Adam Audio A7X Review – Should You Buy Them?

If you have been looking for a brand that is worth your reliability, Adam Audio is definitely one of those brands that stand to its words. The best part of this brand is its consistency in terms of performance. Adam Audio A7X is one of the top-rated studio monitor speakers that are available under the budget of $1,000. It is popular among the users for its easy to use interface and seamless performance. For all the music lovers who have been looking for a higher definition, this would be the ideal fit for you!

Adam Audio A7X Review

With so many variations available in the market, it is really tough to figure out about which particular model to pick up and invest in! A good research can however, sort out all your dilemma and help you fetch the best deal. Prior to making a decision, you need to understand your preference at first! Based on which kind of music you actually prefer to hear, be it a symphony music or a classical tune, or you may also go for a pop of a rock, or a jazz music, you ought to select Adam Audio A7X as that goes fit for acoustic jazz with its midfield monitors. It is not just ideal for a home surrounding but if you are planning for opening a solid recording studio, save a few bucks and go for an Adam Audio A7X as it shall be able to meet all your requirements.

What’s the best about Adam Audio A7X?

Adam Professional Audio is basically a German based company that is located in Berlin and has got its distributors all across the world. Adam Audio A7X comes with a front porting and there is also a control section along with some shelving filters. These kinds of monitors are capable of adapting into all sorts of surroundings. Besides, for studios with the minimum of space and untreated walls, it could stand as your final choice.

  • Optimized cabinet structure
  • Wide frequency response of 42 Hz to 50 kHz
  • Crossover Frequencies: 2500 Hz
  • Amp – 100W RMS / 150W built-in A/B amplifier
  • Mid-Woofer: 7″ Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber Cone with a 1.5″ voice coil,
  • Long Term Output: >= 106 dB Max, >=114 dB Peak
  • Weight: 20.3 lb (9.2 kg)
  • Input Impedance: 30 kOhm
  • Input Connectors: XLR / RCA Magnetically Shielded
  • Dimension (H x W x D): 13.5″ (337 mm) x 8″ (201 mm) x 11″ (280 mm)Warranty: 5 Years
  • Control panel and heat sink at the front
  • Doesn’t cause fatigue
  • Perfect for smaller rooms

As you are supposed to unwrap the pack, and take out the system from the packaged arena, you are going to feel it really worth the price as your eyes would fall on the system. It comes with a superbly designed black satin finish with an accelerated ribbon technology that are sure to mould you off!

Here, we have brought to you the Adam Audio A7X review that will offer you with all the detailed features and specifications of the model, so that you can better understand about the characteristics that had made it the prime model for music production of all kinds! To know more, read on…

  • Evolution in its design

Adam Audio A7

Design is certainly classified as one of the core attributes of any A7X series. Well, with this model, there has been an evolutionary change in the way Adam Audio preaches! It is indeed a brand that runs after perfection and that is what drives the users in return. Coming to the design of this model, definitely the design is pretty standard and the cabinet seems to be as lucrative as any other competitive models from the series. The brand takes absolute care to ensure that the quality of the sound is no way compromised. The experts are still working to improve the techniques and they had successfully managed to eliminate all the sounds and vibrations for offering the best of the sound provisions.

The Adam Audio A7X features the power and volume controls right at the front of fhs speaker, which is quite preferred by a lot of buyers out there. Also, the compact size of the model is good enough for both homes as well as in studios. Last but not the least, it is important to mention when we are discussing the design of the model; that the color combination that this monitor comes up with is too attractive to be picked at the very first place.

  • Features

The specs of the Adam Audio A7X matches the other models quite liberally, and thus, comes up with two transducers. The mids are taken care of by a 7″ mid woofer which also takes a note of the lower portion of the frequency range with a 2″ tweeter. A ribbon unit replaces the standard dome tweeter. The following transducers belong to the X-Art series; the HF and LF equalizers are also there to maintain the standard room acoustics. Class D type units of amps are used to run the speaker, thus, pushing 75 watts of it. The SPL is set at 106 dB, something that is quite soothing both at the homes as well as at the studios. On the contrary, the maximum peak level capability is of 114 dB.

The X-Art principle is meant to ensure that the system is potent of moving in the air with a 4:1 ratio. This even increases the effectively acoustic area by 2.5 times. All these specs are meant to provide a dynamic output with a frequency ranging up to 50 Hz. However, the sound intensity is yet quite pleasing and it ensures that no matter what you play, the sounds don’t get overlapped on one another.

  • Deep airy 3D sound

If you have been looking for the most high defined sound specs, you are more likely to have a bass head with a compact 6″ speaker, right? With this model, you are sure to set the benchmark of getting a deep and airy 3D sound provision.

  • Performance

Adam Audio A7X comprises of ribbons that are potent of withstanding the higher max SPL; of which the clarity and accuracy of the sound frequency is just worth an appreciation. If you are bothered about the bass spectrum, you would certainly be satisfied here as well since the transparency is still retained. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to opt for some acoustic adjustments.

Just give yourself a bit of time and gradually you will be able to cope up with the astounding options that this monitor has got to offer!

If you have been purchasing your first pair of monitors and have known nothing so far about music production, it is still quite obvious on your part to think of buying a device that would offer comfort to your ear. A fatigue free working environment is needed and that could only be fetched if you have the right kind of ear-friendly system. The transmission range (42 Hz – 50 kHz) and X-A.R.T tweeter of Adam Audio A7X are the main highlights of this system.

  • Perfect for home studio setup

Well, the Adam Audio A7X studio does not require a sub woofer to fetch the best of the sound qualities. I personally have checked out whether or not the sound gets distorted and I could finally see that there could be no better sound system available than this at such a deal.

Adam Audio A7x Overview:

What’s so new about Adam Audio A7X?

At such a price point, Adam Audio A7X is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Well, the major distinguishing factor from the former Adam series to that of the new ones is the ribbon technology. The convoluted ribbon is meant to offer an impedance worth a higher consistency as there is no voice-coil inductance available. They have updated their original art in the newer models and have thus, renamed the version as X-Art, coming up with a revised version of the X-Art tweeter.

Wrapping up, we would just say that if you have got a flexible budget and you have been looking for a professional studio setup, Adam Audio A7X would be an ideal choice for you! Certainly the Adam A7X was indeed a good thing to opt for when you question about affordability, yet the A7X is yet another redefined version for the same. If you have so far preferred the Adam A7s, you are sure to love this as well!

I have had an experience of using quite a few systems before jumping on to the Adam A7X and I have realised that it is the best of the lot. The audio output of the system is exactly the way I have wanted it to be like! It is detailed and rich which sounds pleasant to the ears. Hence, I won’t at all mind to burn down my pocket for making the purchase nor would I hesitate to suggest others to pick it up!

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