10 Best Guitar Flight Cases To Buy In 2021

Let’s say you are travelling abroad for a gig. Primarily, if you have to travel by air, the first thing that comes to mind is how you are going to carry your expensive dreadnought or electric guitar.

Your gig bag is an ideal storage option. However, the problem is that it is not strong enough to protect your guitar from the constant bombardment that takes place while travelling. Since they are not sufficient, a guitar flight case comes in handy here.

Different airports have different rules concerning carrying musical instruments into the aeroplane. Guitar flight cases are reliable and have TSA locks. They could be bulky and less portable, but if you have invested several hundreds or thousands to buy your dream guitar, such protection is necessary.

Now, guitar flight cases need a bit more investment than gig bags. Additionally, they come in different sizes and shapes.

We researched the market to find the best ones. And in this article, we are going to highlight the ten best guitar flight cases you should consider buying.

best guitar flight cases

Top 10 Best Guitar Flight Cases 2021 Reviews

1. Crossrock CRF4000CBK Anti-Scratch Flight Case – Best Buy

On top of our list is a high-end flight case suitable for classical guitars.

Stylish exterior

The first thing you will see is the shiny, black exterior. It is stylish to look at and to carry it anywhere you go. The case features a poly carbon case with TSA locks. 

It also has a handle; and if you want to carry it on your back, the case offers deluxe padded backpack straps.

The interior

Besides that, comes with thick padding, which has a velvet lining. Users say that your classical guitar will fit snuggly into the bag without any problems.

Apart from being stylish

We also noted that this guitar flight case is super light to carry. That means you will not have so much extra luggage on your next flight.

Guitarists who want to invest more on a reliable guitar flight case for their classical guitars should go for this one.

  • Lightweight
  • stylish
  • Comes with TSA locks
  • Thick padding on the interior
  • Gig bag straps
  • The manufacturer focused more on style

2. Gator Cases GTSA-GTRDREAD Flight Case – Best Value For Money

Guitarists who fly abroad constantly should purchase a guitar flight case that offers superior protection. The Gator Cases GTSA-GTRDREAD Flight Case is our best buy guitar flight case since it comes with excellent features that most flight cases of its price range fail to have.

Protect against theft

The brand provides a guitar case with extra protective TSA locks. It features a locking feature, which will demand that you open using a key. Fortunately, you will get two keys from within the bundle.

Other notable qualities on the exterior include a comfortable carry handle and an ATA Roto-Molded Polyethylene Outer-Shell.

Extra accessories storage

When you open the case, you will find an EPS form nest. It provides a safe space for your dreadnought guitar since it also has a thick black plush lining.

The case also has an accessory pouch. Therefore, you do not have to buy an extra accessory pouch for your straps, picks, or tuners.

For your dreadnought guitar

Even though this guitar flight case seems bulky, it offers suitable housing for any dreadnought guitar. You can also be sure that your guitar will arrive safely without any scratches.

  • Thick padding on the interior
  • TSA locks which need keys to open
  • Features an accessory compartment in the interior
  • Comfortable handle
  • The guitar case is a bit heavy

3. ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case – Best Budget Buy

For guitarists who are on a budget, the ChromaCast CC-EHC is the perfect storage for your electric guitar.

Comes with superb features

The flight case comes with a hard shell case on the exterior, which is rectangular. It has three chrome latches that provide the necessary protection to keep your guitar from falling. The case has a molded handle for extra comfort when carrying your guitar.

Large interior

Be sure that your electric guitar (whether it is a strat, Les Paul, or Gibson) will fit into the casing without a problem. The interior has enough space even to store your accessories.

For protection, the case offers a plush-lined interior with extra padding for the neck and bridge. You are, therefore, sure that your guitar stays in place during the entire journey.

For musicians on a budget

Most musicians avoid guitar flight cases because they can be expensive. But with this case, it is affordable, and if you are on a budget, this is a worthy-buy flight case for your electric guitar.

