10 Best Ukulele Straps Of 2022 (With Buying Guide)

Conventionally, ukulele players didn’t need the best ukulele straps to play. It was actually a non-issue back then to play it while standing since it is generally a small and lightweight instrument. But today, we are seeing a new breed of players who want to avoid holding their ukuleles as they play when standing.

Don’t feel guilty because you feel that you are one of the few looking for straps. If you feel that you want your hands to focus on playing and not holding and playing simultaneously, buying one is a good decision.

And if you are looking for the best straps to buy, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll review ten of the best ukulele straps you’ll find in the market. Note that these straps come at different prices and sizes in the market. They come in different designs too.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

best ukulele straps

Best Ukulele Straps Summary:

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Top 10 Best Ukulele Straps Of 2022

1. Sherrin’s Threads 1.5″ Hawaiian Print Strap – Best For The Money

If you want to invest in the best ukulele strap worth your money, this right here is what you should consider buying. What you’ll like about this strap is that it brings in a mix of fashion and musicality.

What we mean is that the designer is a fashion designer who invests in high-quality fabric. The strap uses unique and durable fabric. The strap consists of thick nylon fibre on the strap and original leather at the ends. On the nylon material, you’ll also find stunning designs that will knock your socks off your feet once you see it.

Other than that, the ukulele strap’s length is adjustable from 33” to 56” in length. Meaning it is usable with different instruments other than the ukulele. Also, note that you don’t have to drill any holes on the ends; which makes it ready for use right outside the box.

  • Durable
  • Sturdy fabric
  • Uses original leather
  • Has an adjustable length
  • Ideal for different instruments
  • Comfortable to use
  • Pricier than most ukulele straps you’ll find in the market

2. MUSIC FIRST Leather Ukulele Strap – Best Value For Money

The MUSIC FIRST ukulele strap is one of the best straps that brings durability to your investment. It features thick cotton on the outside and inside. The strap ends consist of original leather. We also loved the appealing patterns on the strap. It gives it that vintage look.

Inside the box, you’ll also find a strap button, which you can drill into your instrument if it doesn’t have one. And attaching the strap to your ukulele is easy. You don’t need to drill any holes on the leather ends since they come ready to attach outside the box. Additionally, the strap has a tying strap, which is useful if your ukulele doesn’t have a strap button at the neck-body position.

Most players will also like the fact that this strand is adjustable from 27.5 inches to 48 inches.

  • Strong and durable
  • Vintage appeal
  • Comes with a tying strap for ukuleles without strap buttons
  • Comes with an extra strap button to drill into your ukulele
  • Read for use outside the box
  • Uses original leather, which guarantees long use
  • Some users feel that the strap is short

3. Rinastore Ukulele Strap – Budget Buy

The next best ukulele strap on our list is the Rinastore strap. We liked this strap because of what it brings to the table. Right out of the box, you’ll receive a strap, one strap button, and a guitar pick.

The ukulele strap uses a linen material on the strap. It gives it that vintage appeal. Its length is adjustable to up to 51 inches by using the metal slider on it. The manufacturer uses pure leather to make the ends for durability purposes.

Note that the strap comes with one strap button and a tying strap, which you can attach to the ukulele’s headstock. If you don’t know how to drill the screw, it’s best that you look for someone who can do it for you without damaging your instrument.

Anyone can use the strap, including children.

  • Comes with all the accessories you need to use it right out of the box
  • Strong linen promotes durability
  • The strap is comfortable to use
  • Uses a metal slider to adjust the height
  • Tying strap is also available
  • The strap looks a bit thinner than most straps

4. Neotech Ukulele Strap

Ukulele players who don’t like straps that add weight to their instruments should consider buying the Neotech straps. What makes these straps unique is the different technology used to make them.

It consists of the main strap and pad section, which comprises neoprene. At both ends, you’ll find extensions with quick disconnect systems, which comes with quick-release buckles. These buckles connect to extensions, which are also adjustable.

The straps wrap around the ukulele’s headstock and at the back. Each connecter comes with drilled holes and attaches to the strap’s extensions easily.

When it comes to comfort, the ukulele does not disappoint. The strap is lightweight. You won’t feel any added weight on it as you play. Besides that, you can use this strap with mandolins and small guitars.

  • Easy to attach
  • Comes with drilled holes
  • Super lightweight straps
  • Adjustable extensions from 5.75 inches to 8.75 inches
  • Stylish design
  • Useful with different small instruments
  • Some users feel that the extensions make the strap flimsy

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5. M33 Ukulele Strap

Drilling holes on your ukulele can damage the finish and its overall appearance. If you are looking for a strap that doesn’t require you to do that, the M33 Ukulele strap is ready for you.

The ukulele strap comes with a beautiful, premium design woven belt with a double layer on its entire length. Its shoulder pad is wider to ensure that you are comfortable while playing. The strap also has an adjustable length from 33 inches to 47 inches.

Instead of holes, the strap uses hooks, which are easy to attach and remove. You easily attach the hooks on the upper and lower sides of the soundhole of your ukulele.

