10 Best In-Wall Speakers To Buy In 2022 (With Buying Guide)

One only looks for the best in-wall speakers when they plan to have a great everyday music experience or create a surround sound home theatre experience without the hassle of wires. They are not known to give a professional sound experience, yet they deliver high on aesthetics by blending into wall decor, all the cords are invisible to the room decor, freeing up floor space.

Are they worth it?

While the market is flooded with cheap and plastic versions of wall speakers. Not all speakers do the job. Not all speakers save your decor. Some may need to be constantly removed for repairs, harming your walls. Also, they commonly need a professional to install it to get optimum sound reproduction.

If you want to invest and make the experience worth it, you should go for some of those in the list we have compiled.

Best In-Wall Speakers

Best In-Wall Speakers Summary:

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Top 10 Best In-Wall Speakers To Buy In 2022 Reviews

1) Polk Audio RC85i – Best Sound Quality

Polk is by far one of the best brands for audio devices. They not only are good at producing audio systems for home use, but they also manufacture quality automobile, marine and outdoor audio devices. The Audio RC85i is a 2-way in-wall speaker system. With their expertise in other areas, they deliver high quality.

Why the hype?

Polk audio systems come with an 8-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter. This enhances and deepens the detail and vibrations in music. This device has been designed as a mineral-filled polymer cone accompanying a strong composite driver basket to offset any sound spreading. This helps to create wider dispersion. The higher the dispersion, the even the sound coverage. It can provide a sound frequency of 35Hz – 20kHz.

So, where do you place it? Anywhere!

Well, just about true. This model has rubber seal drives which better the response and prevent moisture from damaging the in-wall speakers. Therefore they are the choice for a sauna, bathroom or areas below plumbing. They fit into the wall with ease, are paintable and are compact, requiring a depth of mere 3.5 inches in the walls.

A price worth paying!

If you want a speaker that fits in a room with moisture, low depth, is paintable or something with quality sound at regular prices, this is the best investment you make.

  • Easy installation
  • Rubber seal for humidity-proof
  • The sound quality is unwavering
  • Bulky

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2)  Micca M-8S – Best for Aesthetics

A stunner. That’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you see this in-wall speaker. With black, orange and white, it is a perfect accessory to any decor. This 2-way speaker is affordable and provides good sound quality. It is also sturdily built with carefully selected components.

This MICA in-wall speaker sure has a good sound!

Micca M-8S has smooth and natural vocals and sounds. The 8-inch woofer delivers high and robust bass output. This is one of the few in-wall speakers that do not require a subwoofer to amplify the sound. It has a pivoting 1-inch silk dome tweeter. The tweeter has abundant attention to detail and clarity.

Thanks to the pivoting design, this particular model can be aimed towards a spacious sound stage. While most in-wall speakers have similar specifications, the novel and advanced crossover design of this Micca M-8S is credited to the 12dB crossover network. This helps in the easy transition of the most important region in the speaker- the upper midrange region.

Well, it sounds good, it looks better!

This speaker measures 10 by 14.5 inches, requiring a hole of 8.75 inches by 12.75 during installation. The necessary depth in the wall is 4 inches. Despite its standalone good looks, this woofer and speaker is paintable and can blend with your interiors.

While this is neither water-resistant nor extremely powerful on its own, it is still the speaker of choice if you are on a budget and want something affordable with good performance.

  • Looks modern
  • Crossover design provides good output
  • Affordable
  • A relatively bulky speaker

3) Klipsch R-5650 – Best Sound Clarity

A formidable and renowned brand of speakers, Klipsch doesn’t need any introduction. It has honed speaker making by years of expertise. The R-5650 is a true testament to their skills. This model has a 1-inch titanium dome compression driver and a 4-inch square Tractrix horn producing a crystal clear, loud, and powerful sound.

Provides the sound where it is intended to

The sound quality is second to none and is backed by a 6.5-inch Ceramettalic woofer, providing distortion and spread free sound at all levels. This has a movable and pivotable tweeter. The tweeter can be aligned up to 15 degrees.

