Soundcore Spirit X Review – Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50?

Soundcore Spirit X

Are you looking for decent earbuds on a low budget? Well, you are lucky enough to live in an era when technology has made great steps and can provide you with high-quality earbuds for under $50. But it doesn’t stop there: besides sound quality, there are earphones that come with wireless technology and a bunch of extra accessories at a very low price. This might have been inconceivable ten years ago, but here I will present you the Soundcore Spirit X, which is a pair of wireless earphones that costs less than fifty dollars. In this review, I will cover everything you need to know about all aspects of the Soundcore Spirit X.

Soundcore Spirit X Review 2020

Sound performance

The sound performance of the Soundcore Spirit X is great, despite their low price and small size. They produce high-quality audio performance at 16-bit/48 kHz. They feature two 10 mm composite diaphragm driver units that deliver a well-balanced frequency response across the frequency spectrum. The low end extends up to an impressive 10 Hz, but as it often happens in this type of earphones, don’t expect it to be very precise. The Soundcore Spirit X earphones reproduce the middle frequencies very accurately, and considering the high frequencies, they also perform well, despite some frequencies that you might find quite sharp. In terms of volume, they deliver enough volume output for noisy situations, despite the lack of active noise cancellation. That is achieved thanks to their snug fit inside the ear that creates a seal and allows for passive noise cancellation. All in all, their sound performance is impressive for their price range.

Design and in-line controls

The design of the Soundcore Spirit X reflects their potential use: they are sleek and modern-looking and their design is sport-like. Their black color makes them discreet, and they look well with every outfit. The incorporated ear hooks keep the earphones in place while exercising and a thin cable keeps the two earphones together. Additionally, they feature an in-line remote with three buttons that lets you skip tracks, play and pause your music without touching your device. The in-line remote also includes a microphone that allows you to take noise-free calls on the go. 


One of the strongest points of the Soundcore Spirit X is their functionality. They are made with physical activity in mind, and they are highly recommended for use while doing sports, as they don’t fall of the ears, there is no cable to be tangled and they feature waterproof protection against sweat, water and other liquids. That also means that you can take them outside on a rainy day without worries, and additionally, they allow the ear to breath. A huge plus, especially in this price range, is the variety of extra accessories that these earphones ship with. It comes with four earbud tips of different sizes (S/M/L/XL), 3 ear hooks of different sizes  (S/M/L), a cable management clip, a USB charging cable and a carrying case. The carrying pouch incorporates a carabiner, which adds even more to portability.

Soundcore Spirit X box contents


These headphones come with built-in Bluetooth v5 wireless technology that works for distances up to 33 ft. They are compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, and literally everything that supports Bluetooth connectivity. They are easy to pair with every device, by using the buttons of the featured in-line remote. For those of you that worry about the battery life of wireless headphones, the Soundcore Spirit X earphones provide you with 12 hours of playtime with every single charge that takes approximately 90 minutes.

spirit x battery life
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The Soundcore Spirit X are in-ear earphones that have been made to be used with physical activity, and that is why a lot of effort has been put in order to make them comfortable. They come with lightweight design, soft ear hooks and soft silicone pads, while the cable management clip allows you to shorten the cable behind your head. You can choose which size of hooks and pads better fits your ears for a firm and comfortable fit. Additionally, their design does not put pressure on the ear canal while at the same time the ear hooks don’t let them fall off. All these features allow you to wear them for long hours without any fatigue or discomfort.

Build quality

You can’t easily find earphones with great build quality at the price range below 50 dollars. Most companies tend to sacrifice that, as consumers focus more on the sound quality and extra features, instead of buying a pair of headphones that has been made of high-quality materials and will last for long. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Soundcore Spirit X, as this pair has been made with carefully selected materials that ensure both comfort and durability. As I mentioned before, they feature IPX7 waterproof certification that adds a lot to durability, as they can easily withstand exposure to liquids. In addition to that, their SweatGuard technology makes them suitable for exercising, hiking, running and of course taking them to the gym. However, note that it is important to properly clean them after exercise and take care of them if you want the earphones to last longer (you can find the instructions for that in the included manual).

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On the whole, the Soundcore Spirit X is an excellent affordable pair of headphones for fitness and sports. With great sound quality, wireless connectivity, a firm grip on your ears and a lot of extra accessories, this pair of headphones is really a bang for the buck, especially if you are into physical activity. The waterproof technology adds to the build quality and durability, increasing the value for money of these headphones. If you don’t really like sports, these earphones can still be great for you and provide you with passive noise isolation for commuting, unless you absolutely hate the snug fit of in-ear headphones. All in all, the Soundcore Spirit X are highly recommended to anyone looking for wireless, high-quality, sports earphones at a reasonable price.

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