Shure SE215 Earbuds Review – Best Under The Budget Of $100?

Shure SE215-K Review

Shure SE215 is known for its excellent performance. The sound quality of this model is one of the most important factors behind its popularity. Shure SE215 are the top of the class earphones. Although these earphones are most affordable in the Shure earphone range but it is comparable to the high-end heavy-duty earphones from A list companies like JBL or Boat. They come with different colored, moulded plastic closures. The volume levels of Shure SE215 are also apt for the daily usage. If you are planning to buy Shure SE215 then here is its detailed review, just for you.

Shure SE215 In-Depth Review

Build Quality

Shure SE215

Shure S215 redefine your personalised ease. The cable is dual-layered with kevlar braiding and another plastic wrap. It comes with lots of bundled earbuds to ensure that you’ll get your perfect fit. Among all of the provided earbuds, the black foam goes effortlessly with your ear canal. Its Sound-isolating body design locks the sound in your ear, which makes it the best headphones for sleeping. Moreover, it blocks all the noise coming from outside. They are compact; low-pass shape with precise sound nozzle tilt rests comfortably in your ears canal.

Separable, braided Kevlar-reinforced cable is very durable to withstand any damage. Also, the makers let us replace the cable in case of damage. Over-the-ear type composition keeps earbud cables out of the path.

The transparent variant is one the most impressive variants of this earbud. We can say in many cases that version would be the unique selling point for this product. If you are a gadget enthusiast you will love that transparent version of shure.


Shure SE215 is one for what you might have been searching for ages. These models go smoothly with every kind of music be it pop, soothing or instrumental. The bass of Shure carries a specific bass which performs the right justification with the expectations of the users. One of the advantages of Shure S215 in-ear earbuds is that they are light in weight and compact in size. This pair of earbuds is suitable for places like the gym or jogging park without losing on audio quality. 

Apart from this, the strong battery backup is yet another plus of these earphones. Its tremendous power life doesn’t require a continuous dose of charging. These earphones do the proper differentiation between all types of vocals. For testing the quality of S215 you can play any song which includes numerous instruments in it. The listener experiences the incredible vibe while plugging in Shure S215 earbuds.

The creators of SE215 understand your every requirement that relates to premium choice  earbuds. This is why its performance never leaves any kind of disappointment. It blends sound details and warmth in a miraculous form. If you are finding sharply designed earbuds in a good budget then S215 deserves to be yours. There is a hardened wire which extends the durability of this product. The problem of dropping remains away in this pair of earphones. The perfect body structure weaves the perfection of Shure.

Sound quality 

The Single Driver is dynamic and generates clear sound with deep bass. The Special Edition white and blue versions of these earphones have varied tuned frequency response for heavy bass. Sensitivity: 107.0 dB SPL/mW.

Frequency Range: 22.0 Hz –17.5 kHz / 21.0 Hz – 17.0 kHz (SPE). 

Speaker Type: Single High-Definition type. 

Impedance: 17.0 Ω. 

Additional specifications are available within this article.

Soft sound isolating sleeves or buds obstruct up to 37 dB of ambient air noise. Sound isolation technology stops outside noise from disturbing you, whether we use it on stage or in your gym.


Shure SE215 are made to be used for an excessive period of time. Soft earbud bundled within the box comes in many sizes for going great with ears. The angle at which the tips bend is perfect for fitting. Thanks to the lightweight design of this earphone, you will not even feel if you are wearing any earphones or not. The bundled earbuds are of two types form and silicon earbuds. We recommend you to use the form earbuds as they adapt your ear canal. Moreover, using it as a Bluetooth headset would pump up the level of comfort and convenience even further.

About its Driver 

The primary component inside an earphone that converts an electrical signal into a sound signal is known as a driver unit. A driver is made up of a magnet, copper coils and a diaphragm or thin film. You can know more about it on this page. Shure SE215 has a single dynamic driver system. Surprisingly, that can outperform many dual drivers earphones in the market. 

Everyone knows the aspect that the size of the driver determines the loudness and quality of sound delivered. But it also depends upon the quality of the driver used. Believe us Shure makes the most trustworthy driver in the market. This credit goes to its R&D and investments in audio engineering and research. 

Frequency Response and Impedance

Frequency Response range and Impedance are as important as driver size. It tells about how accurate the driver can deliver the sound that is sent to it by the paired device. The Shure SE215 is the king in this segment. For the fact, the frequency response range is 22.0 Hz to 17.0 kHz that is mind-blowing for an earphone this small. The impedance is 17.0 ohm. In short, you will love to listen to your favourite songs on this Shure SE215.

Effective cable design 

The cable design of Shure S215 contributes a lot to its proper usability. As we have already discussed the cables on Shure SE215 are detachable.  It adds to the convenience of the user. You can use this earphone for literally any device. Whether it is an android device with 3.5 mm Jack or type c port or an iPhone with lighting port or even a quarter-inch deck port. This earphone makes you fall in love with its compatibility. It can handle pretty much everything. By attaching wireless cable modules, you can make them wireless whenever you want. Undoubtedly, it is one of the strongest features of the Shure S215 earphone. Not only this if your cable gets damaged you can just replace the cable and keep your expensive earbuds.

These are some options you can choose from – 

UNI: Universal 3.5mm remote + mic for Apple & Android phone (available in Clear, Black, White & Blue).

BT1: Bluetooth 4.1 wireless remote with mic control (available in Clear, Black, White & Blue).

SE215-CL: Transparent, Standard 3.5mm detachable cable.

SE215SPE: Special Edition Blue, Standard 3.5mm detachable cable (46″).

All cables are braided with Kevlar so cable noise will be zero. Durability will be top of the line.


Shure SE215 provides the best value for money under the list of best earbuds under the budget of 100 dollars. Every penny you are going to invest in this gadget is worth it.

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So, our final would be in favour of Shure S215 earphones. The specification of these earphones makes it a wise option in the list of wired earphones. In case, you are thinking of upgrading your budget for buying a better alternative in earphones, then simply go for S215. If you are into music, editing, making songs and audio corrections you must consider Shure’s SE215. 

These earphones are gathering a warm response from the side of buyers. We would love to call this earphone as the foremost pick for the current market scenario. The price to quality ratio is best in its class, full value for money package for professionals. The only problem that we have faced with these earphones is that they look like a 1000-1500 INR earphone. However, the looks don’t matter much because of the rich features that this earphone provides.  We would suggest you buy the transparent variant of these earphones. They look by far better as in comparison to other variants. Shure S215 is a sustainable option in the stream of wired earphones.

The world’s most expensive in-ear type earphones are from Shure only. But this particular model just hits the sweet spot of power and price. If you have lots of money in your bank account you can buy whatever you want. But if you care about what you’re getting for spending your hard-earned money. Then we will say you should probably go for Shure SE215.

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