Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit Review – Worth It?

For over a hundred years, Ludwig has been manufacturing drums with premium quality materials and is undeniably one of the well-established drum makers in the world. Their products have been played by legendary drummers such as John Bonham, Bill Bruford, Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Don Henley, Nick Mason, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts, Mick Fleetwood, and Amhir ‘Questlove’ Thompson.

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit Review

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, who goes professionally as Questlove, is the drummer and co-frontman of The Roots, a Grammy Award-winning band. If you don’t know the root so well, they are the house band on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Now, with this information, you may begin to wonder what the product of a collaboration between a legendary brand and a world-famous drummer would be like. Together they created a drum set that is affordable and has standard qualities.  The Ludwig pocket kit is also referred to as the Ludwig LC178XO and is great for jamming in the living room and playing small venues.

Features of the Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit:

An all in one hardware content

The Ludwig pocket kit has everything you will be needing to play the drums. The package which comes in a big brown paper box is in size around 24 x 24 x 22.2 inches and weighs approximately 62 pounds. Its content includes the following:

  • 16” x 14” Kick Drum
  • 13″ Floor Tom
  • 12″ Snare Drum
  • 10” x 7” Rack Tom
  • Kick Drum/ foot Pedal
  • Ride/Crash Cymbal and cymbal arm
  • Hi-Hats
  • Hi-Hats Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • A Drum Throne (stool)
  • Drum Sticks
  • Drum Key

Exquisite finish and Design

Ludwig LC178X016

The Ludwig pocket kit announces itself on any stage it is on with its refined appearance. It comes in color variants of silver/white, red wine and black sparkle. The white looks more refined than the others and it is equally more expensive. It is constructed with hardwood and steel to create a durable product. It has traditional mounts, triple-flange hoops and standard lugs. All the screws and rods are crafted to be simple and sport an enduring aluminum finish. It is sturdy and firm and can withstand different nuances.

Quality Sound 

When you purchase a budget piece of instrument, you have to make compromises. Don’t get me wrong the product sounds great for its price but it is not as great as high-end drums of Ludwig. With proper tuning and some padding for the kick drum, the pocket kit will wow you. However, the cymbals are a major con of this piece and the hi-hat and crash are not so special.  They are not bad and I dare say better than what you will find on other products of this price range. But after you have used them for a while you may want to change the drum heads and get some decent cymbals too. After this few changes, watch the drum blow you away.

Multi-users Option 

The Ludwig pocket was created to meet the needs of kids aged 4-10. It can also be played by adults not more than 6.1 ft. If you are a parent or guardian who loves to bang on drums and have a 4-year-old who equally loves to drum, then this is your compromise. It is a great set to let your creativity run wild whether as a kid or an adult. Playing this kit will surely put a smile on your face and joy in your heart, you can count on that. It is a drum for the whole family.

Easy Assembly and Set Up 

When the package arrives, it comes disassembled. However, you do not have to seek out a professional to help you set it up. You will find it easy to set it up using the conventional mounting procedure which will not take more than a few hours. If you are stuck, you can quickly go online and get directions from the legend himself. The lesson can be viewed on a desktop or mobile. The six-part introductory video gives you a step by step course which covers all you will need to know as a newbie. This contains playing techniques and adjustments when anything goes off. You will find the setup process enjoyable and easy as a beginner.

Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit Demo:

Pros of Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit:

  • The price range of this kit is affordable for a lot of families. Because it can be played by both kids and adults you do not have to buy two sets of drums. However, Ludwig creates another drum kit the Ludwig breakbeats with quest love. It is more suited for adults although it is the same size. It is of a higher quality and as a result, carries a higher price tag. The pocket kit is pocket-friendly, an excellent kit for the price and you do not have to break the bank to purchase it.
  • It is constructed with hardwood and steel making it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a great sound. For the price tag, it produces some impressive sounds. It is even better when you upgrade the cymbal and hi-hat. This little fella will transform into a beast.
  • It comes with an online setup and drum lesson from the king himself. Questlove shows you how to set up and tune the drum in a dedicated six-part video that will tell you all you need to know as a beginner. All you have to do is log in to Ludwig’s website with a number on your package and access all set up instructions.  You will enjoy a bonus of watching him play.
  • It is easy to transport, for a drum set. The delivery package is no more than 62 pounds which means it can be carried around by an adult. It can be moved from one room to the other or another location completely out of the house.
  • It comes in an all-in-one hardware package. You have everything you need in the box to start drumming away. If you are looking for a kit that has it all, arrives at your doorstep complete and produces a great sound, you might want to take a lot at the Ludwig pocket kit.
  • The components are easily adjustable while you play. You can adjust the cymbal away from your bass drum while playing.

Cons Ludwig Questlove Pocket Kit:

  • The Achilles heels of all cheap drum kits are the cymbal and the Ludwig pocket kit suffers the same fate. The cymbals start to bend after a couple of hits. It does not live up to Ludwig standards and quality and may leave you a little disappointed. It would have been nice if it had two cymbals instead of one. The cymbal could use an upgrade. The hi-hats are not so great and the ‘crash’ rings like a thin metal plate. The upside of this is that you can purchase better cymbals and it will work just fine.
  • The feet could have been more stable. It has some noticeable imbalance and wobbling but it is nothing much to worry about.
  • The Heads are quite hard and do not make sound good out of the box. It requires some tuning to get them to sound right.
  • It would have been great if it came with a manual so one doesn’t have to go online to get basic set up instructions. The online videos move fast and change angles quickly which means a novice can easily get lost. A little step by step pamphlet with printed instructions and pictures that wouldn’t require a login password would have been great.
  • The throne can sometimes be too high for a kid. On the shortest setting, it is still too high for the average four-year-old keeping the foot pedal a few inches away. So if your four-year-old cannot be regarded as ‘tall’ for his age, you might want to hold off getting the drum kit until he or she is a little taller or use a substitute chair. The irony is that it is equally too small for a tall adult.
  • There are reports that the beater angle is positioned so far back that it is sometimes difficult for an adult to push down let alone a child. There is no beater adjustment, and tightening the hoop fastener or increasing the spring friction only makes it worse.
  • The drum sticks are sometimes too heavy for a kid. Thankfully you can purchase a kid stick and your child will do just fine.


If you had no prior experience or understanding about drums, the Ludwig pocket kit is the ideal companion to take you on this incredible journey. As it is with all instruments, there is a learning curve for aspiring drummers and the pocket kit is the best practice tool. This all in one kit is designed by a professional to give you everything you want from a beginner’s drum kit under budget. It will introduce your child into the amazing career path that is drumming and will help clueless parents make a decent choice.

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