10 Best Alvarez Guitars To Buy In 2022 | Buying Guide

When shopping for a guitar, it is often apparent for guitarists to overlook certain brands. But if you are looking forward to getting an excellent guitar for your needs, this shopping strategy can limit your options. Exploring different brands ensures that you know you chose quality when you are paying for your first, or dream guitar.

One famous brand that you probably have seen in any guitar shop today is the Alvarez brand. The brand has been in the market since 1965, and for sure, famous musicians such as Jerry Garcia, Johnny Cash, and Carlos Santana have used one of these guitars in their performances.

The reason why many musicians find their guitars interesting is that they come up with quality guitars. And that is at an affordable price. The construction is also premium, and the sound quality, in terms of action and balance, is top-notch.

And so, since these guitars are common, you will come across them in any guitar shop. That is when it becomes challenging to choose the best one for your needs.

But do not worry. We got you.

best alvarez guitars

We did our research, as usual, and found out the best Alvarez guitars among different musicians of diverse genres. Therefore, in this article, we will list the ten best that we think you should consider next time you are out shopping.

Best Alvarez Guitars Summary:

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Top 10 Best Alvarez Guitars 2022 Reviews

1. Alvarez AG75CE Artist Series – Best Value for Money

Musicians who would like to invest a bit more money to sound like the elite should purchase the AG75CE.

Value on the build

First, the guitar is a member of the Alvarez Artist Series. Some of the build qualities that make it superb include a solid spruce top, a rosewood fingerboard, mahogany neck with a gloss finish, rosewood back and sides, which also have a gloss finish on them.

The guitar also comes with an inbuilt pickup with a chromatic tuner on it. Also, the headstock features premium diecast tuners for easy tuning and durability.

Super on the tone

Any guitarist will appreciate the kind of tone that this guitar produces. First, even though it is a high action guitar, the strings are easy to play. The intonation across the fretboard is fantastic.

The guitar is loud and balanced. Its preamp also provides a mix for the guitar when you connect an amp, pedalboard, or mix. Hence, the sound remains vibrant and bright. Overall, this guitar sounds good, whether you strum, solo, or fingerpick.

For multiple uses

Often, elite players prefer an electric acoustic guitar for their live performances. Hence, this will inspire your performance. You can also use it for home practice.

Beginners can use this guitar. However, they should note that the guitar does not have dot inlays to guide them as they move across the fretboard.

  • Premium design
  • Offers bright sounds
  • Forward shifted scalloped bracing
  • Comes with a preamp for live performances
  • Easy to play
  • Comes with a single 12-fret inlay, which makes it difficult for beginners who are still learning the fretboard

2. Alvarez Artist Series AD60 – Best Buy

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that gives you the same quality that a high-end guitar over 1000$ would provide, then the AD60 is your best shot. We reviewed this guitar, and we loved everything about it.

Quality build

Like any other guitar in the Alvarez Artist Series, the AD60 features a sturdy build that will last ages. The solid spruce top comes with a bi-level rosewood bridge, mahogany back, and sides (laminated), and X scalloped bracing.

The mahogany neck also features a thin profile and a rosewood fingerboard, which is 25.59 inches in length. Its headstock features sealed die-cast chrome hardware.

High action but balanced

Primarily, the guitar is loud right out of the box. However, you can adjust the action to your preference. Another cool feature is that the balance on the sound is superb. Therefore, it gives you a chilled out kind of vibe.

The tone across the fretboard is also great; hence, you can use the guitar to play different styles.

The ideal player

If you love guitars with adjustable action, then the AD60 is a worth buy. Even though the manufacturer recommends this guitar for beginners and intermediate players, professionals can use it for live performances or even as backup instruments.

Since the guitar features a smaller body and neck profile, this guitar is easy to play. Therefore, people with smaller hands will enjoy playing it.

  • Solid spruce top
  • Appealing
  • Classic gloss finish
  • Features advanced bracing system
  • Adjustable action
  • Some players did not like the rough edges on the body

3. Alvarez Regent RD26 – Budget Buy

Beginners have a problem finding an affordable guitar, and one that gives them the right kind of inspiration to enable them to keep learning their instrument every day. We found the Regent RD26, and this should end your search.

Construction for quality

Though this model does not have a preamp, the manufacturer does an excellent job of providing a spruce top with a glossy finish. It also has a scalloped X bracing and a gloss finish to add on to its appeal.

Other qualities include a bi-level rosewood bridge, a rosewood fretboard, mahogany back, sides and neck, and diecast chrome hardware on the headstock. The guitar also comes with a padded gig to transport your guitar from gig to gig.

Sound like a pro

Primarily, the Regent RD26 is a high action guitar. It is loud enough to send sound signals in a small venue all by itself. On top of that, the sound remains uncompromised, and each frequency remains pronounced and balanced.

