveler guitar to purchase.

Right out of the box

The guitar comes with a solid spruce body, a slim nato neck, Sapele back and sides. Its neck is 23 ¾-inch scale and comes with a small headstock to make portability even more comfortable.

Other qualities include a rosewood bridge, rosewood fingerboard, a natural finish, advanced classical bracing, and chrome die-cast tuners.

Needs no upgrades

The Jasmine JM10-NAT is ready to go right out of the box. We tested the sound quality this guitar offers, and we can say that it was superb. Every tone seemed balanced, and the tone was fantastic.

Other than that, players love this guitar because the X bracing system is close to the soundhole. That means that the guitar produces natural acoustic sounds on its own.


With a smaller body, you can be sure that this guitar will be part of your luggage on your next trip or hike. It comes with a gig bag; hence, you can save that money for other accessories that you require. Also, since the JM10-NAT is loud, you can use it for live performances, which is the reason why elite players love it.

  • X bracing is near the soundhole
  • Portable
  • Sounds professional
  • Comes with quality construction
  • Compensated saddle for superb intonation
  • Slim neck
  • Does not have a piezo pickup like the manufacturer suggests

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5. Jasmine ES33C

Musicians who would love a guitar that they can use off and on stage should go for this one right here, the Jasmine ES33C. We reviewed and found that this guitar was quality in appeal, sound, and usability.

Build is unique

If you are the kind of player that loves a guitar with a quality build, then the Jasmine ES33C is what you require. The guitar comes with a spruce body, lacewood back and sides, a rosewood fretboard, and a mora neck.

On the board, it features decent electronics, which have EQ bands to help you achieve different sound qualities when you connect it to an amp.

Sounds professional

Other than its attractive appeal, the sound produced is excellent. The guitar is loud on its own since it is a high action guitar. When you connect it to an amp, it boosts each note regardless of the technique you are using. Overall, the sound is balanced and well pronounced.

Note that the guitar has an adjustable rod, which makes it easy to adjust if you do not like high action sounds.

Where to use it

Musicians who would love a guitar that can adapt to any playing style, then this is the guitar to use. You can use it for jazz, blues, fingerstyle, solos, and every other genre out there. We also noticed that since the body is small, it is comfortable to play with on stage for long hours.

  • Full-size guitar
  • Slim neck profile
  • Durable hard case for portability
  • Loud guitar
  • Preamp for live performance
  • High action guitar comes with a buzz
  • Some users complain that the hard case is easy to break

6. Jasmine JO36-NAT

Typically, if you are a beginner, looking for an instrument that you can use in different situations can save you lots of money. It enables you to enjoy your guitar for the longest time.

Introducing the JO36-NAT

The best way to describe the quality of this guitar is by highlighting its appeal. It comes with a spruce top, Sapele back and sides, a Nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard. The neck has a scale length of about 24 ¾ inches, which make it portable from gig to gig.

Other notable characteristics include a compensated saddle, Rosewood Bridge, and a fingerboard with up to 24 frets. The neck is also slim, about 12 inches, to make it easy for the players to reach chords and notes.

Superior sound

Apart from its appeal, we also noticed that the JO-36 offers superb sound. Everything is balanced, and you do not need an external booster or amp pedal to boost any weak signals. Note that it is a high action guitar, which provides the right kind of sound for small venues. Note that this guitar does not have a preamp.

Easy to play

We can comfortably say that this guitar is easy to play. For any beginner, you will appreciate the sound coming from this guitar, whether you are playing it on stage or at home. We also tested the quality of the instrument using different playing styles, and this instrument that adapts to what you want.

  • Slim neck profile
  • High action guitar; hence, very loud
  • Comes with X bracing for natural acoustic sound
  • Chrome hardware
  • Great intonation on the fingerboard
  • Compensated saddle for intonation
  • Most users complain that the bridge pins are not stable; probably the manufacturer should check on that

7. Jasmine JD37CE-NAT

Professionals who are looking for a guitar that they can use for their performance, then Jasmine JD37CE-NAT is the guitar to use.

Features excellent qualities

The number one quality about this guitar is that it comes with a stable and reliable build. It features a spruce top, Sapele back and sides, a nato neck, and a rosewood fingerboard.

It also has a small headstock like many other Jasmine models. The chrome tuning pegs feature a sealed system, which protects them from rusting.