The strap is ideal for all ukulele sizes, and anybody can use this strap from adults to children.

  • Comes with easy to attach plastic hooks
  • Premium quality on the belt
  • Wider shoulder pad to enhance comfortability while playing
  • You don’t need strap buttons to use the strap
  • Can support the weight of different ukulele sizes
  • Best for people who like to hold their ukulele at a lower position

6. CLOUDMUSIC Jacquard Weave Style Hawaiian Ukulele Strap

This best ukulele strap is one of the best of its kind as it thrives on both style and durability. It consists of a ukulele strap, which has a 1.5-inch thickness and a 51.97-inch maximum length. The package comes with two extra strap buttons, for ukuleles that don’t have pre-installed ones.

We also noticed that the manufacturer includes a tying strap for people who feel that drilling a hole can be catastrophic to the ukulele’s overall appeal.

Besides that, you’ll likely use this strap for years, as the fabric used on the belt is soft cotton. At the ends, the strap uses strong, original leather. The strap is comfortable to use and fits players of different ages.

  • Easy to adjust height since it comes with a smooth plastic slider
  • Flower patterns to enhance the overall look
  • Comes with two strap buttons and a tying string
  • Provides balance while playing
  • Longer than most straps you’ll find in the market
  • Useful with most ukuleles
  • The screws are a bit soft; therefore, be gentle while screwing it into the ukulele

7. MUSIC FIRST Original Design “LOTUS” Ukulele Strap

For children or women who want the best ukulele strap for girls that shines on both durability and design, this should be your go-to strap. What we loved about it is the stunning patterns on its belt. The manufacturer uses soft nylon and original leather at the ends. The soft nylon enhances comfort as you play.

It also comes with a strap locker on the leather end. The locker is ideal when you want to attach your strap to the ukulele’s headstock.

You should also note that the strap is adjustable from 27.5 inches to 48 inches. Adjusting the height is easy. You only have to adjust the slide the metal slider to do so.

We would recommend the strap for women and girls mostly because of the patterns on the belt. They look a bit girlish.

  • Adjustable height
  • Strap locker to tie it to the headstock
  • Stunning design
  • Soft nylon to enhance durability, especially when playing for long hours
  • It uses original leather ends
  • The design looks a bit girlish; hence, most men might not like it as much

8. CLOUDMUSIC Hawaiian Vintage Ukulele Strap

The CLOUDMUSIC Hawaiian vintage ukulele straps come with an overall stunning design. Inside the package, you will find the strap, two-strap buttons that are easy to drill, and a tying strap for people who want to tie their strap to their ukulele’s headstock.

When it comes to design, this strap comes with a Hawaiian pattern at the top. Its back consists of soft black cotton, ensuring that you are as comfortable as possible when playing the ukulele. The ends are pure leather and come with pre-drilled holes.

The strap is ideal for most ukuleles. It’s most likely that you’ll use this ukulele for a long time. And if you want to adjust the length, you can do so using the smooth plastic slider. The belt’s maximum size is 51.97 inches.

  • Stunning vintage design
  • Uses original leather
  • Comfortability is assured
  • It comes with two strap buttons and a tying strand
  • Adjustable length of up to 51.97 inches
  • Some people complain that the backside looks cheap

9. MUSIC FIRST Original Design Ukulele Strap

This is the best strap to buy for players who want to hold their ukulele close to their neck. It comes with a simple design but one that promises durability. The strap consists of a 1.5 inches thick belt and uses cotton on the inside and outside layers.

Besides that, the strap uses original leather ends, which won’t be becoming loose anytime soon after you buy it. The leather end connects to the shoulder pad using metal accessories; hence, you have a sturdy and durable strap.

Its maximum length is up to 48 inches; hence, the ukulele won’t go so low if you prefer that. Note that the package doesn’t come with any other accessories.

  • Appealing patterns on the strap
  • Uses genuine leather
  • Soft cotton ensures that you are comfortable
  • Useful with most ukulele types
  • Uses metal accessories.
  • It doesn’t go too low

10. Perri’s Leathers Polyester Ukulele Strap

The last best ukulele strap on our list is Perri’s ukulele strap. What we liked about this strap is the fact that it has a simplistic design. It uses polyester on the belt and comes with a smooth plastic slider for easy length adjustments.

Its ends comprise of genuine leather. There’s no need to drill any holes to attach it to your ukulele. Additionally, the strap is comfortable and has a maximum length of about 38 inches. Therefore, it should be an ideal strap for parents looking for the best ukulele straps for children.

This ukulele strap is also suitable for people with other small instruments because of its design, especially due to its maximum length.

  • Simple design
  • Affordable and solid
  • No drilling required
  • Comfortable to use
  • Best strap for children
  • The strap doesn’t come with extra accessories

Best Ukulele Straps – Buying Guide

best ukulele straps buying guide

Some people use their ukulele without straps. However, experts recommend having ukulele straps for comfort and safety. They are ideal for people who play while standing. Some straps also boast a unique design that spices up the beauty of your instrument.