  • Strong hard shell
  • Interior with a plush-lined with neck and bridge padding
  • Chrome locks are stable and reliable
  • Interior storage is large
  • Users complained that the extra interior was unnecessary

4. SKB 1SKB-GSM Acoustic Guitar Case

At the fourth place, we have this fantastic guitar case that suits all occasions and uses.

The shape matters

Nothing is as frustrating as when you have a guitar case that has a lot of space, especially on the interior. The SKB 1SKB-GSM features a hard shell case that takes the shape of your guitar. It also has TSA recognized locks, which have an added a reinforced trigger system to keep the locks safely closed.

When it comes to the interior

It features a molded interior with a thick EPS foam padding. You can be sure that your guitar will rest safely inside this compartment as it also has neck support to keep your guitar from slipping.

Ideal for any dreadnought guitar

Whether you have a mini acoustic guitar or a full-size guitar, this flight case suits them all. Regardless of the different knocks your guitar receives, you can trust the case to handle each shock effectively.

  • Suitable for any dreadnought guitar
  • Comfortable carry handle
  • Full neck support
  • Features TSA locks
  • Protective but a bit heavy

5. Carrion C-1501 Black Hardshell

The Carrion C-1501 Hardshell case is an ideal investment for people looking for a dreadnought guitar flight case at an affordable price.

Worthy investment

It has a protective hard shell out cover with a three-layer plywood core. We also noticed that the exterior looked durable since it features black Tolex material.

The Carrion C-1501 comes with chrome-plated locks, three of them, to keep your dreadnought safe and sound as you travel.

And the interior

Primarily, the case takes the shape of a classic guitar case. Your guitar fits snuggly into the foam-padded interior. The interior also has a black plush for added security of your instrument.

It also has an accessory compartment. The pouch is large enough to fit most of your accessories.

Safety all the way

The Carrion 1501 ensures that your guitar is safe during the entire flight of road trip. Guitarists who would like a casing that is not expensive should go for this one.

  • Protective hard case
  • Your dreadnought casing fits snuggly
  • Has a multi plywood core
  • Features heavy-duty stitching
  • Strong and durable hinges
  • The case is too deep; hence, there is a chance that your guitar will move out of position sometimes

6. Fender Deluxe Molder Case

Stratocasters and Telecasters need a safe way to transport them to increase durability. If you want a protective guitar case for that, then the Fender Deluxe Molder case for electric guitars is an top pick.

Stands out

The guitar flight case comes with an ATA molded military-grade polyethene outer shell. It also comes with one TSA lock, an ergo-grip handle, and rugged injection-moulded polyethene wheels.

Keeps your guitar safe

If you are looking for suitable housing for your Stratocaster or Telecaster, then this is the case to use. The interior provides a thick padding, EPS protective foam. It also has a storage compartment for your straps, cables, and stabilizes the neck position while carrying it.

Branded bag for all gig types

Guitarists who love to carry branded products should buy this guitar. The guitar provides a safe and protective casing for your guitar and ensures that your guitar stays for long without damage. Note that it also has a Fender logo on top, which makes it durable.

  • Extra accessory compartment
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Reliable TSA lock
  • Interior offers neck support
  • Small guitars keep moving since they do not fit snuggly

7. SKB 1SKB-300 Mini Acoustic Guitar Hard Case 

If you have a mini acoustic guitar that you would like to carry when you are travelling, the SKB 1SKB-300 is a protective case that your mini guitar will fit appropriately.

Strong to reduce shocks

The hard outer case features moulded bumpers to add on its appeal. It comes with one handle, which is ergonomic, to help you carry the instrument with ease. Additionally, the case features three sturdy latches to prevent your guitar from falling.

Safe housing

The SKB 1SKB-300 offers a complex interior system to make sure that your guitar is safe, regardless of any knocks. It comes with rigid EPS foam interiors with different pouts for your mini guitar. The case also offers full neck support; hence, your guitar stays in place at all times.

Before you buy

Make sure to understand that this is a case for mini guitars only. Larger guitars may not fit into this case.