Note also, the guitar comes with a preamp for live performances. It has a three-band EQ for equalizing when connecting to your amp, pedalboard, or mixer.

Sound: the professional in mind

The Jasmine JD37 sounds professional. And for most people that love acoustic-electric guitar, this guitar is a badass on and off the stage.

We noticed that the Advanced X bracing on the guitar ensures that it provides natural acoustic sounds. The intonation on the fretboard is also crisp. You can also change the action since it has a compensated saddle.

Easy to play

Typically, the JD37CE-NAT is ideal for live performances. It does not disappoint since it is easy to play and use. Not only should professionals use this guitar, but beginners, too, will also enjoy it. The instrument achieves so many sound qualities, which is a plus for having it.

  • Strong and resilient
  • Preamp for live performances
  • Digital tuner for easy tuning
  • Lightweight guitar
  • Slim neck profile
  • Gloss body finish
  • The dot inlays are a bit small; you may not see them from far

8. Jasmine JO37CE-NAT

We compared the Jasmine JD37CE-NAT acoustic-electric guitar and the Jasmine JO37-NAT, and we noticed that they were almost similar in body and sound attributes. However, the reception on this one (JD37CE-NAT) seemed to be better than its counterpart was.

Resilient construction

The first thing you will notice about this guitar is that it offers quality body parts. Its body features spruce with an onboard preamp, a rosewood bridge, and a compensated saddle. The preamp features a three-band EQ and a digital tuner.

Other characteristics include a nato neck, a rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets and dot inlays, chrome hardware and a small headstock.

Versatility on sound

The JD37CE-NAT acoustic-electric guitar offers natural acoustic sounds, whether you connect it to an amp or not. Each note is audible, and you can hear them even when you are in another room since it is a high action guitar.

When you connect it to an amp, you can tweak the signals from the guitar without having to go to the amp every time.

Apart from the balanced sound

The guitar, like its counterpart, is versatile in terms of sound and physicality. You can use it in small venues and larger ones too. And since it comes with its preamp, it means that you save money on buying extra accessories that you need when using an acoustic guitar, including a tuner and a EQ boost pedal.

  • Great build
  • Balanced sound qualities
  • Features a natural gloss finish
  • Offers superior tone
  • X bracing that is close to the soundhole
  • Some users say that the guitar needs to upgrade outside the box

9. Jasmine JD36-NAT

Beginners who are into comfortability should seek out the Jasmine JD36 acoustic guitar. Its qualities also favors experts, which is why it is one of the best jasmine guitar on our list.

Solid structure

Like most Jasmine models highlighted in this article, the Jasmine JD36 comes with a solid spruce top, Sapele back, nato neck with a gloss finish, a scale length of 24 ¾ inches, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

On the headstock, you will find chrome hardware, which facilitates easy tuning and stability. The tuning pegs are also durable by the way.

And sound

When it comes this, this guitar offers quality in terms of balance and audibility. Its steel strings are sensitive, and with one strum or pick, you can hear the high action qualities that other guitars fail to provide.

On the body, the guitar has X bracing, which is advanced according to the manufacturer. The sculpting sits near the soundhole to provide natural acoustic sounds that you desire.

Comfortability at its best

The guitar is comfortable to play even as it sits on your lap. It has a two-strap button system located strategically on the body to provide balance if you play while standing up. By the way, this guitar is perfect for professionals too, and you can use it for live performances.

  • Comfortable for playing
  • Solid structure
  • Advanced X bracing for more acoustic sounds
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for beginners and elite players, too
  • The bundle does not come with accessories such as tuners and a gig bag

10. Jasmine JC25CE-NAT

The Jasmine JC25CE-NAT is ideal for beginners that are into classical or players who want an easy-to-play guitar.

Comes with nylon strings

The guitar is light and comes with a spruce top with a classical cutaway body style, its back, sides are Sapele, and both have a gloss top appeal. And the neck has a satin finish and features Nato material.

Its headstock features a classical look with hardware chrome and white buttons. The fingerboard consists of rosewood and comes with 19 frets.

Other qualities include a rosewood bridge, a synthetic bone saddle, and a scale length of about 25.5 inches.

Play right out of the box

With its fantastic body attributes, this guitar comes with a sound quality that a beginner would love to hear every time he or she picks up the guitar. Before connecting to the amp, the nylon string guitar provides mellow sound, like any other classical guitar, to suit different playing styles.

After connecting to an amp, the preamp offers four bands to tweak your sound to your preference.

