RHA MA390 Review – All You Need To Know About This IEM!

Despite your approval to my opinion, I would still say that most of us usually keep buying earphones, one after the other! Isn’t it? At least, I do! Well, that’s probably because we always tend to end up on purchasing the product that proves wrong when put in use. This is indeed frustrating! However, with the right deal, you can yield a fruitful one-time-investment.

RHA MA390 Review

What do you usually look for in an earphone or a headphone? Well, that’s of course the desire for upgraded technology, but at the same time, you ought to understand that a well planned utility will help you narrow your choices. Certainly, the first and foremost factor to consider is that of the sound quality. However, while some users prefer a good bass, others tend to have an inclination of accurate reproduction. Besides, there are other parameters to consider, such as the weight of the pair of device, whether it is comfortable for a long stretched usage, portability and more.

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Pros Of RHA MA390:

  • Excellent value
  • 3 button in-line remote
  • USB C charging
  • 6x silicone tips
  • Carry case
  • Wide soundstage (for in-ears)
  • Premium build quality
  • Bass heavy sound
  • Amazing design
  • Clear mic
  • USB C charging
  • Voice battery prompt
  • Quality material
  • A decent list of included accessories

Cons of RHA MA390:

  • Upper-mid hardness
  • Limited lower mids
  • Average battery life

Should you purchase the RHA MA390?

To answer this question, I would just say this RHA MA390 is one of the best earbuds at an affordable price. Certainly, there could be a few downsides too! However, it’s a “Yes” from most users. Therefore, if you are still confused whether to give it a try or not, I would rather suggest you to go for it!

  • It keeps you aurally aware of your surroundings

It doesn’t block the environmental sound to a dangerous level that could be threatening to you! Instead, it assures the fact that you fetch the right amount of sound. This is mostly important if you are mostly commuting while plugging the RHA MA390 in.

  • Durability

Definitely, you won’t want an IEM that will last just a handful of days post purchase, right? Therefore, durability is an essential factor to consider in this regard. RHA MA390 comes with an aerophonic shape in a durable aluminium design, thereby, ensuring the fact that you will have a really long term utility once you have invested.

  • Braided cable

RHA MA390 comprises of a braided cable accompanied with an aluminum driver housing, something that gives you an assurance that it can resist years of abuse. It even offers a 3.5 mm headphone termination.

  • Easy to fit in

Yeah, this is one of the prime concerns when you need a device that can fit in your ears at ease. You will certainly hate it if you have a disappointing experience while the music is on. However, with the RHA MA390, you can plug the pair of earpiece within your ears for hours.

  • Rubbery neckband

Well, RHA MA390 comprises of a rubbery neckband that is quite comfortable to use, even for a longer time span. The neckband has got two slightly hollow plastic cylinders attached at each of the ends. Overall, this pairbhas got such an apparel that it does not seem any less than a £150 earphone. This is what that makes this earpiece the best-suited offer at a budget pricing.

  • Signature sound production

The bass response of RHA MA390 produces top of the notch sound quality that’s highly impressive to hear! It is absolutely ideal for hip hop music, pop sounds and electronic music as well.

  • Bass heavy sound

This is not just meant to please the audiophiles, but at the same time, you are able to fetch a warm hearing experience at the best!

  • Battery voice prompt

This is undoubtedly one of my favorite features! As your RHA MA390 is put on, the voice of a lady pops up and she would notify you about the remaining battery level so that you get to know whether that is optimum or you need to get your device recharged soon!

  • Lightweight

Having the right pair of device that’s lightweight at the same time, makes it easier to carry as well! You can push it even within a small space and you would be able to experience it anywhere you go!

  • Say Goodbye to the surrounding chaos

RHA MA390 offers you with an in-ear feature that keeps noise isolation as its topmost priority. The in-ear pair of device fits within your ear so tightly that it is capable of keeping all the noise out. It segregates the surrounding chaos so that your listening experience remains uninterrupted. Also, it yields you a balanced sound!

  • Highs are rolled off

With the RHA MA390, you will probably not be able to get the ultimate detail while hearing the upper audio spectrum. However, that’s a fairly reasonable deal at the price you are paying for the same.

  • Fatigueless hearing sessions

If you are one of those who prefer to plug in the earpieces for endless number of hours, it is vital that you would be looking for such a pair that gives you hours of comfortable hearing sessions. The softness produced by this device is so revealing that you won’t be annoyed with its usage by any chance.

  • Comfort

This is indeed a serious instance to consider! You are more likely to look for an earpiece that gives you a comfortable usage experience. With the RHA MA390, you get a pair that tops your comfort zone. Yeah, although the product does not consist of everything but there are several specifications that help it stand out of the box in all aspects.

  • A great look and feel

The best thing about this RHA MA390 is that you get a pair of earpiece that won’t reflect your right budget by any chance. It comprises of such a classy outlook that even if you have a tough deal to pay for an elegant product, your friends won’t be able to estimate it when they see the earpiece in your ears. The RHA’s manufacturing team had made different alterations and have finally come up with a product that provides an attractive and functional design at the same time.

  • A perfect microphone

The microphone of RHA MA390 is absolutely up to the mark. It is operationally fine for taking all kinds of voice commands. You can even ask your Google assistant to register your order. However, there have been still a handful of users who complained about the microphone because of the fact that they had to struggle a bit in reaching out to their friends and family members on call. Such an instance mostly happened when there used to be a moderate sound.

  • Sweat proof

If you have been planning to carry this earpiece to the gym too, it is quite obvious that you would want to know whether or not it will be able to withstand your sweat. Well, RHA MA390 isn’t absolutely waterproof, such that it would resist heavy downpour, but it can refrain if you tend to sweat barely.

  • Magnetic earpieces

Though this is quite common among most of the earphones, RHA MA390 consists of magnetic earpieces that remains in place while the device isn’t in use and is resting around your neck!

  • A three year warranty

RHA offers a three year warranty span to its customers. This is particularly meant to ensure that you can always get in touch with the company in case you want to fetch a response for any sort of warranty related enquiries.

  • Customer satisfaction

Yeah, that’s a very essential part of producing a product and delivering it to the customers. Things don’t just end here! RHA MA390 also makes sure that all your issues and queries post purchase are addressed. Quick responses are given without any delay so as to ensure that you do not have to stay with the complexity!

RHA MA390u Overview:

Bottom line:

When it comes to fetching a deal that’s worth the value you are paying for it, it’s surely going to be a good product to order, right? Yeah, if we count the amount you will be paying, RHA MA390 is an ideal option to go for!

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