Note that the X scalloping on the solid top ensures that the guitar produces quality natural acoustic sounds.

Inspiration to play

Beginners who want to a guitar that can inspire them to play every day should try out the RD26. 

Everything, from its appeal to the sound it produces, will provide the kind of sound a beginner would love to achieve while starting. Teachers can also buy this instrument for their music lessons.

  • High action guitar
  • Diecast chrome hardware
  • Natural gloss finish for a classic look
  • Bi-level bridge for sound intonation
  • Easy to play since the strings are light
  • Does not have a preamp

4. Alvarez AD30CE Artist Series

The Alvarez AD30CE is an upgrade of the AD30 and comes with a preamp. It features exceptional qualities for different player’s needs. That is why it is one of the best Alvarez guitars in the market.

Superior build

Though it comes at a lower price, this guitar comes with a quality solid spruce top with a satin finish. On the body, you will find a forward-shifted scalloped bracing, a hardtail bridge with a compensated saddle, and a preamp.

It also consists of a mahogany back, sides, and neck. The neck is 25 ½ inches long, which makes it suitable for people that love smaller guitars.

Bold on sound

If you want a guitar that has high action, then budget for this guitar. The AD30CE, even without the influence of the preamp, is loud. It also provides a balanced sound, and with easy to play steel strings, this guitar inspires you to play for hours, nonstop.

The preamp is also quite exceptional since you can connect your guitar with an amp or mix. It features three EQ bands and a chromatic tuner for easy and quick tuning.

Motivates the player

The AD30CE is an excellent instrument for players that love a guitar with bright tones during performances and jam sessions. It can adapt to different playing styles, and even though it features a small-scale length, the guitar sounds full. People who prefer smaller guitars will also love this guitar since it is lightweight.

  • Small and lightweight
  • Comes with a preamp
  • Dot inlays for beginners
  • Features die-cast chrome tuners
  • Forward shifted scalloped bracing
  • There is some buzz, but it is not noticeable

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5. Alvarez Artist Series AJ80CE Jumbo

The AJ80CE is an acoustic-electric guitar that suits a guitarist that would like an instrument that is easy to play right of the box.

No upgrades needed

Once you unpack it, you will find an attractive guitar with a solid spruce top, maple back and sides, and a preamp for equalizing your sound when you connect to an amp. We also noticed that the guitar features scalloped bracing, which ensures that the soundboard produces articulate sound.

The maple neck is 25.59 inches and features a rosewood fingerboard, which does not have any dot inlays.

Built with the professional in mind

The AJ80CE is superb when it comes to resonance. We tested this guitar and found out that the strings were light, the action is in the middle, and the sound is balanced. Note that even though it has a small scale, the sound pronounced remains like that of a full-scale guitar. When you connect the guitar to amp, you have up the EQ interface to tweak the sound and a tuner to help keep the guitar in tune.

Suits your musical needs

The AJ80CE is ideal for different kinds of players. Elite players can use it for their performances. For beginners, this guitar will help you polish your skills. The only problem, however, is that it does not have dot inlays, which help beginner know their position while mastering the fretboard.

  • Features a high gloss finish
  • Comes with a real bone nut and saddle
  • Easy to tune since it has a tuner on the preamp
  • Features premium diecast tuners
  • A mid-action guitar
  • Some players did not like the guitar’s finish

6. Alvarez Artist Series AD30

For beginners looking for an affordable guitar that is superb in sound and construction, you should look to buy the AD30. We loved everything about it, and we are sure that this is something you would like to have.

A simple and classic construction

The guitar provides a classic acoustic feel with a solid Sitka spruce top, laminated mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fingerboard. The maple bridge comes with a bi-level design, which adds to the appeal of this guitar.

We also noted that the fingerboard is a 25 ¾ inch, which is a full-scale guitar. According to the manufacturer, there’s also a left-handed option if you need one.

Achieve lively sound

Most reviewers recommend this guitar because of the work they did on the sound quality. And although it is a cheap guitar, the instrument has a great sound, which the scalloped bracing inside the solid top facilitates.

The action on the guitar is excellent. You can feel the balance from the bass to the high notes.

Adapts to anything

The AD30, though a beginner and intermediate guitar, suits all playing styles. With the action it produces, this guitar is ideal for all kinds of players. You can use it for fingerstyle, strumming, picking, and any other techniques. We can conclude that this guitar teaches the musicians how to appreciate good sound right off the bat.

  • Solid construction
  • Full-scale guitar
  • A Crisp finish on the body
  • Adapts to different playing styles
  • High action guitar
  • In our opinion, the body looks a bit big

7. Alvarez AG60CE Artist Series

The AG60CE is an acoustic-electric guitar that has awesome features that guitar players of all skill levels will appreciate.

