Yamaha HS8 Review – What’s So Great About It?

When it comes to choosing your own pair of earpiece or speaker, it gets really tough to leave an option and cling to another one. Yeah, that’s mostly because the market seems to be flooded with a wide range of products, all from different price ranges and variations in terms of specs. No wonder, you will end up being all messed up and confused! After having tried quite a handful of options, I finally settled upon this Yamaha HS8 which is certainly going to be a preferred choice for many, at a pay-for-value pricing.

Yamaha HS8 Review

Well, if we go back a little, we can recall the Yamaha NS10 speakers that used to be quite popular in the market during the 1980s, but got obsolete a few years ago! However, Yamaha has got back its market all over again and this time, with a new version of itself – Yamaha HS8 which is happening to be one of the best in the series. It works amazing when it comes to recording at a professional setup or even at the home. The best part about the system is its clarity. It assures that each and every detail of the composition gets heard!

The Yamaha HS8 comes with a 8-inch woofer and the 2-way bass reflex system, both of which assure a complete package without any compromise. It is one of the top-rated studio monitors. In a nutshell, we can say that if you have been one of those who used to prefer the Yamaha NS10 model, this Yamaha HS8 version would be your go-with friend as well. Yeah, you would love it too!

How would you know whether this Yamaha HS8 is your “cup of tea” or not?

Well, the Yamaha HS8 could be an ideal choice for all those people or producers out there who have been looking for a monitor. It does hardly matter whether you have a large studio or a smaller one, or what type of studio you own! This is because this system comes up with a room control and a high trim control provision, which ensures the fact that you are eligible to make the suitable changes according to the surrounding.

Starting from every single detail, this system is a good-to-go choice for all the audiophiles who have been looking for options to hear their favorite recordings. This is an amazing modern alternative to the Yamaha NS10, and if you had a preference for that, you should definitely give it a try as well!

Pros and Cons of Yamaha HS8


  • Power-filled sound quality
  • Clarity such that every single detail could be detected
  • 8″ come woofer
  • 38Hz – 30kHz Frequency Range
  • Easy to use control features available


There is no such con of this Yamaha HS8 reported so far. The only thing is that it is not the former Yamaha NS10. Rest assured, all the things are pretty similar and you can count it to be an excellent purchasing option.

What’s the best about Yamaha HS8?

The Yamaha HS8 offers a fairly flat response and has got improved cabinets and controls. Overall, we can say that it is an excellent option at an affordable price range. The amplification quality is indeed great and you can count it as a perfect deal for producers who have been searching for a suitable recording monitor. It provides lesser flaws when you want to opt for a mix. Here are some of the specs that would let you know more about the model:

  • An 8″ woofer:

It assures the fact that you do not require a separate sub woofer. It offers you with a high quality sound, such that all the recordings are clearly heard. You don’t need anything extra other than this!

  • A 2 way bass reflex system: 

Yamaha HS8 ensures that you are able to fetch a power filled sound composition with the 2 way bass reflex system with a strong delivery of low end frequencies.

  • Two control systems:

Yamaha HS8 comes with a room control system and a high trim control which makes the system apt for all sorts of surroundings. Be it a room or a studio environment, it is good to go for both! You can place it at either of the places and it would deliver you with quality monitoring services.

  • 120 watt power:

When it comes to avail a sound quality, this Yamaha HS8 is here to give you the best of it! It does not make any compromise with the kind of sound quality you have been looking for!


  • An easy to access mounting system
  • High-performance drivers
  • 8″ cone woofer
  • Large magnets that are featured in an Advanced Magnetic Circuit design
  • Built-in bi-amplification: 75-watt LF, 45-watt HF
  • Dedicated power amps featured with the woofer and the tweeter
  • 1″ dome tweeter
  • 38Hz to 30kHz frequency response which is quite impressive
  • An enclosure is available to get rid of those unwanted frequencies.
  • Room control and high-trim response controls are meant to deliver you with an optimum response in any size of the room
  • A better sound clarity is assured to influence sound with the availability of a properly designed set-up

An ideal setup for mix

Gradually, we have seen that this Yamaha HS8 has made its way to the genre of professional recording studios. Yeah, it has been a really wonderful choice for those who have been looking for mixing sound tracks. However, you can use the system to serve other applications as well. You can even consider it to be your companion when you want to go for some basic casual tracks as well.

A perfect setup for daily use

It has got a really strong build and even if you are thinking of using it on a regular basis, it is reliable enough! I, personally have been using it for around 1 year now and trust me, I am extremely bad at caring about them! Yet, I couldn’t cause any damage to those so far! They are functioning pretty well in my hands!

Considering the durability of the system, the speakers come with a dense MDF that is accompanied with a damped acoustic response. The speakers even come with a three way mitered joint that improves the durability of the overall setup. Also, it works as an eliminator for all the unwanted resonance produced during the course of recording.

Cuts off all the unwanted sound

Yamaha HS8 comes with a tweeter that is protected by a metal grill. Also, it comes with a rear firing bass port which assures reduction of all the unwanted sounds up to 6 dB. It is powered by a 75W LF plus 45W HF bi-amp system and is capable of offering a frequency response of 38 Hz to that of 30 kHz.

The rear control is amazing

Yamaha HS8 comes with a high trim contol, a room control and a level control as well for better delivery of sound in almost all surroundings (irrespective of the size and variety of the room or studio you are in). It is usually recommended to have the whole setio fixed at a proximation of around 5 feets from that of your closest wall in the room. This is found to have a potential of offering you with the best results. There is a three-way room control switch (0, -2 or -4 dB attenuation below 500 Hz) to prevent the bass from creating any sort of distractions. The sounds of higher frequencies are meant to be controlled through the three way high trim control switches that are capable of attenuating 2 dB above 2 kHz. All these features are particularly meant to offer you with a sound that is clear and transparent! Besides, the highs and the mids are focussed at the point and are not harsh at all!


Bottom line:

Definitely, you would get a plethora of options when it comes to choosing a monitor. However, the Yamaha HS8 is an amazing choice at such a price point. I agree, that you would surely get things that you pay for, and there are several other models available in the market. But, this Yamaha HS8 is indeed a hard deal to beat at such a price range. Right from that of the casual listeners to that of those audiophiles or music maniacs, the Yamaha HS8 is a good choice!

With the specs mentioned above, Yamaha HS8 is standing to be one of the recent favorites among many, and not just because of its functionalities or look and feel, but also for the quality it has offered! Hence, if you are an amateur mixer wondering about setting up your own home studio or is a professional producer looking for options to add in your list, this Yamaha HS8 is going to be a superb choice for you, in either of the cases.

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