Connecting the straps is an easy task. You connect one end to the head and the other to the body of the ukulele. How do you identify the best ukulele straps? This guide seeks to answer that question. Let’s get started!

The Material

With thousands of ukulele straps out there, the material differs from one brand to the other. Some materials last longer than others. Most manufacturers use leather, suede, nylon, or cotton.

For beginners, a nylon ukulele strap should be perfect. Nylon straps are affordable and dependable. We also have suede straps that are quite comfortable due to the additional padding. However, the relatively expensive compared to their nylon counterparts.

Then we have the leather ukulele straps. They are perfect for experts. Leather ukulele straps offer unmatched durability. They are also comfortable. Unlike suede and other materials, leather straps offer a plethora of color options.

How about cotton straps? Cotton straps are often soft. They come in bold and bright designs. In some cases, you find cotton straps fitted with durable leather tips. The hybrids are soft and durable. We recommend cotton straps with leather tips because they offer comfort and durability.

What is the design/type?

There are four types of ukulele straps. They include two-button straps, one-button straps, hook straps, and leashes. You should consider the four different types when buying. What does each type mean?

One-button strap

This is a unique ukulele strap with a tying mechanism on one side and a connecting hole on the other side. When using it, you connect one side of the strap to the headstock and then put the connecting hole into the ukulele’s bottom knob. This is a common design.

Two-Button Strap

Unlike the one-button strap design, the two-button strap design doesn’t have a tying mechanism. The working is similar to the one-button strap design. However, an additional connecting hole replaces the tying mechanism. The name “two-button” comes from the fact that there are two connecting holes instead of one.

The two-button strap design offers the best stability compared to the other strap designs. Unfortunately, most people, including you and I, wouldn’t fancy the idea of drilling a hole on their precious ukulele. That’s why this option is less popular.

Leash ukulele strap

Besides the one-button and two-button strap designs, we also have the leash ukulele strap design. The leash is a perfect solution for those who don’t wish to drill a hole in their ukulele.

One end of the leash features a small loop that perfectly rests around the headstock. The other end features a much bigger loop. Here is what you do: First, you put your right arm through the loop. After that, you tighten it to match your comfort.

After setting the right hand, you lift the strap over the head and allow it to rest behind your neck. Of course, you should support the ukulele with your arm while using it. Like mentioned earlier, the leash is a perfect solution for those who don’t wish to drill a hole in their ukulele.

Hook ukulele strap

This one is almost similar to leash straps. One of the ends connects to the edge of the soundhole, with the other end goes around your arm. The middle part of the strap rests around the neck. So, it looks more like a leash. However, it has a special hook.

Now that you have the four strap designs, you are free to choose the best. If you don’t mind drilling a hole on your ukulele, settle for the two-button model. However, if you can’t stand “harming” your precious musical unit, then choose one of the other options.


There’s the aspect of compatibility when it comes to ukuleles and straps. You don’t just pick a strap and use it with your device. You must check compatibility before buying the strap. For instance, some straps are designed for use with baritone, tenor, or soprano ukuleles. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing a strap. Ensure it matches with your ukulele type. However, some straps adjust to works with any ukulele design.

The only way to know if the strap is perfect for your gadget is by reading the descriptions and manufacturer directions. If possible, you can test the strap to be sure it works with your device.


How durable is the ukulele strap? The construction of these straps varies. While some of the last years, others can’t survive a month. How do you differentiate between the two? The first things you need to check are the connectors. These are the attachments that connect the ukulele to the strap. If the straps use low-quality connectors, then the durability is compromised.

For those straps that use connecting holes, ensure the holes are compact and durable. They should be able to hold the connecting knobs without stretching.

If you want to buy the straps with hooks, ensure the hooks boast a high-quality material. Cheap plastic materials easily break. Plastic hooks also tear or wear when subjected to a considerable amount of pressure. It is important that you read about the strap before buying it. Most genuine manufacturers will indicate the material used in the manufacture of the straps.

Ideal aesthetics

While most people focus on the functionality of the ukulele straps, the aesthetics also matter a lot. For instance, not everyone loves hot pick or dull colors. The overall design should be perfect and attractive. Ensure the style matches your preferences.

Ukulele straps come in different styles, types, and designs. Most of them are made to last for long. However, we also have a few flops. That’s why you need to pick carefully. Ensure the brand you pick matches what you need. It should work perfectly with your ukulele. Also, check the material and the general aesthetics.

Final Remarks

There you have it. Those are our top 10 best ukulele straps that you’ll find in the market. When shopping, it’s important that you take your time while reviewing the straps. Some manufacturers will say that they use genuine leather, yet they don’t. Which, by the way, reduces the strength of the length if you use it for long.

Other than that, go for straps that have a wider width. Most of them are comfortable. They also distribute the weight of the ukulele equally on your shoulders. Hence, you won’t get tired while playing the instrument for long hours.

The best strap on our list is MUSIC FIRST Leather Ukulele Strap, which is our best buy option. We loved everything about this strap, from the fabric to its versatility. The strap could be a perfect gift for anyone who wants a comfortable strap suitable for different uses.

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