Ibanez GSR205 Review

Bands all over the world are very much dependent on the bassists as it sets up the foundational rhythm and tone of the song. The sound of a bass is so influential in the music hence its important that a quality instrument is played. Even an amateur bass player that just got into music is expected of developing the itch. The desire to have a big, rich bass that sounds strong. With its growing popularity, Ibanez has been trying hard to achieve the wider needs of a variety of bass players. People who like rock and metal music are expected to choose Ibanez as they are well known for guitars that blast through the speakers. Regardless of what stage you are in the music, the guitars of Ibanez cover the needs of everyone. Thus, you can always count on the Ibanez’s affordable guitars that offer you a combination of great sound, value, and style – that too in a budget-friendly price tag.

Ibanez GSR205 Review

It’s been more than 25 years since the Ibanez sound gear series has given a modern alternative to bass players. The Ibanez GSR205 is one of the best guitars of the Ibanez sound gear series. It is a five-string electronic bass that will meet your demands with ease. This bass brings all the sauciness to your sound within a cheap price tag. It is developed by the same engineering standards and inspection like other Ibanez’s expensive basses. A beautiful body with the Phat II active boost feature will accompany you nicely in becoming an intermediate bass player. It is worthy to mention that it’s only the GSR bass models that carry the 5 and 6 string basses in the entry-level prices. 

Ibanez GSR205 Review

Build and Construction

Overall, you may not find the design of Ibanez GSR205 as really extroverted, but it has a pretty solid body that features a double-cutaway made of poplar that is finished in many colors to allow the players to get the one that suits them the best. The neck is a slim maple neck attached to the body with a fretboard made of Jatoba along with 22 medium frets that have white dotted inlays. The neck features medium jumbo frets for user-friendliness. The body of the GSR205 has been cut aggressively to allow the players to access the higher frets easily. Moreover, the bridge has been established with a forgiving nature that will accommodate the new players. 

Ibanez GSR205 body

The hardware on this piece might not be very fascinating either. However, it did not fail to impress by offering some decent and reliable components in this price range. There is a B15 bridge with 16.5 string spacing, Ibanez tuning machines, a plastic nut, and a pair of Dynamix passive humbuckers designed by Ibanez– one at the neck with the other being at the bridge. Four controls are available for the player – individual volume controls for every pickup, a tone control, and a Phat II EQ that gives an active bass boost. Furthermore, this bass features some large chrome tuners that offer you good tuning stability. 

What concerns the beginners or experienced bassists is the playability but that should not be an issue as the GSR205 is a complete package. You might face issues such as fret buzz and other setup issues, which is a common issue in many budget basses. 

Sound Quality

The Ibanez GSR205 has been pretty impressive for all kinds of sounds. This bass has the power required for stock pickups along with a clear tone. It is a versatile bass guitar that allows you to play everything from jazz to heavy rock. The two pickups are considered high output pickups which give the bass some if not excellent versatility. Phat II EQ is the feature that makes this bass stand out and lets you enhance the low-end frequencies. Its ability to reproduce and handle the low-end power is exceptional that appeals to the rock and metal players. 

This bass might not compete with other popular models in terms of responsiveness of the controls, deep notes, and thundering tones. However, it is still a good option for jamming sessions and small concerts and performances. With its good and clear overall tone, the Ibanez GSR205 will help you to move up to a more responsive and better instrument. Although it might portray an image as a bass guitar for beginners only, this can also be a good option for professionals who need a quality guitar in a low budget. 

Pros & Cons Of Ibanez GSR205:


  • It has a B string that provides extra bass qualities. 
  • Phat II EQ adds more tonal qualities.
  • A robust guitar that can be used for years. 


  • Some people might face difficulty in tuning this guitar. 
  • The onboard tuner might be inaccurate sometimes. 

Final Words

The mahogany body and a maple neck do not let the Ibanez GSR205 compromise on looks. It has a black touch that gives a more aesthetic look while you are performing. This bass brings the same comfort, playability, tone, and sleekness as the SDGR without asking much of your wallet. It lies in the category of professional bass guitars that allows multiple playing styles such as rock, jazz, and blues players making it suitable for beginners as well as seasoned players. Moreover, shorthanded people might face difficulties in finding a suitable bass guitar for them. Thus, the Ibanez GSR205 eliminates all the hesitation of people with smaller hands to get a perfect bass for them!

This bass is a great option for people who are just starting or planning to move from a 4 string to 5 string bass. It might not be considered as the perfect bass but the GSR205 does important things that make it a complete value of money. Any guitar in this price range would not offer you state of the art electronics but this bass looks and sounds great which is more important. This inexpensive bass is a lightweight guitar that can be easily moved from gig to gig. Even though instruments are mainly about user preference, why make yourself tired when the Ibanez GSR205 will surely meet your requirements. 

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