This high-performance speaker is known for its powerful boom that operates at 8 ohms while having a frequency response rate of 40Hz to 23,000Hz. It has a sensitivity of 94dB. This is further empowered with an inbuilt crossover that kicks in at 2,600Hz. They also have treble and mid-bass controls.

This isn’t it!

Well, it isn’t. This is a well built and ruggedly handsome speaker which is quite large. The speaker is constructed compactly, though and requires only a depth of 3.3 inches. It has a very slim grille too. Though it is expensive and you need to buy a separate fitting for it.

  • High and powerful sound performance
  • Zero to no distortion
  • Inbuilt crossover
  • Expensive, especially as it needs a separate fitting

4) Yamaha NS-IW660 – Best for Small Homes

Yamaha NS-IW660

Yamaha is synonymous with music. From music equipment to music systems to speakers, they are the leading manufacturer and market dominator. They can never go wrong with music. This is a true testament to their fine production. The NS-IW660 is on top of the list when you look for compact speakers.

It packs a punch in its small size

Each of the two speakers has three drivers. The three drivers are – a 6.5-inch Kevlar cone woofer that performs well for lower frequency sounds, a 1-inch titanium tweeter, and the third is a 1.6-inch aluminium mid-range frequency driver. This unique three-way sound design helps sounds from all frequency levels get adequate coverage, leading to a solid surround sound experience.

They are known to cause sound spread. Yamaha has included a high-capacity, customized crossover network (3.5 and 7 kHz) to combat that. This helps by keeping distortion low and prevents the deterioration of transients. The adjustable swivel, along with a power rating of 50 watts nominal and 150 watts, makes it perfect for a small space.

It doesn’t have much in terms of looks

It has gold plated push-type speaker panels. The grilles can be painted to match the interior of the room. A cutout template is included for easy installation. It has the least depth at 3.06 inches.

  • Outstanding sound quality
  • High power at 150 watts
  • Compact design
  • Bass is for smaller areas

5) Bose Virtually Invisible 891- Best Overall

Bose speakers, like the name suggests, are the boss in the industry. The only thing that is a con in this brand of speakers is the price tag. The Virtually Invisible 891 has magnetic grilles, minimal bezels and exceptionally high-quality audio. An impressive add on feature is the unique audio enhancement features like Stereo Everywhere.

For an in-wall speaker, this is large though

An extremely sturdy build. It is large at 13 by 9.4 inches. They need a depth of more than 3.5 inches in the wall cavity when you take in the dogleg clamps. The speaker is not just big; it is extremely loud and powerful. The peak rating of it is 200 watts. The speakers have a unique feature of room-filling stereo, giving realistic and inclusive sound throughout the space.

To prevent distortion in audio, Bose has a 7-inch woofer. They have constructed this from a metal-based composite material which reduces the spreading of sound.

It is a design marvel

A double tweeter located on the top is designed to angle away from each other in opposite directions. It helps to spread high-frequency sounds across the room. If you choose to connect this to a small amplifier, there is no drawback to selecting this model.

As the name suggests, this is nearly invisible and extremely easy to install. If you do not have a fixed budget, then this is by far the most popular.

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Excellent output quality in high frequency
  • Reputable brand
  • Expensive

6) JBL SP6II – Best for Distortion-Free Sound

A renowned speaker company known to deliver high quality at more competitive rates, JBL is one of the leading speakers market players. Equipped with a Proprietary Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS) waveguide technology ensures a distortion-free and consistent sound experience throughout a room.

The renowned speaker for mids is this!

JBL offers a 2-way design sound system that emphasizes high and low frequencies. In most cases, a 2-way design ignores mid-range sounds. JBL is one of the rare models which doesn’t ignore, rather makes it clear, especially with prominent bass. There is no mid-range distortion.

The sound system comprises a 6 ½ inch woofer and a swivelable one-inch tweeter mounted on it. They both are constructed from titanium laminate. The woofer is surrounded by rubber to prevent distortions. The rubber also increases durability.

