Fender Player Precision Bass Review

People might not notice the bass guitar but if you take out the baseline from any song, but they would definitely know that something is missing. That is the importance of a bass guitar in music. It is surely a necessity for any music band as it sets up the fundamental tone of a song by adding a certain depth to it. Therefore, bass guitarists are very choosy in terms of buying a bass that fits perfectly with their needs. Though it depends on what suits them the most, they consider each and every aspect of a bass guitar before getting their hands on one. Fender has been producing some outrageous guitars since 1946. It has covered and transformed the music of every genre including rock, jazz, country, etc. Everyone from newbies to the professionals including the world’s most known artists has used Fender instruments, as it provides guitars having features that cover all the needs of a guitarist.

The Fender player precision bass, a four-string bass that is an absolute example of classic basses. There is nothing comparable if you are looking for the classic P Bass style and sound. Although it is a classic, it offers playability that you expect from a modern bass. It is a genuine Fender-style bass guitar that allows you tones as per your choice while giving you the classic vintage look. This bass has a smooth playing feel that helps you prowl the stage with its thundering tones. It does not matter if you play rock, jazz, or something else, this bass allows you to play whatever genre of music you want. Read on if you want to know why it is considered as one of the best bass guitars.

Fender Player Precision Electric Bass Guitar Review

Body and Design

The Fender player precision bass took us back to the 1950s. It has a classic shaped Alder double cutaway body and a comfortable neck that gives this bass a distinctive look. Leo Fender introduced a maple neck because of his lack of knowledge about guitars, but despite that, the blond maple neck turned out to be a Fender trademark. This precision bass has a modern C shape maple neck with a maple fretboard of 9.5” radius having 20 medium-jumbo frets and dotted inlays. They are an ideal choice for almost every playing style making this bass as versatile as possible.

Fender Player Precision body

There is a 4 saddle bridge that assists tuning, enhances punchy attacks, and supplies excellent intonation. It sports Alnico V split-coil precision bass pickups that provide a range of legendary Fender tones. Also, there are master tone and volume controls that allow you to control the tone and volume just like the way you want to craft your sound. Other than that, it features a 3 ply pickguard, disc string trees of vintage style, open-gear tuning machines, synthetic bone nut, and a stamped neck plate that proves this instrument as a Fender product.

Fender Player Precision head

This Fender bass is designed to provide excellent comfort and performance, with a smooth finish that gives the perfect vintage vibe. It has a classic P bass design that enhances fast playability and vibrational transfer with its synthetic bone nut. It is a modern yet vintage bass guitar because of its uncountable features and the classic look that will catch the eye of the audience in no time.

Sound Quality

Fender offers an excellent sound that is one of the standout features of the brand. This bass features the classic Fender bass tone with a modern edge. Whether you play rock, jazz, or any other genre of music, this bass allows you to play and modify the tone you want. The sound this bass provides is one of its kind as it adds a touch of class in the music. With its seismic and thundering tones, the Fender Player Precision bass will hit right in the faces of the crowd.

The pickup this bass has allows the player to control the tone in the way they want. From fat low end to punchy to high treble tones, this bass offers you a combination that covers every kind of tone style to satisfy your audience. The tonal and volume controls, that can be turned up to 11, lets you play the sound of your choice. This bass provides you a strong and powerful voice because of its modern features with the classic style and feel.


  • Excellent sound quality.
  • It features a modern neck profile with the legendary Fender tone.


  • This might be an expensive choice for beginners and people on a budget.

Final Words

Fender for their new series went a little backward. However, they produced some great bass guitars that are used by a considerable number of bassists including the top artists. The new body shapes, new finishes inspired by the vintage, and excellent playability are some of the key features of this player series. The new shape offers you comfort so that you can play this bass easily whether in the studio or a stage. Although it looks like a classic bass guitar, it is a smooth playing instrument that offers cutting edge playability just like any other modern guitar. Players from all genres of music have liked the P bass as it is a versatile guitar that can be played according to your desires. It is considered as one of the favorite basses in the studio or stage as it is a complete package of style and tones. Personalize the feel according to your playing taste and this bass will not disappoint you.

One thing we did not talk about is the price of this bass. Even though some people might find it a little expensive, the features and the vintage style this bass offers surely make this bass an absolute steal. Fender is renowned for guitars and the instruments they produce are considered as one of the best. Thus, paying for such an instrument should not be for a music enthusiast. Get your hands now on the Fender Player Precision Bass, a modern bass guitar with genuine Fender style, feel and sound that is always ready to embrace your music.

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