Starting with the body

Like any other acoustic guitar in the Artist Series, this guitar comes with Sitka Spruce top, mahogany back, sides, and neck, an LR Baggs stagePro preamp, a bi-level bridge, and a rosewood fingerboard.

Other qualities include premium die-cast tuners and a single mother dot inlay on the 12th fret position. The semi-gloss on the body brings out a classic appeal to the guitar.

Achieve premium sound

The AG60CE is a guitar built with the professional in mind. Users said that the guitar produced quite a mellow sound; on the other hand, the sound seemed balanced even when you use different tunings.

Other than that, when connected to an amp, the guitar sounds remains uncompromised. You can also use the three EQ band to tweak the mids, lows, and highs to your preference. In our opinion, the sound produced was professional.

Easy to play

The AG60CE is an easy-to-play guitar since the strings used are light. You can use it for live performances, and if you are a beginner, this guitar prepares you for the elite levels right from the word go. You do not have to upgrade anything.

  • Stylish
  • Comes with a preamp
  • Light strings
  • Comes with premium die-cast tuners
  • Remains lightweight
  • Comprise of forward shifted scalloped bracing for clear acoustic sounds
  • The neck is quite thick

8. Alvarez AC65

The Alvarez AC65 is an acoustic guitar suitable for players who want to become classical players, or beginners who wish to have a comfortable and an instrument that is easy to play.

A nylon string guitar

For beginners, steel strings can be a bit unforgiving on your fingers. Such strings can demotivate you, especially if you are a beginner, and that is why a nylon string can be a suitable alternative.

This classical guitar comes with a cedar top with scalloped bracing and semi-gloss. Its back, sides, and the neck consist of mahogany material with a 25 ½ inches scale length. The headstock features open tuning pegs and the bridge has a compensated saddle for intonation.

Energetic sound

Like any other guitar in the Artist Series, this guitar is a beast when it comes to sound. The guitar is loud since the strings offer high tension. All thanks to a scalloped soundboard.

We can also state that the guitar sound ranges between a steel string and a nylon string guitar.

Why you should buy it

Guitarists who want to start their journey in classical music should find solace in this guitar. It is light, comfortable to play with, and offers excellent sound. Beginners also can use it for contemporary practice since the strings do not hurt their fingers, and the body is light and small for their convenience.

  • Features nylon string guitars
  • Solid-body for durability
  • Thin neck profile
  • Elegant sound
  • Some users did not like the open tuning system since it rusts quickly

9. Alvarez AP66ESHB Artist Series

At first glance, you might think that this guitar is a nylon string guitar, but it is not. The AP66ESHB is a steel-string guitar, which you are going to love.

A mahogany sunburst

Generally, the guitar has a mahogany sunburst appeal on the body, a preamp, a hardtail bridge, and a compensated saddle. The back and sides feature laminated mahogany, and the neck is mahogany, too, but with a satin finish.

The guitar comes with a shorter scale length and features a rosewood fingerboard. Its headstock is similar to that of a classical guitar and features an open-gear tuning system.

Overall, this guitar has a stylish to it, and the body is small to enhance comfortability when playing.

Stable on the sound

Though small, the AP66ESHB sounds like a full-scale guitar. Each string is audible even without using the preamp on the body. Also, the sound remains at balance, with the mids and lows more pronounced. And with the scalloped bracings, you can be sure that you will enjoy the natural acoustic sounds this guitar provides.

During a performance, you can use the preamp with two EQ bands to tweak the sound to your preference. Note, however, that this guitar does not have a tuner.

Comfortable for all players

The AP66ESHB is small but versatile since you can achieve different sounds with this guitar. You can use it at home and on stage for your performances. Be assured that the guitar is ideal for most styles, and children can enjoy it.

  • Full steel-string guitar
  • Comes with a preamp for on-stage performances
  • Sunburst appeal makes it stylish
  • Features die-cast tuners (premium)
  • Seems portable
  • No extended range for the solos

10. Alvarez AC65HCE

Guitarists looking for a guitar with both steel and nylon string qualities stacked up in one instrument should go for the AC65HCE acoustic guitar.

Why it is a top ten Alvarez guitar

The AC65HCE is a classical guitar, primarily. It features a cedar body with a bi-level maple bridge. On the body, there’s also a preamp with three EQ bands for onboard equalization when performing on stage. The body is too small for comfort while playing, but you can also use the two-strap button system on the back of the body.

Other attributes include a maple bi-level bridge, nylon strings, classical headstock with open-gear tuning machines, a 25 ½-inch scale mahogany neck, mahogany back and sides.

Hybrid sound

The AC65HCE is bold, unlike most classical guitars. It offers loud, natural, and balanced acoustic sounds. You may confuse it with a steel-string guitar once you hear it play.

