Yamaha FG830 Review – All You Need To About This Guitar!

Different people know Yamaha for different things. They manufacture a million and one things and that too, under the same brand name. They are known for bikes, for tires, for electronic devices, for network devices, for automobile interior products, golf products, and whatnot. But even then, the one thing they are best known for is music. They manufacture infinite types of musical instruments, ranging from blowing instruments like trumpets and electronic equipment like MIDI controllers, to string instruments like guitar and violin and key-based instruments like pianos. Interestingly, they are considered to be thought leaders in almost every segment they play in. There are still some areas the company is struggling with, such as electric guitars. But contrastingly, they have a crazy strong edge in the acoustic guitar market. They have been making acoustic guitars since the 1900s and have been known to manufacture top-notch guitars since then only. If there are two things that are consistent in all products throughout their portfolio, it is the brand name and the quality. 

Yamaha FG830 Review

Yamaha started their FG series in acoustic guitars in the 1960s. The first model was released in 1966, and they have not looked back since then. Every next guitar they released in the FG series topped the charts of best guitars for ages to come. That is primarily because of the quality of their product and their consistent drive to improve. It looks like the only competition they always have is against themselves. If that is the case, how could FG830 be any different? FG830 by Yamaha is a top-notch acoustic guitar under 500. It is a beautiful sounding guitar that produces a unique tone, which is a middle ground between brightness and warmness. It has a great quality of wood, which constituted for longer life and beautiful wood. Let’s examine it further to see what it’s got.

Yamaha FG830 Review

Build and Sound

Yamaha’s FG830 has been built to give a unique sound to the guitar. The body is solid Spruce wood, which naturally brightens the sound of highs. However, the back and sides of the guitar are made from Rosewood. This balances the tone. The neck is made from a wood known as Eastern Mahogany. The fingerboard is obviously made from Rosewood, the inlays are Pearloid, and the keys are chrome plated, just like every other guitar. It has a dreadnought body with no cutaways. The design is classic, the sound is new and better than most other options. With these multiple kinds of wood used in this guitar, the resulting tone is extremely unique. The sharpness of solid Spruce and the grandness of Rosewood makes it fall midway between brightness and warmth. Therefore, it proves to be a great option for a lot of different kinds of genres. It is a great option for people who prefer either of the sounds.

The best part about its sound is not the balance it has, though. The best part about its sound is the punch it has. Yamaha FG830 has a punch in its sound like no other. The impact of highs, mids, and lows is equal. It simply does not matter what notes are you hitting. However, unlike the common practice, it is the bass notes in this guitar that will catch your attention and eventually your heart. No, there is no exaggeration here. The unique tone and loudness of this guitar are really prominent while playing bass notes. This high amplitude of this balanced tone is very, very rare to find. It suits the need of both, a gig and recording sessions, perfectly. 

What gives it this grandness, you may ask? The Scalloped Bracing Design. FG830 is entirely like its predecessor, FG730, except this one single difference. The Scalloped Bracing Design is basically a bracing on your soundboard. This bracing, if present, controls the vibration of your guitar’s body. The vibration of the body is primarily what produces the sound. If there is absolutely no bracing done, the body will resonate chaotically. It will be sharp and all over the place. With Scalloped Bracing, the vibration of the body is controlled and is done in a particular manner, which essentially results in a uniquely balanced warm tone and a “whole”, impactfully amplified sound.

FG830 by Yamaha also has a brilliant finish. The original colors of the woods complement each other pretty well, and the overall finish of the complete thing is really very smooth. When you touch and feel the guitar, or even if you look it closely, it will definitely look like an extremely premium guitar while costing half as much as a premium guitar. The quality is impressive so no part of FG830 should be expected to need maintenance or replacement any time soon. 


Yamaha FG830 is offered around $300. The price may vary, but you got the point, right? It will be in the same range. With all the features and qualities this guitar is coming with, $300ish is an underpayment, to be honest. The distinctive tone it has to offer is one of its kind. And not only that, even the amplitude and impact are one of their super differentiated propositions. The quality of the wood, all of them, and other materials used in this guitar are out of this world. That also makes it a guitar that would really not die that easily. It assures you that it is an investment that will serve you for ages to come. And if there are still people who are not convinced, it is a beautiful looking guitar. There are still people who prioritize visual beauty over sound or tone, and Yamaha’s FG830 still proves to be a great choice. However, one thing to notice here is the fact that it is a pure acoustic guitar. There are no electronic parts attached to it, no pickups, no preamps, no equalizers, and no tuners. But, on a brighter side, this model is available in multiple colors.

Yamaha FG830 Overview:

Pros & Cons Of Yamaha FG830:


  • The sound quality and tone are one of their kind. It does not sound like any other guitar.
  • The life of the products is extremely long.
  • The design is beautiful.
  • It is nominally priced.
  • Comfortable body shape.


  • The bridge lacks quality.
  • You might have to seek a professional repairer for maintenance.

Final Words

The Yamaha FG830 is one of the most popular acoustic guitar series out there due to its excellent quality and great value for money. The Yamaha FG830 is no exception to this since it features great sound quality, an incredible design, and durable build quality all at a budget price. If you are a beginner or even a casual but experienced guitarist then the Yamaha FG830 is the perfect budget guitar for you.

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