Yamaha P-255 Review – How Good Is This Piano?

If you’re serious about your piano skills and looking forward to playing live, then you must consider all the best digital pianos available in the market. One of these is the Yamaha P-255, a keyboard that has been used and appreciated by many for live performances as well as honing your skill.

The Yamaha P-255 is a top contender when it comes to keyboards that do well in all essential aspects but further goes on to provide exciting features. Although all these goodies do come at a high price. So, if you’re not aware of the ins and outs of this keyboard then this Yamaha P-255 review will inform you about everything you need to know.

yamaha p-255 review

So, let’s break down every feature of this digital piano and see if it’s really worth it or not.

Features Of Yamaha P-255:

Before we dive deep into every feature know that this is an expensive piano. Although beginners can use it and practice on it usually it’s the expert who desires such a wholesome digital piano. So, if you don’t have the budget to buy this right keyboard right now then don’t worry, its not the end of the world.

We are not here to just profit from you, we want to leave you with the best advice. We would recommend beginners and those on a short budget that they buy a cheaper keyboard for the time being and move to this one later on when they have the budget.


yamaha p255 aesthetics

Although aesthetics is not as much as a deal-breaker as other aspects of a keyboard such as sound quality and key sensitivity, we know Keyboard lovers like to have good looking keyboards. Its always inspiring to see your favorite instrument shining and standing out among other keyboards. On this front, the P-255 is doing a great job, it looks beautiful.

It comes in matte black and ivory white colors. It looks elegant and classy in both colors. It’s a full 88 weighted keys digital piano that features the moisture-absorbing ivory keytops.

Aesthetics include other aspects such as portability and compactness. On this front, the P-255 weighs 38 lbs. and takes 59.9 x 18.8 of the area. Now you might say that you’ve seen digital pianos lighter than this, but do they have the other features that the P-255 has? Most certainly not.

Professional musicians know that for high-end digital pianos, this weight and size is lightweight and portable.

Sound quality

The sound quality of a keyboard is what makes or breaks it and we are proud to say that the Yamaha P-255 has definitely aced this aspect.

It features 25 high-quality instrument sounds and an unmatchable 256 note polyphony. These two features are flawlessly impressive. They can allow you to produce a wide variety of mixes and mashups. This high performance is partially owed to the Yamaha’s Pure CF Sound Engine that is being used in the P-255.

The P-255 is equipped with built-in 10 preset rhythms, 24 preset voice demo songs, and 50 piano preset songs. You can also record and add using the two-track recording feature up to 1.5 MB of data storage. This is enough to store 10 songs in the SMF format.

Furthermore, it features the Key-off Sampling which keeps a note ringing even when you’ve picked your finger off of the key albeit on a different pitch. Moreover, you get the reverb effect, the Tremolo, Chorus, phaser, and rotary speaker. The reverb can also be adjusted to different levels such as room, hall1, hall2, and stage settings.

To allow you to adjust the sound depending on the setting you’re playing with, this keyboard has been equipped with 3 sliders, each for its corresponding frequency range.

Lastly, the basic functions of dual and split are also provided in the P-255.

Touch sensitivity

Yamaha p-255 first

The P-255 is a graded hammer action keyboard. You’ll feel the resistance as you press its keys and you’ll also notice the difference of resistance as you shuffle between the high and low notes. All this makes the P-255 much more like a real acoustic piano. This is what professional piano players seek and recommend.

You can, however, adjust the touch sensitivity from hard to medium to soft, depending on your preferences. Overall, the touch sensitivity of the P-255 is great and worth appreciating.

Control panel

yamaha p255 ports

The P-255 features a 7-segment LED display for control and navigation. The navigation on this keyboard is very easy and simple. However, it features connectivity with your iPhone, from where you can also navigate through different controls and features with ease.

Although this is a useful feature, its drawback is that it only allows connectivity between Ios devices and the keyboard. So, if you have devices other than the iOS, then you’re missing on a major feature of this keyboard.

Connectivity is also achieved using the MIDI port, AUX-In and AUX Out, USB to HOST, and a USB to DEVICE port.

The basic keyboard features like metronome and transpose are included in the P-255. A new addition in this keyboard is the sound boost button that enhances the sound volume. Most of the users we see complaining about the P-255 are complaining about the volume of the sound. To tackle this anomaly, the sound boost button has been added. Still, if you want more volume, you can plug in external speakers.

Yamaha P-255 Sound Demo:

Pros & Cons Of Yamaha P-255:

Now that we have investigated each feature of the Yamaha P-255 we would like to put our findings into simple pros and cons. This will remove all kinds of confusion that might be plaguing your head and allow you to take action.


  • Advanced level piano
  • Great sound quality
  • A variety of sounds and songs
  • 256 note polyphony
  • Graded hammer action
  • A 7-segment LED
  • Easy control and navigation
  • iOS connectivity
  • Midi, Aux, and USB connectivity
  • Sufficient data storage
  • Sound boost button


  • Expensive
  • No connectivity to smartphones other than iOS
  • Speaker volume rather low


Throughout this Yamaha P-255 review we rarely came across a drawback, mostly it was just positive things about this digital piano. However, this laying out of pros and cons has put the final nail in the coffin.

We hope you found everything you came here for but if you didn’t find it, let us know about it in the comment box below and we would answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

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