The ideal buyer

Primarily, if you love good music, this guitar provides that. It also offers comfort when playing. That means that your fingers will not hurt after playing for hours since the guitar has nylon strings. 

You can also connect the guitar to an amplifier if you want to perform live. Hence, this is a guitar made to suit different genres, such as Spanish and fingerstyle.

  • Features a preamp with a digital tuner
  • Suitable for different playing styles
  • Comfortable to play with
  • Has a gloss appeal on its body and neck
  • The tuning pegs appear to be weak

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Best Jasmine Guitars Buying Guide

You wouldn’t want to stress over investing bigtime into buying your first guitar. So, as a way to ensure that you buy the right guitar, it’s apparent that you will look for suggestions from experts, friends, and tutors.

As you listen to them, you’ll notice that they will mention various reputable brands. And it’s okay to resonate with particular brands. There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, different brands target specific musicians. Some target beginners, while others focus on providing premium instruments for elite players.

One of the brands that manufacture guitars specifically for beginners is Jasmine guitars. And today, this brand forms our discussion. How can you end up buying the best jasmine Guitars for your needs?

Read further to find out how.

best jasmine guitar buying guide

Why Jasmine guitars?

Jasmine, the brand, has been there for many years. I believe that’s why people love their instruments. As we checked out what kind of guitars they made, we were amazed at how professional they looked for a beginner.

The brand uses the best quality of the wood on the body, the neck, fingerboard, and the headstock. If you were to value them on your own, you would think that these are premium guitars. And that’s true. They are premium guitars for beginners.

Common construction qualities

Most Jasmine guitars are entirely aesthetic, especially on the finish, and the durability of each of the components found on their guitar.

Also, these guitars use spruce or mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, internal bracing to enhance the sound, stable tuning pegs, and a professional-looking headstock that you’ll not find in most beginner acoustic guitars in the market. By the way, the headstock is one of the things that make it look appealing.

Picking the best one

So, if most of these guitars are quality, the next question you might have is, how do you choose the best? Well, here are some pointers you will use in this case.

1. The price

Regardless of their similar construction qualities, Jasmine guitars come at different prices. Some cost higher than others do, and so, you have to identify how much money you want to spend on the guitar.

Several things determine the pricing of each guitar. One, a guitar with electronics might cost more than one without. Also, a classical guitar from Jasmine will cost different from a Parlor or a traveling guitar of the same brand.

2. Check out the size

Jasmine provides dreadnought guitars that are different in size and scale length. So, whichever guitar you pick will depend with the need that you have.

For instance, if you are an active traveler, picking a guitar with small body size and neck length is best. If you are buying a guitar for someone with little hands, go for a parlor guitar or a travel guitar. Most of them have a small body size, and a thin neck profile to accommodate those little hands. It also makes it easy to play.

3. Check out different reviews online

Since all the guitars you’re looking at are from the same brand, you can differentiate them by comparing their product descriptions and images that Jasmine provides.

But if you want to know more about a guitar, check out different reviews. Previous buyers will tell you about their experiences. They will highlight how durable the guitar is, how each sounds, and if it was a worthy buy after using it for a while.

Note that each Jasmine guitar sounds unique. Therefore, make sure that you identify the kind of action on the strings, if the guitar stays in tune, and the guitar’s intonation.

Last But Not Least…

All Jasmine guitars are high in quality. But as you choose between the numerous options you’ll find, be sure to consider your needs. Then, get to know if the guitar is upgradable. For instance, if it’s high action guitar, can you lower the action to your preferred level? Or can you change the strings once you advance your skills to fit your playing styles?

Ensure that you consider all the factors we highlight in this article as you research. It will help you make the right decision altogether.

Final Words

From the article, one thing is evident about these Jasmine models. They look like high-end guitars since the manufacturer did not compromise on the quality of materials they used to build the guitars. Remember, the materials determine how the guitar would sound when you play it. As you choose, therefore, make sure to consider the materials used to build your preferred guitar.

Also, think about your needs. We encourage our readers to do so because buying a guitar that does not fit your needs might take away the joy that guitar could bring, even when it is a quality one. So, remember that fact.

In our list, the Jasmine S34C NEX Acoustic Guitar remains the best jasmine guitars you will come across the market. The build is quality, and it comes at a reasonable price range. Its sound quality is another factor that makes both beginners, intermediate, and elite players enjoy.

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