Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review

Now if you’re not aware of the Casio CDP-120 or PX-130, you might consider Casio as a “toy” brand. If that’s your case, then this Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review is going to change your mind. 

Prior to the launch of PX-130 Privia, the Casio CDP had also raised eyebrows and signalled a change in its audience. Previously they were targeting a certain demographic and in doing so they lost the respect from other demographics. They were perceived as a piano maker for kids and novices but this one is for beginners who are serious about their piano skills. 

casio px-130 digital piano review

We are going to explain every feature in this Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review so that you can see if this is the right Casio keyboard for you.

Features Of Casio PX-130:

As we’ve mentioned before the Casio PX-130 Privia is for beginners, and therefore we should not expect expert-level features from it. Once you consider that, you’ll find the Casio PX-130 Privia quite fascinating. 


casio px-130 aesthetics

The Casio PX-130 is a compact, beautiful and portable keyboard. It weighs only 25 lbs. That’s the lightest we’ve seen a piano of such specification. So, if you’re buying it for your child, know that he’ll be easily carrying it back and forth to his tutor. 

However, this compactness and portability do not take away the essential features. It’s an 88 keys piano and features a duet mode. These are both quite attractive features for a piano of this price range. In a duet mode, two people can play one piano simultaneously. This can help you learn better if you pay along with your tutor. 

Furthermore, two 3.5mm headphone jacks are provided so that both the players can play in silence.

Navigation and Touch sensitivity

Navigation is easy on the Privia PX-130. All the controls are placed on the front panel at the center. The control buttons and knobs are also kept less in number to keep the design simple and avoid confusion.  

The control buttons in combination with different keys are attached to specific functions or in other words shortcuts. You can get informed about a specific shortcut from the manual. This is a smart feature and not only saves time but gives the panel a minimalist look.

Surprisingly, the Privia PX-130 has been equipped with weighted and graded keys. The keys are weighted by adding micro hammers in the keys. These weighted keys have resistance just like that of an acoustic piano. Whereas the grading makes the high note keys have slightly less resistance while the low note keys have more. Both these features are what separated a cheap digital piano from a high-quality one. Therefore, having them at the price of the Privia PX-130 is rare.

To further overcome the plasticky feeling that digital pianos usually have, the Privia PX-130 has been equipped with ivory and ebony keytops. This makes you feel like you’re playing a stage quality instrument. Also, your fingers won’t slip off the keys when you’re palms are sweating.

casio px-130 keyboard


The sound quality of the Privia PX-130 has also surprised us. Given their reputation, this sound quality is no less than a revolution in their pianos. This has been attributed to their proprietary sound technology called the New Morphing system. It seems like a lot of effort has been made to revolutionize their sound quality. However, it seems like the effort has paid off, resulting in soft transitions between pianissimos and fortissimos.  

This is normally found only in expensive pianos but luckily Casio has introduced it in such affordable pianos. 

Moreover, the Privia PX-130 has 16 built-in tones. You may find that a bit lower than other pianos but the sound quality of Privia PX-130 is quite better than at those pianos. 


The PX-130 features a MIDI USB connection, which you can use to transfer all your recordings on your computer. It also features a metronome and two-channel recording system. So with this keyboard, you don’t have to worry about losing your best sessions.  

More features

Casio PX-130 keyboard

The Privia PX-130 has 60 demo songs built-in. Their purpose is to help you learn, compare your performance and notice the nuances of different music. Since this piano does not come with a learning course like some other pianos, so the manufacturers have added these demo songs to help you learn. We this agree this is not a fair compensation but given the price, we should understand. 

The Privia PX-130 also features the usual sound effects; reverb and chorus along with the Acoustic Resonance DSP, which produces an effect similar to that of an open string. We found the acoustic resonance DSP quite fascination and we hope you’ll feel the same. 

The feature of a three-pedal unit is also worth noticing and appreciating. You can also plug in two headphones in this digital piano. 

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Pros and Cons Of Casio PX-130:

Now that we have explained our experience and observation in this Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review, we want to simplify things further so that you don’t get confused.


  • Affordable 
  • Compact and portable
  • Nice looking
  • Optimized for beginners
  • Duet mode  
  • Great sound quality
  • Weighted and graded keys
  • Connectable to a computer using a USB port
  • Two decent 13 x 6 centimeters speakers
  • A music stand and a pedal are provided with the piano
  • Acoustic resonance DSP effect


  • No learning suite subscription
  • Only one USB port


You can see that the pros highly outweigh the cons. If you’re a beginner and eyeing for a Piano that gives the closest feel to that of an acoustic piano without breaking a bank, then the Casio PX-130 Privia is one of the best options for you. It’s not only portable but its also optimized for beginners who seek the help of tutors. The duet mode and the two headphone jacks show that this is what this digital piano was designed for. 

We hope this Casio PX-130 Privia Digital Piano Review has answered all your queries and changed your mind regarding the product as well as the brand. If you still happen to have some queries left, let us know in the comment box below and we would love to answer them. 

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