That’s not all, folks…

At the given price, this speaker is a value for money as it has an inbuilt crossover set at 2800Hz with a sensitivity of 88dB that is designed to run at 8 ohms. A moderately sized speaker, it has a dimension of 9.7 by 7.1 by 3.9 inches. It requires a deep wall cavity of 4 inches. Through their complementary template help during installation.

  • Moderately priced
  • Excellent Mid-range, in-wall sound
  • Solid construction
  • Bulky

7) Polk Audio 255c – Best for Frequency

We have already discussed that Polk is one of the best brands. The USP of this design is how it complements the home sound system. It helps clarify every frequency in the music. It is a 3-way with a dynamic balance sound system, designed purposely for home entertainment. In the existing range, it delivers exceptional sound.

This in-wall speaker has the most dynamic sound system!

The ​​Polk Audio 255c is constructed with the 5.25-inch woofer with a polypropylene cone being the centre. To give the speaker a more powerful sound, it has a 1-inch silk/polymer dome tweeter on a swivel mount.

It also features bass ports that have a dual-band sound design. In enclosed spaces, they give a powerful sound without an echo. It is truly the leader in the list for those looking for a good frequency response. At a frequency response of 30Hz to 27,000Hz, this is highly recommended.

This will last a long time

One of the sturdiest built speakers, the material used in construction is premium and this model will last for a long time. The sound system of the speaker is protected by magnetically fastened Sheer-Grille. The grilles make it almost invisible without paint and nearly invisible with it. Like all other Polk speakers, this too is super easy to install, despite being large and slightly bulky.

  • Dynamic Sound System
  • Nearly invisible magnetic grille
  • Sturdy built
  • Large and could get a little bulky

8) Pyle PDIC60 – Cheapest Option

Pyle PDIC60 are circular speakers with an affordable price tag and a performance that supersedes the price tag. This paintable speaker has a 2 way sound. Pyle is an upcoming and trending brand, creating waves with its cutting-edge new technology with lower prices. They can be installed in the ceiling as well as walls.

Budget buy, yet the sound quality is impressive

It has dual 6.5-inch speakers paired with a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. The direction of the tweeter is adjustable to let the throw of the sound across any area of the room. The frequency response of Pyle PDIC60 is 65Hz to 22,000Hz.

This speaker has an excellent 4-8 ohm impedance and an impressive 250 watts of power for the cheap price one pays for it. This is a mid-bass speaker, where the sound can distort when blasting in full volume but otherwise provides a comfortable experience.

Looks good too!

This model doesn’t have fancy inclusions like a magnetic grille or a paintable grill, despite that the clean and circular design, with its white grilles, look elegant. It is easy to install with the cutouts they give.

  • Perfect for those on a budget
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to install
  • Basic and fuss-free

9) Monoprice 3-Way Fiber In-Wall Speakers – Best under 100

A relatively new addition to audio systems and speakers, this 20 odd-year-old company has fantastic reviews on all their products. They have a very high consumer satisfaction level. This 3-way speaker is affordable yet has an excellent output quality. It is an absolute value buy, therefore, making it easily renowned for value for money.

Mood- high power, high performance

It uses Kevlar cones in its construction. They have a 9-inch bass cone that carries a 30-ounce magnet. It also has a midrange woofer that is 3 inches and has a 5.4-ounce magnet. The kevlar cones are surrounded by rubber to prevent moisture seepage and expand their lives. It also helps prevent sound distortion. These magnets are larger than usual. It is to ensure the best possible bass response. They also have ¾ inch pivotable tweeters that have titanium silk domes. This ensures clarity.

It is large though

To fit comfortably, it needs a wall cavity of 3.9 inches in depth. The dimensions of 14.1 by 10.0 by 3.9 inches makes it a prominent speaker. The frame and grille are white and the grille is paintable to match the interiors. Magnetic clips hold the grille in place. The installation is a breeze if the wiring is in place. It is one of the better buys for those looking for a home entertainment setup.

