Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535 Review – How Good Is This Digital Piano?

Yamaha CLP-535 Review

If you’re looking for a digital piano that not only looks like a grand piano but provides sounds of multiple instruments just with the touch of a button, then you’re in the right place. In this article we are going to review one of the digital pianos from Yamaha’s world-famous Clavinova series, namely the CLP-535.

The CLP353 is a great replication of a grand piano not just in terms of looks and sound quality but it’s further added with sounds of multiple instruments. This multiple sounds storing quality of digital pianos is what makes them superior to grand pianos given that their sound quality is good, and the keys are weighted. 

So, it this Yamaha CLP-535 any good for you? How is it better than other keyboards of the Clavinova series? We are going to answer all such questions in this Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535 review. 

Features Of Yamaha CLP-535:


Before we go any further, we want you to know that this is an expensive instrument costing between $2200-$2600 depending on the color and on the place from where you’re buying. Therefore, due to the price as well as the complexities of various functions, this keyboard is not made for beginners. Beginners however can start on them that is their own choice, but it would neither be easier nor wise to do so.


yamaha clp-535 aesthetics

Although the CLP-535 is not an acoustic piano, it comes with a wooden furniture stand that gives it the look of an acoustic piano. This is the outstanding feature of all the Clavinova keyboards as they can all be a good addition to the furniture of any house.  However, this throws away the question of portability out of the window. 

If a digital piano has as good sound quality and key sensitivity as that of an acoustic piano, then that digital piano is better than any acoustic piano because a digital piano can play different instrument sounds and so many other features. These features include internal recording, storing, editing onboard, and syncing with a keyboard.

Moreover, the CLP-535 comes in white ash, white, dark rosewood, polished ebony, dark walnut, and black color. Each one of these colors looks so elegant that you’re going to have a hard time figuring out which one to buy.

There’s also a wooden music sheet attached to the stand looking for a proper grand piano.

Sound quality and memory

The sound quality of the Yamaha CLP-535 is as real as that of an acoustic piano. Whereas other instrument sounds which we also found to be great were 34 in total including guitars, basses, and a vibraphone.

However, the best sounds it produces are those of Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial grand pianos, using string resonance and damper resonance. 

The maximum number of polyphonies has been set to 256 for the CLP-535 which is what you would expect when you’re paying this much for a digital piano. Moreover, the Clavinova CLP-535 is equipped with 19 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Piano Songs, and 303 Lesson Songs. This makes up for an ample sound memory that can be utilized to improve one’s skill.

One feature that Yamaha constantly brags about is the Intelligent Acoustic Control which is also included in the CLP-535. What it does is it keeps the nuances of different notes noticeable at all volumes, no matter how low or how loud. 

Key sensitivity

When it comes to key sensitivity, the CLP-535 truly won our hearts. It felt like we were playing an acoustic piano. The CLP-535 is equipped with GH3X 88-key graded hammer action. The keys are not only properly weighted but also graded, meaning that the lower noted require more force while the higher noted require less force. To add more realism, the keytops are covered with synthetic ivory.

If you play the more expensive keyboards of the Clavinova series such as the CLP-575 or CLP-585, you’ll notice that each key has a unique resistance. However, the CLP535 which we are reviewing right now has 4 weight zones. To be honest there’s nothing wrong with that but we just wanted to inform you about the differences between these keyboards.

The velocity sensitivity is also worth appreciating as they respond to 6 levels of touch sensitivity. Beginners might not know the importance of this feature because either they have been addicted to keys that had no unique response to touch sensitivity or they had three basic levels of touch sensitivity, namely; hard, medium, and soft. With this you can play like the professionals and hone your craft to the next level.

Other features

yamaha clp535 side

Like we said in the start, the CLP-535 is packed with a lot of features, now is the time to talk about them. The CLP-535 has a built-in 16-track recorder allowing you to save your precious performances and creations. You can do this in wav files as well and the storage capacity is up to 250 songs. 

Remember the stand we praised so much at the start? Well, it turns out we left something about it and that is the three-pedal system that comes built into that stand.

The two speakers provided in the CLP-535 are 30 W and 13 cm each, producing a good quality sound. Although this speaker size is more than what’s provided in most speakers the more expensive Clavinova keyboards have 4-6 speakers of 180W in total. We wish Yamaha had added the same speakers in the CLP-535.

Anyways, computer connectivity is provided through a USB port. You can also connect to your iPad or iPhone wirelessly, but you’ll require a UD-WL01 wireless LAN adapter. 

You can get a flow key premium for free with this keyboard if you live in Europe. You’ll have to register your keyboard online with Yamaha Music Member Europe (YMME) portal.

Yamaha CLP-535 Overview:

Pros and Cons Of Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535:

Let’s simplify all that we have discussed into pros and cons so that you can better judge this keyboard.


  • Gorgeous looking furniture stand
  • Three pedals
  • Great sound quality
  • Ample sound memory
  • Properly weighted and graded keys
  • 6-level touch sensitivity
  • Good enough speakers
  • built-in 16-track recorder
  • can save up to 250 songs
  • can connect with PCs and iOS devices


  • Not portable
  • More speakers could have been provided for added volume


That’s all the cons that we could find in the Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535 keyboard and despite that the pros are much more. Therefore, it’s a worthy piano if you have the requisite skills and budget. Also, you must be comfortable with not carrying it around because its weight and size make portability almost redundant. You’ll have to keep it in one place, which would ideally be your home and that’s a good thing if you like adding it to your set of furniture.

Let’s know how good our Yamaha Clavinova CLP-535 review is in the comment box down below.

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