When connecting it to a mixer or amp, the guitar does not lose any of its natural sound elements. It works perfectly, and with little tweaks, you can achieve the sound you desire with an amplified sound.

Note also, the tension on the strings is superb. You do not have to exert force to hear the sound of each string.

Professionals in mind

If you want a premium classical guitar, the AC65HCE is what you should choose. The guitar is superb. And any professional that would love to use this guitar even for professional live performances without a problem. Furthermore, since it has nylon strings, you will not hurt your fingers even when playing for long hours.

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish appeal
  • Open gear system for easy tuning
  • Hybrid sound- Sounds like a combination of a steel string and nylon string
  • Thin neck profile like any other classical guitar
  • Users complained that the pickup did not boost the sound articulately

Best Alvarez Guitars Buying Guide

When shopping for a dreadnought, acoustic guitar, you’ll come across different brands out there, Yamaha, Gretsch, Fender, and many other famous brands.

But today, let’s have a chat on Alvarez guitars. Our article focuses on this fantastic brand that has been providing excellent guitars for different players across different genres.

And looking deeper into what this brand offers, you’ll find a wide range of acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars to suit different musical styles and player levels. So, how do you choose the best acoustic guitars for your needs?

Read further if you want to learn more about this brand.

alvarez guitar buying guide

Why people love these guitars?

Primarily, these guitars have been in the market for more than 50 years. They have gained trust amongst many musicians, and in fact, a couple of elite players have used these guitars for their performances and records.

Another reason these guitars are amazing is that Alvarez provides various guitars to fit different playing styles, genres, and durability. Therefore, you are sure that you’ll be carrying a durable guitar once you buy any of their models.

Their most reputable models

Just like any other brand, Alvarez brands cluster their guitar models in different series. The most common ones include Artist Series, Artist Elite, Masterworks, Masterworks Elite, Yairi, Cadiz, and Regent.

All of them have their unique personality and use. However, as you examine these guitars, you’ll notice that most of them have similar characteristics. For instance, most of these guitars are loud, have a resilient construction, and the sound intonation on each guitar remains professional and balanced.

Besides that, most Alvarez guitar models have a forward-shifted X bracing system, which contributes to the enormous sound it provides and whether you amplify the sound, or not.

So how do you choose?

You might freeze after seeing that most of these Alvarez guitars have similar characteristics, not knowing what to choose. But one thing is for sure. Each guitar model fits a particular group of musicians. So, some of the factors you should consider:

1. What kind of style do you want to play?

Think about which guitar is suitable for your playing style and genre. Of course, most guitars in different series can adapt to different musical situations. But you should find what fits your music needs.

For instance, if you intend to get into blues guitar, then a parlor guitar will do. If you are a beginner who loves comfort while playing, then go for a nylon string guitar or guitar model with smaller body shape and scale length.

2. Your budget

One thing you’ll notice about Alvarez guitars is that they cost differently. Some are ideal for elite players, while others will suit beginners and intermediate musicians.

In this case, any guitar model with the “elite” word included should be a bit premium. And if you are a beginner, this might not fit your budget.

Another thing that will determine the price is whether the guitar has an electronic system or not. Most Alvarez guitars have the same type of preamps and are suitable for gigging musicians. So, if you just want to use the guitar for practice purposes, go for one without a preamp, and you’ll save some money.

3. Review the sound

Check out for any buzzing, inconsistent intonation, the ease of tuning the guitar, and test the preamp to see how it functions.

Besides that, you also need to check the action on the guitar. Go for high action guitars if you want a loud acoustic guitar. And in case you desire a guitar with a mellow or mid-action guitar, you can lower the action.

You should also understand that other than the X bracing, the material used to make the body contributes to the guitar’s sound. For instance, Spruce top adds some volume to the guitar’s sound, and a mahogany body will provide a mellow tone in the mid ranges.

Last But Not Least…

Alvarez guitars are quite a reputable brand. So if you want to buy any of their guitars, be sure that you’ll get an excellent guitar both in construction and in sound quality. Do your homework, however, to avoid buying a guitar that doesn’t suit your needs.

Final Words

As you can see, Alvarez offers great guitars that suit different musical needs. That is why they are among the most trusted brands in the production of acoustic and electric-acoustic guitars.

In our research, we noticed that all these guitars feature premium construction. The sound that each guitar produces is also impressive and worth the money.

Additionally, as much as these guitars are ideal for beginners and intermediate players, these guitars might suit elite players too. You can be sure that a good guitar will brighten up your performance or your jam session.

Therefore, from the article, the Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Guitar remains our top pick. The guitar comes at an affordable price, and on top of that, it sounds superior. Hence, players of all genres and skill levels will prefer this instrument.

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