Williams Allegro 2 Review

In case you’re wondering if this is Williams Allegro 2, then this mean its an updated version of Allegro 1. Yes, its predecessor Allegro 1 was discontinued because the poor sound quality, lack of touch sensitivity and other miscellaneous features. Although Williams is known for making the cheapest keyboards, it still decided to listen to the feedback and do better without increasing the price. 

williams allegro 2 review

The Allegro 2 is said to have overcome the weaknesses of its predecessor but is it still worth buying? To answer this question, we decided to do this Williams Allegro 2 review.

Features Of Williams Allegro 2:

The Williams Allegro 2 is an 88 key digital piano with fully weighted keys and yet costs less than $300. This should be enough to make a piano a winner, right? Not really, it didn’t work for its predecessor. Quality is what matters more. 

Also, you must consider that a price this low will definitely come at the cost of some features. Its usually the beginners who invests in such type of Keyboards. Nonetheless beginners too deserve to know if an affordable piano is worth anything.

Therefore, we are going to investigate each feature extensively. 


williams allegro 2 aesthetics

Since Williams is in the business of making the most affordable digital pianos, it doesn’t make a lot of effort on making their products aesthetically pleasing. They make their products look simple. 

However, the Allegro 2 has been remodified into a solid and elegant machine with a beautiful matte finish. This has probably been done to overcome the negative reputation that its predecessor had garnered.

The Allegro 2 weighs 29.8 lbs. which is average for an 88 key digital piano. As for the size, the Allegro is 52.7-inch-long and 15.3-inch-wide, which is also average for keyboards of this category. 

Although Allegro 2 is not as lightweight and compact as Williams Legato still you can carry this keyboard with you regularly without any significant effort. However, it would save you a ton of energy as well as it will be a worthy addition to your interior if you keep it at home.  

Sound quality

williams allegro 2 keys

Keeping in mind that this is a $300 keyboard. Therefore, don’t do the mistake of comparing it to keyboards that cost over $1000 or to an acoustic piano. Moreover, the Allegro 1 was highly criticized for its bad sound quality. 

It seems Williams has learnt its lesson and they’ve significantly improved the sound engine as well as the sound memory. Now it features 10 high-quality instrument sounds, two of which are of Electric pianos, a concert grand piano sound, 2 organs, one Strings, one Synth, And two basses – one acoustic and one electric. The sound quality of all these instruments is quite real.

However, we felt that the reverb went off track around the middle C and the notes sounded bad. 

Furthermore, the Allegro 2 features a 64-note polyphony. Before you say this is quite less for an 88-key piano, but you should consider the fact that this is a basic piano made for beginners. Other keyboard of this price range will leave you with only a 32-note polyphony.

You can layer 2 sounds at once on the Allegro 2. This is also low as compared to other digital pianos, but those pianos would definitely cost a lot more.  

Touch sensitivity

Normally digital pianos of this price range do not have weighted hammer action keys but Allegro 2 left us surprised. The hammer action works but not as good as an acoustic piano. Given the price who would to complain? 

This hammer action is good enough for a beginner with a low budget. If you’re that beginner, worry not. Start with this keyboard and gradually move on to better ones. Its better than buying an affordable instrument rather than buying an expensive one and not playing it. 

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Control Panel

williams allegro 2 last

Since the Williams Allegro 2 is a basic and one of the most affordable digital pianos out there, it was obvious that they wouldn’t put many features in. Therefore, the control panel of Allegro 2 is simple and easy to navigate. Beginners find them selves at ease with this control panel right from the start. 

Here you have the transpose, split, octave, reverb, metronome, the song and play buttons. A recorder is also in place to record your performances. This is something the Legato lagged. 

Furthermore, a USB-to-host port has also been added which the Allegro 1 didn’t have. This is very useful in connectivity and composition. 

One thing that we didn’t like about this keyboard is that it does not come with charger in the same price. You’ll have to buy separately, or some seller offer a package with sustain pedal also included for $30 additional. 

Williams Allegro 2 Overview:

Pros and Cons Williams Allegro 2:

Now that we’ve discussed every nut and bolt of the Allegro 2, we would like to leave you with clear and simple pros and cons, so that pulling the trigger could become much easier for you. 


  • The most Affordable digital piano
  • Compact and portable
  • Better sound quality
  • 64 note polyphony
  • Optimized for beginners
  • Full 88 keys digital piano
  • Hammer action keys
  • Easy to navigate
  • USB to host port


  • Basic keyboard
  • Sound quality and hammer action are not that great
  • The 64-note polyphony can be less for some users
  • No charger and sustain pedal included


As you have seen through out the review that the Allegro 2 is a pretty basic piano. Although it has been equipped with a lot of features that expensive pianos usually have but the quality of these features is surely lagging. 

However, if you’re a beginner who is just starting out and lack a healthy budget then this can get you going. Keep in mind that as you progress in your skill, you’ll require a better keyboard. This could be as soon as six months. Furthermore, if you run a music academy where you provide students who are just starting out with a piano then this one is great for that purpose. 

We hope this Williams Allegro 2 review has provided you with all the information that you were looking for. In case it hasn’t answer some specific question that is in your mind, let us know about it in the comments below and we would love to answer it. 

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