  • Ideal for most active travelling guitars
  • Quite a robust casing
  • Interior padding is superb
  • The interior offers full neck support to keep your guitar in place
  • Not ideal for guitars with larger bodies

8. Gator Cases GTSA-GTRELEC Flight Case

Electric guitar players who are looking for a guitar case that offers optimum safety should try the Gator Cases GTSA-GTRELEC flight case.

Resilient casing

It comes with ATA Roto-Molded Polyethylene Outer-Shell, which does not damage easily. It also features three TSA approved locking latches, which you need a set of keys to open the case. By the way, the manufacturer provides two sets.

There is also an ergonomic handle, which offers comfortability when carrying it.

Comfort housing

Its interior has a commendable EPS foam nest, which also has a Thick Black plush lining to provide the required protection from external knocks. We also noticed that the interior also has an open compartment system to put accessories such as cables, picks, and pedals.

You can be sure that your guitar remains safe throughout the journey as the interior provides full support on the body, neck, and the headstock.

Ideal for electric guitars

The manufacturer made this guitar with the electric guitar in mind. You can store your telecaster, Les Paul, Stratocaster, or any other guitar in this guitar flight case.

  • Open style compartment
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle
  • Ideal for most electric guitars
  • Three TSA locks
  • Open compartments are not appropriate places to store some accessories such as pedals

9. SKB 62 Jaguar Jazzmaster Style Case

Although it bears the name, “Jazzmaster” this guitar case is not for jazz guitar players only. You can use it to store any electric guitar in it.

Rugged construction

The guitar flight casing comes with a variety of features that any player is going to love. First, the guitar comes with a comfortable carry handle. It also has injection molded feet in case you do not want to lift the case.

Its exterior features a hardshell case and TSA locks, and fiberglass-trigger- release latching system.

Ideal housing

The Jazzmaster case provides a suitable casing for your electric guitar. It comes with EPS foam padding with full support for the body and neck. Therefore, your guitar will not slip. You can also store your accessories within the compartment provided within the same interior.

Since the guitar flight case is firm, it offers an ideal housing for your guitar.The case also ensures that your electric guitar sits comfortably without falling or slipping as you travel.

  • Ideal for most electric guitars
  • Comes with strong feet
  • The interior offers full neck support
  • Accessories compartment
  • Thick padding on the interior
  • Some users said that the handle was not sturdy

10. SKB Injection Molded 3i-4214-OP Case

If you have several electric guitars in your arsenal, then investing in a guitar flight case that many of these guitars can fit is a worthy investment.

Here’s the SKB 3i-4214-op

The guitar flight case provides a hard shell outer case, which is waterproof and scratch-resistant. It also has four TSA latches, which feature patented trigger release, wheels, and a snap-down carry handle.

Open the inside

The interior of the guitar case provides adequate support systems for your neck, body and the headstock. Hence, it keeps your guitar from slipping during transportation. It also comes with open compartments to store your accessories.

Besides that, the thick padding on the interior ensures that no amount of knocks can affect the guitar.

Ideal users

The guitar flight case fits all kinds of electric guitars.

  • Ideal for most electric guitars
  • Open style compartments
  • TSA locks
  • Features wheels for dragging your casing
  • Snap-down handles
  • Users complain that the guitar does not fit Les Paul and Gibson guitars

Final Words

Never again will you have problems when travelling. Your guitar will remain safe regardless of the numerous knocks and shocks your guitar experiences during travelling. However, make sure that you handle your guitar flight casing with absolute care. Even though they are sturdy on the outside, dropping the casing carelessly on the floor can reduce its lifespan.

From our list, it could also be challenging to select the best flight case. All of these casing are top quality, of course; for this reason, ensure that you know if your guitar will fit into your case or not.

In conclusion, in our opinion, the Gator Cases GTSA-GTRDREAD Flight Case remains the best guitar flight case for any dreadnought guitar. We liked everything from its durable casing and the interior.

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