  • Value for money
  • Blends with interiors
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Bulky

10)  Silver Ticket 82W In-Wall Speaker – Best for Bathrooms

This is one of those that everyone chooses for aesthetics in the bathroom. It is the best-looking speaker on a budget. This 2-way speaker has a loud, clear and booming sound. Therefore, this model is moisture resistant and is a good speaker for kitchens, bathrooms, sauna, or damp walls.

The sound has a perfect pitch

Silver Ticker 82W eight-inch polypropylene cone woofer with a large magnet weighing 30 ounces. The tweeter is pivot table up to 15 degrees giving a good throw of sound. It also has a 20 mm silk dome. With a performance of over 120 watts, they have a moderately good range of 50Hz to 20kHz. It has an excellent Impedance of 8 ohms, which gives an excellent performance, along with a crossover of 12dB per octave.

Compact and comfortable

Despite being a powerful performer, this is easy to install and is not very large. It is an excellent alternative to expensive speakers in terms of sound quality.

  • Elegant looking and innovative design
  • Good sound quality
  • Moisture resistant
  • Installation clips are pretty vulnerable to the in-wall

Buying Guide for Best In-Wall Speakers

With the availability of mass production speakers, the already debated sound system format gets disrepute that is hard to shake. But just like any other purchase, it is imperative to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the product we are buying and understand what to buy.

best in wall speakers

One of the first things to consider when you buy an in-wall speaker is:

  • Why do you want the in-wall speaker?

Speakers are designed to deliver sounds at different frequencies and basses. It is important to decide why you want one.

There are different models for different needs. Speakers that are just meant for music are the ones that can have mid and low-level bass. They do not need very high frequencies. If you are looking for a home theatre system, you might want pivotable tweeters that carry the sound and adjust the direction of the sound. How you want to connect the speaker is essential, is it meant to be connected to the television or remotely? We also need to consider whether the speaker would be a dedicated speaker or a surround sound speaker.

  • Placement of the speaker

It is important to note that the intended placement of the speaker also influences the choices. A small room would need a speaker with a better cone, a study would need speakers with less distortion, and a bathroom and a sauna would need moisture-resistant speakers.

You need to know the power and clarity of the sound you are looking for and ask if it needs an amplifier? Does it need an additional woofer?

  • Space availability

These speakers are designed to be invisible and not take up any space on the floor or need placement.

They do need dead space on the walls where nothing else is kept in front or near it. The depth of the wall cavity is another vital aspect of the wiring condition for the wall. The positioning of the speaker to provide adequate sound coverage in the room are all important considerations.

  • Design of the in-wall speaker

Do you need a completely invisible speaker? Does the speaker need to be painted to match the decor? Should it look elegant and pleasing on its own? It is crucial to answer these questions for your home-decor needs to choose the model that is aligned with it.

  • Budget

The speakers can range from affordable to extremely expensive. There tends to be a model available in almost all price ranges that could suit the purpose well. So it is extremely important to decide on the budget.

  • Ease of Installation

These have hidden wires and cables. If you are confident that the wiring is in place, models can be a DIY installation. They have wall cutouts for you to cut an accurate hole in the wall and get placed.

Some models have a slightly more elaborate installation procedure and may require help from professionals.

  • Warranty, after-sales service

These are not just an investment, but it also alters your interiors and room decor. It is extremely important to know how durable the product is, what is their warranty, what after-sales services do they offer.


It is not just an investment for your audio system, but it also alters the interiors. A sound in-wall system will help you enjoy your music, entertainment, movies, and surround sound set-up within the comfort of your home. Hence, it is essential to read the detailed in-wall speaker reviews and make an informed decision.

Even though there are few disadvantages of the in-wall speakers, the advantages and the experience are entirely worth it. The selection in this list of speakers has been done with our extensive research and using our expertise.

We recommend that you go ahead and consult your partner and plan your purchase to get the best out of your budget.

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